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Ep 154 – Next Generation

Join Tom and the new crew of TOROcast hosts in their chats surrounding Star Wars: The Old Republic.

About SammMoney

Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. Great show guys!! It’s not that hard to talk SWTOR twice a month is it?

    I agree with someone that I dont know the name just yet, neither I recognize the voice (as time goes on I will, relax whoever you are *-*) about bringing Jeffrey back, 100%. Also bring the CSI song back (not Samm, just the sound effect… kidding Samm, I <3 u… +_+).

    About SWTOR going F2P, as you guys know by now (I believe the show was recorded last sunday…) is pretty much a reality. IMHO it's good to some point, why? you would ask me right? (as you people give a damn about my F*ing Humble Opinion… u_u)

    It's good because if you are a casual player (as I think I am… not n00b, just casual!!!) you can play a few WZ/FP per week and be ok with it.

    BUT, it's EA's style of F2P soooo… that could not be that great, because EA will try to take every dime out of our pockets.

    Q1: Did SWTOR failed?
    A1: Yes! But only as a SUB BASED MMO… that sh!t is STAR WARS, it can not fail completely, EA/BW would have to try real hard for a few years to achiev such thing.

    Q2: Ok, as a sub based MMO SWTOR failed, now what?

    … nah, not really.

    It failed because people believed that a bad WoW-clone could kill WoW and have millions of subs… guess what, LOTRO and every other sub based MMO out there does not have 10KK subs, so everyone "failed" already.

    And that is pretty simple, if you have a "Ferrari", would you switch to a Prius, because it's a "green" eletric car? What about if they told you that they would support your Prius and pimp it to a Ferrari's level of "awesomeness"… SOOOOON?

    Probably not… stick to the Ferrari.

    So your MMO will not have 10KK subs, and if you are a EA's label like BW, you will go "Freemium".

    My plan is to let my sub run out, play some GW2, keep an eye out for PS2, and by november take a look at the F2P SWTOR. Only then we will see how that turns out.

    Maybe I resub if they implement some KOTOR features, mini games, new Space Game… you know, something diferent from the old end game crap… I mean, content (Dailies, FP, Ops, WZ).


    If I can Effing buy Yoda Race/Darth Vader's gear set!!!!!


    PS: It's late here at home, english is not my first language, if is there any grammar errors eff you!!! why are you reading this sh!t in the first place u moron??

  2. Hey guys, my main is a Powertech Tank named Aerri on the Corellian Run server. You guys wanted to hear from someone who plays one to get some feedback… I’m your man.

    I gotta say, I *love* the Powertech Tank. I have four characters and this one is my favorite by far. I user her to do ops with my guild and complete my daily HM FP religiously. My favorite things about the class are:

    1) Damage mitigation. Powertechs don’t build up that defense rating stat at all–we’re content to leave it around 15-18%. We make this up with very good shield and absorb ratings, and we have a few defensive cooldowns that come to our aid to slow down the rate of damage we’re taking. I think this not only gives us great survivability, but makes damage we take easy to heal because we take it smoothly, whereas someone that uses defense chance might get a little bit of bad luck and take huge spikes of damage. My shield chance is around 55% and my absorb percent is close to 60%, but by the middle of a fight that absorb is more like 68% because of one of my abilities that builds up to 4 stacks of 2% extra as I use certain powers.

    2) Mix of ranged and melee powers. Of course, I tank stuff in melee whenever possible, but when a target falls, I never have to waste precious seconds moving to the next one, even if my jump is on cooldown. I have plenty of things to do at a range to the point where I can draw threat and pound stuff with damage and stack up more threat while it makes the 30m walk to my location. Combat feels very organic and fluid, and I love the amount of powers I have that can be used while moving, so I can pop off attacks while repositioning.

    You guys asked specifically about AoE powers. I have an AoE taunt, Death from Above (2 minute cooldown), Flame Sweep (which hits everything around you and, as a bonus, you get two free ones that don’t generate heat after each “jump”), a dart that explodes a few seconds later for a little AoE (not good for threat though), and one more little spin attack that doesn’t do damage but stuns for a couple seconds. I have no trouble holding threat, and when someone does break away, I can taunt or grappling hook them back to me.

