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TOROCast Episode – 165 – State of the Game

Another episode, another State of the Game! Join Tom, Russell and Road as they discuss the latest news for Star Wars: The Old Republic, from various bug fixes to Executive Producer Jeff Hickman’s latest State of the Game address.



In the News:


Finally, from @GlenBricker in our Shoutouts, support the LEGO Corellian Defender movement!

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  1. The word I forgot at the 51 minute mark: “Pundit”

  2. First, let me just take a minute to bask in my new found celebrity status.

    Ok. That’s enough, my head is already big enough.

    Little sage leveling advice for Tom – I can’t recommend enough, leveling a Sage to go a hybrid between Telekinetics/Balance. It’s not optimal for raid-dps, and you won’t get to the top of either tree while leveling, BUT you get pretty much the best of both trees by being able to chain-cast TK Throw, instant-cast-proc Disturbance, and have access to both Force In Balance and Telekinetic Wave. You are just a beast of AoE damage and can mow the baddies down REALLY fast. (That is how I leveled Apos’trophe, especially since I did a lot of his level path solo and in PvP, and once I hit 50 I respec’d to heals and never looked back.)

    And for those who don’t know… Yes.. Russ is the reason I am playing SWTOR. We were long-time friends in City of Heroes, where I spent most of my time in-game (where he was a tank and I was a ranged dps but I spec’d to be melee dps… oh yeah… twice the damage, NONE of the mitigation) laying on the ground, dead under his tank’s feet, since I would run into a group that he was aggro’ing……. do my insane attack chain that would deal retarded AoE damage, yet never QUITE enough to KILL all the baddies, leaving me instantly dead, and Russ standing on my corpse to clean up my mess. Ask him about it… I never did learn.

  3. … and Road

    It’s good to hear that Tom knows you’re “regular”…

    There’s nothing better than knowing precisely on schedule when you will be SoT.

  4. If you haven’t clicked on the Lego link and supported it, you are not true SWTOR fans. Go now, do not give any excuses and support that product. They have already produced one TOR kit http://starwars.lego.com/en-us/Products/9500.aspx), they will do others. This needs to be one of them.

    Go now.
    Go fast.
    Click support.
    do it

    HAve you done it yet?

    Why not?


    • Bioware really do wait until we post an episode. They really do 🙁

      • They do. It means we’ll have more complete coverage!

      • At least YOU were right, this time. Starting now, Tom is in charge of the TOROPredictions. Is that a thing? It is now. #TOROPredictions

        • I vote #TOROdictions…. it just rolls off the tongue. (Or the fingers, I’d look pretty silly right now if I was speaking everything I was typing.)

          All I have to say is, I am going to feel EPICALLY cheated, if there is not a new world boss for this event, and it had better be a giant freaking Wampa.

          WAMPA!!! WAMPA!!! WAMPA!!!

          (Excuse me, I think I drooled on myself a little bit.)

          • The screenshots tell me… there should be a Wampa. I am calming down a little bit.

            (Speaking of the screenshots…. WTF is a Binkiboodle??)

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