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TOROCast – Episode 157 – Didn’t Get Us This Time!

Bear with us as we try to get our act together to discuss SWTOR’s Patch 1.4, even if we’re a man down! Jeff, Russell and Road tackle the latest announcement from The Old Republic while Tom takes a little break from podcasting.

Sorry for the delay! Murphy’s Law was in effect!

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  1. Hrm… Patch Notes!!! A reason for me to type a lot of stuff.. woot woot! (I find it interesting that there is no mention of HK-51, the new warzone or the new tier of Elite War Hero gear in these patch notes… especially since, it has been confirmed that the new tier of PvP gear IS on the PTS…)

    • Terror from Beyond, a new Operation, is now available! Travel to the remote planet of Asation, where the Dread Masters have commandeered an ancient Gree Hypergate in order to unleash untold horrors upon the galaxy. Terror from Beyond features 5 powerful new boss encounters that can be challenged in 8- and 16- player Story or Hard Mode, offering some of the most challenging group content yet!

    –> YAY! New content! (But where is Nightmare Explosive Conflict? Where is the new warzone?)

    • A new set of PvE gear is available! Dread Guard gear is now the most powerful PvE equipment in the galaxy. It can be acquired from deep within Terror from Beyond (Hard Mode).

    –> YAY! New gear! (Wait a minute… It looks the same as BH/Campaign with different colors?)

    • Significant changes have been made to crowd control to address the amount of control a player can be subject to at once. See the Classes and Combat section for details.

    –> This is terribad. (More expansion in the PvP section below with regards to Resolve.)

    Classes and Combat

    • The crowd control gameplay has been adjusted to address the amount of control a player can be subject to at once. The majority of this change comes from reduced ranges on a number of crowd control abilities, as well as some adjustments to area of effect knockback abilities. To complement these changes, some small Resolve system tweaks (found in the PvP section) have been put in place to polish the system as a whole.

    –> Small my foot. They are killing resolve, to benefit the players who don’t understand how it works.

    • The ground targeting reticule is no longer cleared when a channeled ability completes channeling.
    • Players no longer receive the error message “You cannot cast while moving” when moving, stopping, and then immediately using a ground-targeted ability.

    –> If this works as it sounds like it does, it’s not a bad change. There does seem to be a short lag between when you actually stop moving, and when you can cast something ground-based that requires you to be standing still. (I have especially noticed this while healing on the platform jumps in Eternity Vault.)

    Jedi Knight

    • Force Sweep’s timing has been adjusted; the ability now executes more quickly.

    –> If I understand this right, it should be a minimal boost to Sentinels/Guardians.

    • Force Stasis has a new animation.

    –> No idea what the animation change is. Unlikely to have any real effect.

    • Guarded by the Force now lasts 4 seconds (down from 5 seconds).

    –> Mini-nerf. Those extra 5 seconds are really nice when you need them, and dropping to 4 could be the difference between life/death. We will see how big of an effect this has in practice.

    • Zen (Shii-Cho Form) has been redesigned. Now, while Shii-Cho Form is active, using Zen consumes 1 charge every .5 seconds, generating 2 Focus for each charge consumed.

    –> I don’t typically play (personally) in Shii-Cho… My sentinel lives in Juyo.. Tho as I read this, it will help with resource building, which will theoretically increase DPS.

    • Valorous Call can no longer be activated when you already have 30 stacks of Centering.

    –> This is more of a “anti-DERP” change than anything. If you already have 30 stacks, why you would pop Valorous Call is beyond me.

    Focus (Sentinel)
    o Zephyrean Slash has been redesigned. It now gives Strike, Zealous Strike, Slash, Blade Storm, and Dispatch a 50% chance per point to reduce the active cooldown of Force Sweep and Zealous Leap by .5 seconds per point.
    o Swift Slash now additionally affects Dispatch.
    o Saber Strength now additionally affects Dispatch.
    o Singularity: Stacks of Singularity now additionally reduce the Focus cost of Force Sweep by 12.5% per point per stack.
    o Shii-Cho Mastery’s armor penetration has been increased to 15% per point.

