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TOROCast Episode – 161 – Free Too Painful?

In this episode, Tom’s out sick, so we invited JJ to hijack his seat! Listen in as we discuss our impressions with The Old Republic’s Free To Play launch so far, and expect at least a small dose of Jeffrey related shenanigans.

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  1. **Quote: [Road] – “Bioware come on, enough with the goofy looking hats.”**

    Hrm…. Coming from a player who has run Hard Mode/Nightmare Mode Karagga’s Palace 23 times (TWENTY-THREE TIMES!!!!) for the sole purpose of getting the Karagga’s Unyielding Helm…….

    (Which btw, thanks to the will of the nerd-gods, I STILL do not have on the character I want it on… I have it on my Sentinel, whose body type/gear looks extra stupid with the bell hat… Can I get it on my sage??? NOOOOOOooooooo……)

    Anyway, I digress…… Bioware? Stupid Hats? Never! Sages with wedding headdresses… Sorc’s with feather-plume headresses? Knights with eye goggles? (Really bioware? goggles/eyevisor on a Jedi?) I could go on and on and on…. Heck, my Sage’s pvp set of gear includes wearing a helmet that I lovingly refer to as the “The Jackalope Helm” (you know the one I mean… War Hero Consular gear..)

    I can’t help but think Road, that you are possibly referring to the Destroyer Helm from the Cartel Shop? (maybe… Just guessing here.) Since… well…. um….. yeah…. My sage is now wearing that helmet……..

    I was in Section X the other night starting the HK51 questline, with Russell, my wife, and another friend of ours, and my wife made the observation that my helmet made me look like I was a giant, walking can opener!!! HA! (If you really look at the shape of the huge metal fins on the top of the helmet, you do realize that it could be quite useful in the hands of a Boy Scout with a can of beans sitting at a camp fire…)

    So, stupid hats? NEVER!

    Wait a minute… Which is worse…. The fact that BIoware keeps coding stupid looking hats, or the fact that I keep spending tons and tons of time and credits to acquire and wear them?

    • The specific hat that I bought and wasn’t too fond of was from the Outlaw’s Set. After the fact, I remembered that the boots were also not to my liking, so both are now rotting away in my storage with a pile of other moddable equips I’ll never use again. While some hats or other headgear look perfectly fine, in my opinion, there are at least two goofy looking ones for each decent headgear (Perhaps an exaggeration, perhaps not).

      As for which is worse, I’m at a loss, myself. While I’ll never say no to Bioware adding more fun things to the game, whether or not I have interest in them, I’m also the type that will obsessively scour planets and their mobs in search of those one or two possibly rare equips that I think will make my character look cool. Not quite buying, but still spending a lot of my free time nonetheless.

      As always, thanks for the commentary and for listening. Now go make sure Russell isn’t being bad.

  2. And by the way….. Bioware scooped you guys again!

    Right after you guys record/post this episode, they go and stick 1.6 on the PTS!! hahahahahah

  3. Painful indeed! I will not be going back to SWTOR as I had hoped when it went free. =/

  4. First time to listen, and thought it was time well spent. Enjoyed it for the most part, particularly the Chiss lore explanation, and both the Deceived and Hope spoofs.

    Did you folks see where Preferred players now get two more quickbars (for a total of four) and possibly will get a refund if they spent CC to get quickbars? http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=5477407#edit5477407

    • First I’d like to thank you for listening, and I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

      I actually looked a Twitter only minutes after the announcement was made earlier today, purely by coincidence. I think they’re heading in the right direction with that decision. Cosmetic restrictions, sounds great. A few experience gain alterations, okay. Some minor quality of life differences, sure, why not? But something as basic as playability restrictions makes the game more of a chore to play, while the game is meant to be for fun.

      All we can do is sit back, wait, and see what happens. Stick around, we’ll be certain to discuss it in our next episode.

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