    I have only one point of criticism for the Powertech–when I’m not the main tank for a fight, like in some operations. Occasionally there’s a boss that one guy is tanking (like Karagga or Gharj) or that really no one can tank (like Bonethrasher) and I end up providing dps or picking up ads. It’s really hard to manage my heat when I’m dpsing because shielding an attack has a 50% chance to vent 8 of it. That means that my heat is easiest to manage when I’m the center of attention, and it hinders my ability to dps when I need to. Otherwise, I think my dps is pretty solid for a tank, though far from important.

    No other issues. I really like this class.

    Keep up the good work.

    • I am really dumb.

      My first alt was a BH, to experience the class story… but I went merc and not powertech. I played until lvl 24, then I created a Trooper Commando (so I could blow sh!t up with my cannon…), and he is 50 now.

      There is no point in continuing to play my BH merc because he plays out exacly like my commando >.<, I think I will delete him and re-roll powertech…

    • Damn well I’ve learned many thing I didn’t know. Thanks 🙂

  3. Around 33:45, Jeff (i believe it was Jeff) started talking about Marauder cooldowns, survivability vs DPS cooldowns…

    Now, I’m not a Marauder, but I do have a 50 Sentinel (so I will be using those skill names), and quite honestly, I disagree. We have a +Defense cooldown and a +Resistance cooldown. (I am not counting Guarded by the Force, as that is situational (99% Damage Resistance, but you sacrifice 50% HP)… Aside from that, we have no real survivability cooldowns.

    HOWEVER: My sentinel is Watchman (DoT) spec, so I live in Juyo form mostly. When I have 30 stacks of Centering, I can use Inspiration (5m cooldown 15% damage buff to team) which is usually usable twice during a boss fight, IF you use Valorous Call to get your 30 stacks at the very beginning of the fight. (FYI if you have the 4-set Rakata bonus, you can actually use Valorous Call 3x during a boss fight, with the 3rd one being right at enrage.)

    After Inspiration is popped, and is on cooldown for the next 5min, when I get my 30-stacks, I can choose between Zen or Transcendence. Since I am in Juyo form, Zen gives my burns a 100% chance to crit. That is a HUGE boost to DPS… Looking at combat logs, over half of my total damage output is coming from burn crits actually…. as a bonus, Zen also gives a small HoT (heal over time) to the rest of the Ops team, which is a nice thing, especially during things like Missile Salvo on the Annihilator droid at the beginning of Eternity Vault.. (and HORRIBLE if you hit it during the Council fight in EV.. hehe… shame on any Sentinel in Juyo who hits Zen during that fight.)

    That covers Zen… My other choice when I have 30 stacks, is Transcendence…. Which, grants a reasonable Defense boost to the Ops team, along with a Speed/Alacrity boost. While not DIRECTLY affecting damage, the alacrity boost DOES increase DPS for the entire Op, not JUST me as the Sentinel, since attacks are happening faster.. (watch that resource pool!!) Also, especially during the Foreman Crusher fight in Karagga’s Palace, a sentinel hitting transcendence while the boss is in his Frenzy mode, gives a great alacrity boost to the healer, which helps to keep the tank on the boss alive while he is just getting HAMMERED. Also, during Hard Mode Explosive Conflict… when Kephess drops down his giant purple circle of instant-death, a sentinel popping transcendence RIGHT before Kephess does it, it gives everyone on the team a speed boost to get out of the reticule before they are instantly killed, which wipes the fight.

    My point is… The sentinel (and the Marauder) ARE a dps class… That is a fact. However, our buffs, and Ops buffs are really TEAM benefits, not so much “OOH! This makes MY dps better.”……. I see it this way: I could have a cooldown that gives me 25% more dps for 10s… OR I can have abilities that give the GROUP 5 or 10% more dps for 10s… If you do the math, the team benefit wins out everytime. Furthermore, you need to learn to pick/choose when to use each of the buffs that we do have, because there is no cookie-cutter solution… Different things, should be used at different times, in different fights….

    Also, if it’s taking you longer than about 15-20s to build 30 stacks of Centering, you need to take a good look at your rotation.

    And one last thing… The Elite Noobs are the best!

    • Oh my god, all that PvE carebear reading just made me sick…

      … give me some time to recover…

      .. gosh…

      Ok, I believe I am good now. Sooooo, I have a Sentinel lvl 20, so I dont know much about the class really, what I do know (I learn from PvP against those #$&*) is that Mara/Sentinels do have a good set of survivability cooldowns.

      You have that OP shield (aka Paladin bubble/immune…), HoT abilities, and you can use the SMPPSRA combo.