    –> Once again, I have not played with the Focus tree much… My sentinel has pretty much always been in Watchman spec, although, as I read this, it appears to be a fairly substantial DPS boost to Knights who are Focus. (Someone else may correct me on this however.)


    Focus (Guardian)
    • Zephyrean Slash has been redesigned. It now gives Strike, Zealous Strike, Slash, Blade Storm, and Dispatch a 50% chance per point to reduce the active cooldown of Force Sweep and Zealous Leap by .5 seconds per point.
    • Swift Slash now additionally affects Dispatch.
    • Saber Strength now additionally affects Dispatch.
    • Singularity: Stacks of Singularity now additionally reduce the Focus cost of Force Sweep by 12.5% per point per stack.
    • Inner Focus now additionally causes Combat Focus to generate 2 Focus per point.
    • Shii-Cho Mastery: Armor penetration has been increased to 15% per point.

    –> All I see when I read this is: zOMG Guardians/Juggs are going to kill me even more in PvP!!! (Correct me if I am wrong on this one.)… I do find it interesting, that Guardian TANKS got no love in this patch. All the changes are for dps spec.

    Jedi Consular

    • Force Stun now costs no Force and has a 10-meter range.

    –> At first I didn’t see this as a big deal. Then I thought about it, and realized that since Force Stun is ALSO a DoT, it hurts DPS Sages who are attacking from the 25-30m mark, since they can’t apply this ability anymore without getting in range of mob AoE damage. This is a bit of a nerf… Unless some with more sage dps experience wants to correct me.

    • Force Speed now has a 20-second cooldown (down from 30).

    –> This is a definite buff, and brings Force Speed’s cooldown for Sages in line with Shadows.

    • Force Wave now costs no Force and affects targets in a 15-meter cone in front of you. This ability now executes more quickly.

    –> Having this ability be force-free is nice, however, changing it to a cone is going to really nerf it in PvP… Especially against stealthy stabby types who like to attack from behind. I don’t see a huge change in PvE (at end game), since, if you are getting attacked from adds from behind, chances are you are out of position anyway, and need to not be. From a PvE leveling perspective, it may be a little more cumbersome when trying to do Heroic 2’s etc while solo.


    • Force Mend: This new ability allows you to heal yourself for a moderate amount. It costs no Force, is instant, and has a 30-second cooldown.

    –> Particularly for Seer Sages… I see this as a pretty big buff… On a typical 6min enrage timered boss, this skill will be usable 13 times during the fight. (including a medpack, that is 14 free, instant self-heals.) This for a class that sacrifices HP to rebuild resource pool. I am not sure what the HP gain will be from this skill… But let’s imagine that it is approximately 50% of a Rakata Medpack… which would put it around 2,000 HP. Add bonus healing, crit chance, etc to that, and you have yourself basically a 30s cooldown medpack.

    o Valiance now additionally increases the healing of Force Mend by 15% per point.

    –> So, they are removing the tree skill that reduces the HP given up by Noble Sacrifice and replacing it with buffing the new self heal. If the heal numbers on the self heal are what I assume they will be, this will still be a net increase.

    o Egress has been redesigned. It now causes Force Speed to remove roots and snares and grants immunity to roots and snares for its duration.

    –> Yay! Sages get TWO stun breakers now? Will these clear all movement impairing affects? Will it make a sage immune to being pulled or knocked back? Not sure there.

    Companion Characters

    • Players can now use “match color to chest” for their companions, and can choose to show or hide companion head gear.

    –> Yay! Housekeeping issue, no real effect on gameplay, but a nice little addition imho.

    • Companions no longer have their weapons drawn on the player’s starship.

    –> Does this mean that lighsaber-wielding companions won’t have their color crystals floating in the air after they are dismissed?


