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TOROCast Episode – 164 – A New Year

Following our previous release, SWTOR’s first digital expansion was announced! While Tom is out with a case of the Rakghoul Plague, the rest of the crew discusses the Rise of the Hutt Cartel; the good, the bad, and the angry.


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  1. About the comment regarding gearing at 50, and the new Tionese “Gratz on 50” set that is now provided to fresh 50s…..

    Tionese is adequate to do at least Story Mode Eternity Vault, IF no more than a handful of players are wearing that level of gear, and the rest of the team is competent and geared. In all reality, an 8-man team of full Tionese-geared players isn’t really going to perform well in any operation. (It would be no different than an 8-man team in Rakata gear trying to do HM TfB or Nightmare EC… it’s not going to be fun.)

    Now, that is not BAD imho. Why? Well… we I hit 50 on my first character a few months after release, there was no freebie level 50 gear. We hit 50 wearing oranges/blues/greens and formed 4-man teams and did Hard Mode Flashpoints to get Tionese/Columi. (And remember, that was before all the HM FPs had been nerfed into the floor. Some of those bad boys were HARD.) So after a couple days or a few short weeks of running flashpoints, you’d likely have yourself a reasonable set of mixed Tionese/Columi and you were ready to start running Story Mode Eternity Vault. You worked for all the gear you go to get there, nothing was handed to you.

    The two things that I see the free Tionese set providing at this point in the game:

    1- New players to the game (or fresh alt 50s) can raid with their well-geared friends/guildmates pretty much from the get-go when they hit 50. It really eliminates the gap from Fresh 50 to Story Mode Op-ready-to-team-with-your-geared-guildies.

    2- It provides a good way for players with other established level 50 characters, to gear their alts through the Legacy system and not sacrifice set bonuses. I.E. about a week and a half ago, I got my vanguard tank to level 50. Since I have raided a TON on my main healer, I had stocked Columi commendations, Black Hole commendations, Rakata Gear from drops I won but didn’t need, stealing gear from companions, PvP gear, etc…. I legacy’d over a lot of gear from my main character to my new lowbie 50 tank, and within about 30 minutes of hitting lvl 50, I was geared enough with lvl 58/61 mods jammed into Tionese shells (so I had my full 4 set bonus) to go right into HM EV/KP and SM EC. Now, just over a week later, I am one implant shy of full Black Hole/Campaign, and I am geared for Hard Mode Explosive Conflict and I am STILL using those Tionese shells.

    And so you know…. Russell’s new fresh 50 sage, is Russ’s first healer in this game. And I dragged him into a Story Mode Eternity Vault as his FIRST time healing ANYTHING, and asked him to heal me, a noob tank… hehe… He did stellarly! Kept me alive the whole time, and I was moving FAST. We had SM EV cleared start to finish in around 40 minutes. So kudos to Russ.

  2. Call me cynical.. But the announcement about the Makeb expansion seems to me to be a diversion to the outcry about there being no anniversary event… or maybe to make the fiscal Q financial look better?

    It just seems too weird to have this huge announcement about an expansion, and have almost zero actual info on it. Because really the only difference between this announcement and the one at E3 is that you can pay them this time.

    I love the game, have like 6 alts plus my main, so i’m not hating on the game or anything. But this just doesn’t smell right.. And I agree with someones guess that we won’t see this till June, maybe later…

    I enjoy the podcast!

    • I think once it went F2P, all the previous “free content” expansion talk went out the window. The simple fact is, that the game isn’t as profitable as they had hoped, so they are doing everything they can to adjust…. which means: paid expansions. (And I agree, that to use the term “expansion” for the Rise of the Hutts is a little misleading.)

      I will admit, I pre-ordered already. Now, did I WANT more information from Bioware/EA about the actual content of this upcoming expansion before opening my wallet? Yes. But the truth of the matter is, I enjoy the game, and even if the expansion is JUST 5 more levels, and a new planet story with nothing else, I’d still pay the $10 for it….. all be it, begrudgingly.

      • You make an excellent point, and unfortunately one I intended to make during the show, but being I am certainly one for going on tangents, which sometimes redirect where the conversation is heading, I sometimes miss the point I am originally hoping to make (sometimes you just have to go with the flow). Yes, I completely agree, any and all talks regarding Free Content were completely out the window once the second round of layoffs hit, once the game started moving in a direction toward Free To Play, and once a means for making additional income were absolutely imperative. Does it still upset me? Yes, it certainly does, but I’ve accepted it at this point. As we’ve said, it’s only $10 (to subscribers), and that’s certainly not going to break my bank. Like many other players, I also preordered Day 1, and for the same reasons. I enjoy the game, I want the game to succeed, and I’ll do everything I can to help it do so. That includes criticizing when needed.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily say it is strange to get a no-info announcement out of Bioware, or any developer for that matter. The less information they give, the more room they have to stretch from that point until the release of said content. Making promises, and then breaking them, leads to a lot of hurt feelings and backlash from the players, and honestly, speculation due to lack of (or misleading) information can do more than enough damage than to outright break promises made further down the line.

      Some of the content that was announced or discussed around that time has since been released, just in smaller sizes rather than a large lump sum package, which I personally would have expected and preferred.

      When it comes to the outcry, I honestly don’t think the timing of the Expansion announcement and the upset players crying out about a lack of an event (which I am one of) are in any way related. It seems much more happenstance than anything else, in my eyes. On the other hand, you may be on to something as far as the Fiscal Quarter is concerned. That certainly is one way to draw attention right at the end of the year.

      Glad you enjoyed the show!

  3. I have a question using the what would you pay for, would you pay for an alternate way of leveling and questing, but this alternate rout would have you switching sides (Jedi to sith and sith to jedi) that way you could be a republic bounty hunter or a sith trooper. When you get to Coruscant, near the end of that path you can make a choice if you want to stick with the republic but it takes you to level 50 to complete the switch (doing quest to prove your loyalty’s and such)

    • I would. They had something like that in….wait for it…..City of Heroes in the Going Rogue expansion. I was able to take my Tanker (hero) and run villanous missions with her. It was a great deal of fun and because of the fact they had cross faction chat, I could be playing, get a note from a friend in Grandville saying “Hey are are going to do this strike force” and jump over to run with them. Many people constantly switched sides to cherry-pick content.

      I think it’s worth it if offered.

      To be honest tho’, I’d rather see “Exemplaring” (artificially reducing your level to play with friends) first. I think it would greatly strengthen the community as you could easily team up and play with friends more; something that is VITAL for the survival of an MMO.

      • Exemplaring is the one feature that I would LOVE to see added to this game above anything else.

        To be able to take a lvl 50 (or other higher level character) and play with friends/guildmates of lower levels going through planet quests and have that upper level character scaled back down to the level of the quest owner. It would essentially be the same system they use for 10-49 warzone with the Bolstering system, but in reverse.

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