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TOROCast – Ep 156 – Korriban Fried Cathar

Join us as we discuss the latest news in The Old Republic. This episode, we discuss the latest World Event, the Jeff Hickman interview, and Road (myself) Rants!

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  1. Better. The roleplayed section was weird, but it could have potential.

    At the end of the game you basically are sitting on millions of credits and commendations and campaign pieces and blackhole pieces you can’t really use. Eventually you get to a point where you’re rolling to RE the Campaign pieces for schems, or give it to companions, but that’s kind of dumb. What you really want to do is send that stuff to your alts, so you can end game raid on which ever toon you want.

    Anyways, the reason Bind to Legacy weapons matter is that SWTOR’s endgame has these super important credit sinks in the form of Bind to Legacy Gear. Even if your main class can’t use the gear, you can put mods, barrels, enhancements, or armorings into it (paying millions of credits), mail the piece to an alt, then paying millions to strip those pieces, put them into orange gear, and now your alt has campaign and blackhole gear. As an added bonus, the server considers these brand new pieces, so they aren’t subject to the bug that causes decreased RE chance on hitting a load screen. BoL items are necessary for finding schems for your cybertech or artificer alts.

    The developers have quietly acknowledged this is an unexpected use of the system, but since it results in millions of credits being sucked out of the economy while giving some love to cybertechs and artificers, it’s more of a feature than a bug.

    All players who are at this end game economy I’ve talked about are super excited for BoL weapons since it lets you move campaign (26 grade) barrels that you get from Stormbringer (buy the Gunslinger or Merc off hand) and Kephess (Everyone else). The developers almost certainly are holding out on the lightsabre hilt for a while because it’s a super big deal.

  2. I like what you did with…”George Antiles?” Nice one.

  3. Podcast wont play. Nothing happens.

  4. When is the next shop going live?

    • We’ll be recording Monday night, and it’ll be posted as soon as I can get to editing. Hopefully editing will go over more smoothly than it did last episode, and if so, I’ll try my best to get it posted Monday night as well.

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