    • [WEEKLY] Deadly Operations now awards 30 Daily Commendations.
    • [WEEKLY] Galactic Operations now awards 10 Daily Commendations and 8 Black Hole Commendations.
    • [WEEKLY] Galactic Crisis Points now awards 10 Daily Commendations and 8 Black Hole Commendations.
    • Explosive Conflict now awards 10 Black Hole Commendations and crafting materials.

    –> Unless I’m crazy… It looks like they are dropping Columi commendations as weekly rewards and replacing with Daily & Black Hole coms. (I wonder what the crafting materials will be from Explosive Conflict?)

    Eternity Vault
    • Annihilator Droid XRR-3 can now be attacked more reliably with abilities that require standing behind the target. /fine
    • Characters no longer occasionally become invisible when moving through the lava tunnels. /fine
    • Corrected the location of a misplaced Ancient Power Source during the Soa encounter.

    –> I guess this means that one power source on the platform drop down that has been bugged since game release is now targetable?

    Explosive Conflict
    • Ugnaut Engineers’ “Firebomb” now correctly displays visual effects on the ground for the full duration of the effect. /fine
    • The console that deactivates Colonel Vorgath’s minefield is now positioned in a more accessible location. /fine… didn’t realize that this was a problem, but OK.

    • Damaging Toth and Zorn too quickly no longer causes their health threshold mechanics to overlap (in all difficulty modes).

    –> This is a good change. No more missed jumps from over-dps’ing.

    • Chests in Explosive Conflict no longer contain Black Hold Commendations. They now have increased amounts of credits and crafting materials.

    –> This kind of sucks, but it looks like they are increasing the black hole coms you pick up from other things to counteract it.

    • Bosses in Hard Mode now drop 5 Black Hole Commendations each.

    –> IIRC this is an increase of 4 BH coms for clearing Hard Mode… Although, they dropped the chests, so it’s a net loss I think across the board?

    • A number of changes have been made to Explosive Conflict’s Story Mode in order to make it more accessible for pick-up groups:

    Toth and Zorn
    o Frenzy now increases damage less per stack.
    o Toth now waits longer before using area of effect abilities after jumping.
    o Fearful now increases damage taken by a lower amount.
    o The amount of time before Toth and Zorn enrage when one dies has been increased.
    o The enrage timer for the encounter has been increased to 6 minutes 30 seconds.
    o Damaging Toth and Zorn too quickly no longer causes their health threshold mechanics to overlap.

    Firebrand and Stormcaller
    o The activation time of Incinerate Armor, Double Destruction, and Defensive Systems has been increased.
    o Incinerate Armor no longer increases damage taken in addition to its armor debuff.
    o Shield generators can no longer be damaged by players.

    Colonel Vorgath
    o Probe Droids no longer use Cleave.
    o The enrage timer for the encounter has been increased to 4 minutes 30 seconds.

    Warlord Kephess
    o The time before Baradium Bombers explode has been increased.
    o The damage for the Pulsar Power Droids’ rail shot has been decreased.
    o Kephess’ damage in the final phase has been decreased.
    o The damage from the Trandoshan Warrior’s reflective shields has been decreased.
    o The enrage timer for the encounter has been increased.

    –> Some people may HATE these changes to story mode… I personally think it’s great. Since it does two things:

    –> 1- Causal players who haven’t seen Denova yet, will likely have the chance to do so. (It seems like BioWare is setting this up to stick it in the group finder.)

    –> 2- For those of us don’t need the gear, and are only doing SM EC for the BH coms, it will make it easier and faster to blow through it.

    Karagga’s Palace
    • Bonethrasher can now be attacked more reliably with abilities that require standing behind the target.
    • Proximity Pulse Mines no longer spawn during the G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator encounter in Story Mode.

    –> Fine I guess… Didn’t think that SM KP needed to be nerfed… It’s pretty darned easy anyway.

    Group Finder

    • Players participating in a Group Finder group now have the ability to teleport to the Group Finder instance at any point.

    –> YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Players who leave an active Group Finder instance can now be returned to the location they were in when they used the “travel now” dialog option to travel to the instance.

