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TOROCast Episode – 162 – Go Chiss Yourself

This episode, we catch up with our hosts and the last few weeks of news, nearly kill our favorite nerd, and give a few opinions regarding our favorite class stories. Within, we also pose a few questions to our listeners. Let us know how you feel about a possible Lore episode, and if you think we should be more frequent than biweekly. Thanks for listening!

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Host of TOROcast and The Ban Hammer. Lead podcaster for Twonk Hammer Entertainment.


  1. Hey guys im a long returning member, havnt been listening much, been mostly just the banhammer. I would like to know if you guys where looking for any guild members i have long abandoned tor but i would like to get back into it. Im on the harbinger server and a non subscriber right now (would like to get a guild before i sub again). Willing to switch servers and im really just looking for another mmo to occupy my time. Reply if any1 is interested.

  2. First off….. No Road, I don’t have Karraga’s Unyielding Helm yet… I’m starting to think it’s my “White Whale” and it’s the fate of the gods for me to never have it. (I actually had a bit of an alcohol-induced argument with my wife about it the other day, because she doesn’t seem to understand why it doesn’t suffice that I DO have it on my Sentinel, and not my Sage… She doesn’t get it *sigh*…)

    Second of all… I feel the need to correct Russell (as I do on a regular basis… there’s a good reason why he thinks I am a douchebag)… While he is correct that yes I am the “Punctuation Legacy”… I do not however have a character named “Octothorpe”. We had discussed this as a possibility when I was creating my newest character (now a level 42 Vanguard), but I decided that too few people would understand what an octothorpe actually IS (#)… so I ended up naming her “Ellipsis”, although sadly in the last server transfer I lost her name, and had to rename her to “Ellip’sis”…

    The Punctuation Legacy includes: Apos’trophe (who is the original… as he was created to be a mockery of all the people who think that taking a name… Nancy, and adding an apostrophe makes it’s all “Jedi-y” and stuff… Na’ncy) so the actual ‘ in the name is there on purpose. Then that ended up spawning my Assassin whose name was “Backslash” but in the server transfers he got renamed to “Back’slash” as well as my Mercenary named “Asterisk” who also got renamed in the transfer to “Aster’isk” and as mentioned previously, “Ellip’sis”.

    Essentially, I can refer to my characters as: ‘ / * …

    My poor first character that I rolled during Early Access (Sentinel) was named “Ockham” as my original desire for my legacy was to be the “Razor Legacy” making him Ockham Razor, but when I went to choose my legacy originally Razor was taken sadly, so I went with Peacebringer…. which when they did the server transfers, I was able to rename to Punctuation since I then had a full keyboard full of special characters :p

    Wow that was long-winded…

    And one last thing…. If Russell thinks I am taking that whore Rachael through Hard Mode Explosive Conflict this week, well he’s got another thing coming….. we’re doing Nightmare fools!!! Chiss’in A

    • ‘, so you think people know ellipsis more than octothorp? I’m not saying octothorp is a well known character but it is at least well know as ellipsis.

      Any who, After all the chissing is done, I have become a great fan of this podcast. Road’s level of hate and discontent is rivaled only by my own. Russell’s level of geekdom was known to me for quite some time. Tom’s Britishness is outstanding, I have to admit I prefer more British TV show than American TV shows. And don’t get me started on classic rock music, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues, ELO, Dire Straights; I could go on. And, finally, Jeff adds that even keel. Not so angry as to incite riots and not so nerdy as to cause a flash breakout of braces, headgear, pocket protectors and acne.

      Keep up the good work guys, you have found a new loyal listener.

    • Apostrophe, you never disappoint. Make sure to keep Russell in line. Someone needs to.

  3. So apostrophe before I jump on the covenent I would prefer to know if you guys need any certain classes I have played tank a lot and dps in the past but can certainly role a healer if needed . Also what type of chat do you use?

    • Hope everything works out for you on Jedi Covenant. If things don’t, however, we can always wrangle up a shoutout. However, I’m sure Apostrophe and his guild can accommodate a friendly environment. If not, blame Russell.

    • Criscus… (see how I used needless punctuation there? ellipsis ftw)

      Anyway, at the moment, from a raiding perspective our guild is tank heavy. Which is kind of funny, because it was a VERY short time ago that we were extremely tank-light. We were actually down to 1 raid-geared tank (Shadow). Then Rachael came back to the guild (Guardian), one of our long-afk-from-the-game-members returned (Vanguard), I convinced an old friend to resub and he re-rolled a vanguard tank and is now 50, geared and raiding, not to mention my own vanguard tank just hit level 43 and is sitting on a nice stash of legacy-transfered Columi/Rakata/Black Hole just waiting for the big ding. So needless to say, we’ve gone from having 1 raid tank, to 4, soon to be 5.

      From a healing perspective, we currently have (raid-geared) two sage healers and two scoundrel healers. This isn’t an over-step in roles tho, since I am one of those sage healers (and I’m leveling a tank, as well as having a raid-geared Sentinel), our other sage also has a geared dps commando, and one of our scoundrels also has a geared vanguard dps and a sage. So we swap roles around quite a bit for everything but progression raiding, to get everyone geared, and access to the ops they want to do. (we are quite flexible that way.)

      All that said… If there’s anything we’re light on at the moment, it’s dps. We have a reasonable amount of dps, but if we run simultanous ops, we usually end up pugging a few dps. That said, I’m not sure what your playstye is, in-game desires, etc… and my #1 rule in the guild has always been: Play whatever is the most fun for YOU. That is what the game is all about. And when you hit 50 and want to raid, we can find a place for you.

    • oh yeah (these comments need to be edit-able…

      we use Ventrilo

  4. Can i have some names of members so i can get in touch with the guild i just started a charactor on the server

    • never mind i sent kitlo a mail i searched through your website roster and he was on

      • Awesome! Glad to hear it.

        You will see me in-game on: Apos’trophe, Ockham or Ellip’sis and should you have the pleasure, you may even meet my wife An’ya in-game, or on Vent….. she is…. fun on vent… Woman swears like a sailor when she’s killing Medical Droids. (oh yes… medical droids)

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