      You guys dont know what “SMPPSRA” stands for?

      You bunch of n00bs…

      SMPPSRA: Shit My Pants, Pop Stealth n Run Away… you faggot!!1!

      • QUOTE: You have that OP shield (aka Paladin bubble/immune…), HoT abilities, and you can use the SMPPSRA combo.

        You must be referring to Consulars… They are the ones with the bubble (Force Armor – it absorbs a crapton of dmg)… Sentinels at very high levels, get Guarded by the Force, which is a 99% damage reduction, but you sacrifice 50 % to use it…. Sentinels do get 2 defensive abilities, but they are not wicked high boosts, and they both have long cooldowns.

        And by, Pop Stealth n Run Away… you must mean a Sentinel’s massive 4 second stealth that doesn’t break combat? :p

        • Hell Effing Yeah I am referring to Marauders/Sentinels!!


          “99% damage reduction” = bubble/immune anyway ¬¬’

          If anyone believes Mara/Sentinels should be buffed… just play Jugger DPS and check out our survivability.

          My survivability goes like that: “/ops WTB Healer, 5000c!!”
          My self healing ability is called: Warzone Medpac.

          And guess what?
          You guys also get that!!


          • I don’t think Sentinels/Marauders should be buffed at all. I think they are just fine as they are (if not a little on the OP side to be honest)…

            And I don’t consider Guarded by the Force to be an “I Win” button… because you have to give up half your HP to do it… it’s more of an “OH SHIT!” button.. when you’re at 500hp… it buys you an extra 5s to dps, or pray for a big heal :p

            Although my first character was a Sentinel that I played to 50, and took thru Ops and he’s currently sitting in full Rakata/Black Hole…… I’ve not played him nearly a month, since I discovered the joy of healing :p Sage healing = easy mode……. Salvation -> Healing Trance -> Noble Sacrifice: rinse/repeat to heal forever without ever draining resource. (Shhh don’t tell Bioware, they’ll nerf them… again!)

          • You son of a %&*$!!!

            You keep jumping from OP class of the month to another OP class of the month!!!


            That is it, I am done here… geee…

            All that OP class talking just made me sick again!!

          • Wait a minute here…. I rolled my Sentinel on Day 1 Early Access, and I rolled my Sage in January……….

            How is that FoTM hopping? Just because I accidentally made awesome class choices :p

        • Well I mostly play Warzones, so i can’t comment on how it is in PvE, but the sent in PvP is awesome. In PvP the stealth ability does break combat and also Guarded by the force is amazing. It can give you just enough time to kill a guy or pass/score in Huttball or let you survive long enough till someone comes to you aid etc. I love my Sentinel and I think he’s awesome.

          • Ok, so I just got 30 with my Sentinel, and I can say that Ravage (I don’t know the “pub-name”) is a joke. The amount of damage that it deals is just ridiculous.

            Its not as ridiculous as the amount of self heal… Its so easy to be OP…


          • That would be “Saber Strike” for a Knight. God I love that ability. You can even spec so that it is uninterruptable. It’s ridiculous, but that’s why I love it. =D

          • But it’s interruptable still.

            All you need to do is Choke/Push/Fear/cc the guy.


          • No you can’t 😉 That’s why it’s awesome! Again, you have to spec into it not being uninterruptable, but once that’s done the rest is history.

          • Yes you CAN.

            You CAN NOT interrupt it with abilities like Disruption, but if I choke you, you WILL BE choked, no matter if you have the “ravage uninterruptable” talent.

            That is because I am not interrupting you, I am choking you. The talent does not makes you invulnerable.


          • True you will be able to choke me and i’d still take the damage, but i won’t be cc’d and i will be able to complete saber strike/ravage

          • Gee Caito, you are really stubborn dude. I just did that sh!t yesterday (choke a Marauder while he was casting Ravage).

            I give up…


          • Oh, come on. This was so much fun =D

  4. Howdy from Canderous Ordo!

  5. Bloopers right off the (cricket) bat.

    I Love it.

    Coors east of Texas in bootlegging boy.

    Punns, We demand more and worse PUNS.

    Sith (BOOO) Command (Yeaa)

    WHaat no Smugglers or Imp. Agents

    6 feet with a tail wind

  6. How about forming a TOROCAST guild in TOR.

    Also where did Jeffery go ???

    More like mashed potatoes with beef gravy.

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