    –> YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X2

    • Once players reach a checkpoint or defeat an Operation boss, they may choose to exit at the normal area entrance when leaving. /fine.


    • A majority of offhand items can now be modified. Shields, Generators, and Foci accept Armoring modifications, and Vibroknives and Shotguns accept Barrels. Additionally, they can contain Color Crystal, Mod, and Enhancement slots (though the Color Crystal slot does not currently impact the visuals of the item). Note that there are some exceptions – not all offhands can be modified.

    –> This may be one of the best things in this patch. Now people other than Gunslingers and Sentinels can re-itemize their offhands!

    • Bind on pickup and Bind on Legacy items can now be traded for up to 2 hours between players that were eligible to loot the item.

    –> zOMG!! Thank you for this… Why did it take almost a year to get this??!?!?

    • Items purchased from a vendor can now be sold to any vendor for full purchase price (in commendations) for up to 2 hours. Stackable items and mission items cannot be traded or sold back for full value. The 2 hour time is terminated if a mod is added or removed or an augment slot is added. Bind on Equip items cannot be refunded (in commendations) if they are traded, mailed, put in a guild bank, or listed on the GTN.

    –> No more submitted tickets for “OOPS, I bought the wrong piece of gear from the vendor, can you refund my coms please?”

    • Lockboxes’ 2 hour timer terminates when the lockbox is opened. /fine

    • The formula that determines extraction costs for modifications has been adjusted. Costs to remove Premium and Artifact quality modifications have been reduced substantially. The cost to remove Prototype modifications has been decreased slightly.

    –> Dying to know what “substantially” means…. I have spent millions and millions and millions of credits ripping mods… *sigh* As long as BioWare’s interpretation of “substantial” is somewhat close to mine, I will be happy about this.

    World Missions

    • The item “Anti-rad Injector” associated with Glow and Counter Eco-Terrorism now properly removes stacks of radiation poisoning from a character over time. –> YAY!

    • Counter Eco-Terrorism: Objective items related to this mission now respawn more quickly. –> YAY! X2

    • Criminal Crackdown: Usable objective items and enemy NPCs related to this mission now respawn more quickly. –> YAY! X3

    • Forced Labor: A Drall Engineer no longer runs through the force field when rescued. Usable objects related to this mission now respawn more quickly. –> YAY! X4

    –> This should make doing Black Hole Daily missions SO much easier and faster.


    • Level 50 daily Warzone missions (No Quarter and March Them Down) now only require 4 Warzone completions (down from 6). Winning a Warzone still counts as an extra completion.

    –> I see this helping people who feel like that are getting roflstomped in warzones, and don’t want to lose 6 matches in a row just to get the daily, get coms/gear a little faster with less effort.

    • The Resolve system has been adjusted in the following ways:
    o When a player becomes immune to control due to Resolve, his Resolve meter will not start decaying until after all the current controlling effects expire (instead of decaying immediately after the immunity begins).
    o Players under the effects of a control ability now build less Resolve for other control abilities that target them. The exact amount of Resolve the player builds is based on the time remaining on the ability currently controlling the player and the relative strength of that ability’s effect. If two stuns of similar strength (such as Electrocute and Debilitate) target a single player at the same time, the second ability would generate very little Resolve. However, if the two effects were applied so that the duration of their effects overlapped very little, each effect would grant its full (or nearly full) Resolve to the target.
    o A new Codex entry can be found in the Game Rules section to help players who are unfamiliar with the details of the Resolve system.

    –> Cliff Notes Version: Stupid players who just stun stun stun stun a target over and over at the same time, when they aren’t near any sort of trap, won’t be giving them full resolve anymore. Be prepared to die in the fire a LOT more in Huttball. This is one of the few very terribad changes that I see.

    • New Recruit MK-2 gear is now available. This gear replaces the Recruit set, which is no longer available.

    –> Haven’t seen stats on this in detail, but from what I have read, it’s better than current Recruit and not QUITE as good as Battlemaster, but fairly close… Will have to find more stats and see what it’s all about when the info becomes available.

