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TOROCast – Episode 158 – It’s News To Me

The Doctor’s say farewell, Megaservers are put in place, interviews and more! With so much to talk about, we couldn’t just pick one topic.

Sorry for the delay, but better late than never!

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  1. Thanks for the birthday shout out. It was a very alcohol filled weekend.

  2. I want internet cake!!!

  3. You know… Delayed Binding kinda scares me from a PuG standpoint…. (not so much with Guild teams however, unless your guild is full of douches).

    However, here is what I see happening: (and I am already preparing inventive insults for the first person who I see doing this.)

    Gear X drops. You can use the piece and it’s an upgrade. Someone else (who either can’t use it due to class, or already has better/same gear) NEEDs on it, and wins the piece……… and offers to SELL it to you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do love the idea, and wish they had done it a long time ago, along with token refunds without having to submit a ticket. However, I am just waiting for the credit-mongers to use this as a way to make some bank.

    • That’s a very real possibility, and my first priority would be to hang the D-bag in General Chat, before again disabling General Chat.

      Of course, this is just another reason I don’t deal with Pugs. Except the canine species. Pugs are awesome in that case.

  4. Russel! What’s your toons name ingame? I must group with you 😀

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