    • In the event that neither team breaches the first set of doors, the winner of the match is now the team that scored the most kills.

    –> FINALLY! A quantitative way to decide who wins in a tie!

  2. Oh yeah, and Russ? Tell Tom he’s been replaced.

    • I still read the comments and work behind the scene. I know all and see all that goes on! Dum dum DUM!!!!!

      • Oh good! I don’t have to wait and hope that Russ passes along the message.

        Tom, you have been replaced…. I’ll gladly cast you a Rejuv and Force Bubble to ease the pain if you need.

        And to be fair to Russ, the reason he’s not gotten past Firebrand/Stormcaller in Explosive Conflict, is that, in the past few weeks, that encounter has been extra finnicky… Not sure if it’s a bug or not (or the DPS is just going too fast, and putting Defensive Systems too close to Double Destruction)… but we’ve been seeing (in many different team makeups… I run Denova a LOT) where at the first Defensive Systems phase, the first lightning spire that SHOULD drop on Stormcaller’s tank, is getting dropped INSIDE the shield and instantly wipes the DPS and healer underneath it. I’ve had a LITTLE success, having the tank jump off Stormcaller a few seconds early, taunt, and then Defensive Systems happens and it sort of works… Unless Double Destruction’s cast is in conflict.. because then the tank dies when he taunts.

        I’ve actually seen quite a bit of ranting about this on the forums, and I can confirm, I have ONLY seen it happen in Story Mode. I’ve not encountered this problem in Hard Mode….

        Just sayin’

  3. Maybe Torocast should do a Let’s Play of SWTOR ???

    Also, does Torocast have it’s own guild ???

    If so what is it’s name and on what server is it one.

    What chat system do you guys use in game. (IE. Teamspeak, Vent,ECT)

    Lastly, When do you guys actually play SWTOR (IE Weekends, evenings during the week,ECT) ???

    Well, That is it for now this is omega2550 signing off for now.

    P.S. I’m looking to join a (Imp.Agent or Rep. Trooper) group from the beginning. I haven’t played SWTOR in a group or as part of a guild yet.

    I hope that changes soon.

    • I think doing a Let’s Play would be a good idea, and one I’ve tossed around a little bit over the last month or so. On my end, I doubt it’d work too well. I tried to do a Let’s Play of ME3 Multiplayer with some buddies, and that ended up being more of a “Okay, I’m just going to play while this is recording” rather than being remotely educational. I’ve been considering just doing some videos of Warzones for kicks, but as of yet, I’ve not worked up the motivation to record and show people how awesome I am. Sometimes. With exception to the times I’m not. Spoiler: My strategy is usually “Hit Buttons, Make Numbers”.

      As for a guild, there was one early on, however like many other groups, people lost interest in the game and they have moved on. Torment Gaming (Tormented was the guild, I believe?) still exists, but it is not specific to any one game.

      For Tom, Russell, Jeff and myself, we each play on different servers. I, myself, am on the Jung Ma (RP-PVP East) server as a member of Jen’Jidai. I use Vent, Skype, TeamSpeak or whatever is available, depending on what game I play, or what group I am playing with.

      With the Server Consolidations (Part 2), depending on what server you’ve been playing on, you may very well have a larger group of people to play with, and there are plenty of great guilds to join, more than willing to have you, I’m sure. Get out there and find it!

      Road out.

  4. When is 158 going to becoming out ??

    Or did you guys get caught with your podcast pants down this week ???


    • From myself on Twitter:
      “TOROCast 158 will be recorded tonight, however due to my surgery tomorrow morning, I won’t be able to edit until later in the week! Sorry!”

      We’re recording as I post this. With Tom on hiatus, we’ve changed our recording time for the time being to be more friendly for our three American hosts. I’m going in for surgery first thing in the morning, so I need to get some rest. I’ll be a little medicated this week, so when I’m of enough mental clarity to edit and post, I will do so.

      Sorry for the delay!

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