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TOROCast Episode – 166 – Now With More Lens Flare!

Breaking our long-running wrong streak, Tom was right! Update 1.7 details, a new Meet the Devs, a new Companion 101, and Rise of the Hutt Cartel Pre-Order bonuses have been announced! We touch on all that and more in this episode of TOROCast.


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  1. In case anyone was wondering….

    ERMAHGERD! -> http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ermahgerd

  2. @1hr 11m 37s: I am the TOROCast mascot.

    I fully expect to paid twice as much as the hosts for this prestigious position. I have submitted this demand to Russell and he has approved it.

    LIKE A BAWS!!!!!

  3. Enjoyed the episode.

  4. Regarding the brief discussion on endgame gearing… I know that predominantly the hosts don’t tend to be big raiders (Russell aside) so I’ll provide a little primer here on endgame gear… (Since no sirs, Black Hole is NOT a “1.5” tier..)

    PvE Gear:

    Tier 1: Tionese – Purchased with Tionese Commendations from class specific vendors in the “Supplies” area on Fleet. At fresh 50, all characters are now supplied with enough commendations to purchase 1 piece shy of a full set. (except belt/bracers/implants/relics/ear) This gear is slightly better than the gear you hit 50 in, is moddable, and has the same set bonus (tied to the shells, not the armorings) as all PvE-endgame gear. This gear is adequate to run HM Flashpoints (except maybe Kaon and certainly Lost Island) and with a decent team, you COULD run Story Mode Eternity Vault or Karagga’s Palace in this. (Tionese gear and it’s non-set bonus equivalent “Xenotech” also drops in HM FPs and SM EV/KP.)

    Tier 2: Columi – Purchased with Columi commendations, and Class-specific gear tokens from class specific vendors in the “Supplies” area on Fleet. This is considered “lvl 56” equivalent gear and is adequate for all HM FPs (although HM Lost Island may be a struggle) and you can definitely do SM EV/KP and HM EV/KP in full Columi gear. It has the same set bonus as all other endgame PvE gear, attached to the shell, not the armorings. (The armorings/mods/enhancements from this gear will be labeled as “24”.) Tokens for Columi gear drop in HM FPs, and Story/Hard Mode EV/KP as well as non-set bonus gear of the same level “Exotech”.)

    Tier 3: Rakata – Purchased solely with class-specific gear tokens from the specific vendors in the “Supplies” area on Fleet. This is considered “lvl 58” equivalent gear and is adequate for all HM FPs, SM/HM EV & KP, as well as SM Denova. It has the same set bonus as all other PvE endgame gear, attached to the shell, not the armoring. (The armorings/mods/enhancements from this gear will be labeled as “25”.) Tokens for Rakata gear drop in HM Lost Island (Chest), as well as HM EV/KP and SM Explosive Conflict (Denova) & Terror from Beyond (Asation).

    Tier 4…. this is where it starts to get tricky:

    Black Hole Gear: Purchased solely with Black Hole Commendations. (You get them from Black Hole (Corellia) Dailies, Section X Dailes, Group Finder HM FPs, Group Finder SM EV/KP, Weekly for HM EV or KP, Weekly for Denova, Weekly for Asation, and various World Boss quests, and bonus chests/boss kills in Denova/Asation.) Black Hole gear is equivalent “lvl 61” gear, but has NO set bonus at all. And, the offhands are not moddable. (The armorings/mods/enhancements from this gear will be labeled as “27”.) This gear is adequate for everything up and including Hard Mode Explosive Conflict and Hard Mode Terror From Beyond.

    Campaign Gear: Purchased solely with “Campaign Tokens”… which are obtained in Hard Mode Explosive Conflict. The tokens are NOT class-specific.. i.e. if Campaign Pants drop, it’s for all classes. The winner of the gear simply turns it into the Supplies vendor on Fleet for the piece he/she wants. Campaign has different itemization than Black Hole, and has a set bonus attached to the armoring (not the shell like other gear). It is not inherently better or worse than Black Hole gear, they just have different stat distributions. (The armorings/mods/enhancements from this gear will be labeled as “26”.) This gear is adequate for everything up and including Hard Mode Explosive Conflict and Hard Mode Terror From Beyond. Other than crafting, or stupid lucky drops, this is the only way to get a 61 moddable mainhand or offhand.

    Tier 5: Dread Guard/Hazmat… same theory as Black Hole/Campaign gear. (Hazmat has no set bonus, Dread Guard does.) Drops in Hard Mode Terror From Beyond and Nightmare Mode Explosive Conflict, but some of the Hazmat pieces (implants/ear/etc) can be purchased with insane amounts of Black Hole commendations… Insane amounts…. Dread Guard gear is “lvl 63” and the armoring/mods/enhancements are labeled as “27”, and it’s the only endgame set to natively have moddable belts/bracers. This is currently the highest level PvE gear in the game.

    for PvP…. it follows much the same pattern…

    Tier 1: Recruit gear: not moddable, no set bonus. You get a free set at fresh level 50 and it’s perfectly fine to PvP in while you are grinding gear, because it has between 800-900 expertise on it. (Fun little note: the belt/bracers/relics/implants/ear will be nice stopgaps for PvE combined with your Tionese gear for PvE.) Actually the “Battlemaster” relics that you get, especially the Boundless Ages relics, are better than ANY PvE relics for DPS and Healers except the Dread Guard relics that you can buy with Daily coms… food for thought.

    Tier 2: War Hero gear: Moddable, set bonus carried on armorings (not shells), lvl 61 (labeled as “26” armorings/mods/enh) and is purchased ONLY with Warzone Commendations. You can actually do just about every endgame PvE FP or Operation up to Story Mode Explosive Conflict in this gear. (Little tidbit also, if you are a crafter, you can RE War Hero gear, mods, armorings, implants, enhancements into… MOLECULAR STABILIZERS!!! woot)

    TIer 3: Elite War Hero gear:Moddable, set bonus carried on armorings (not shells), lvl 63 (labeled as “27” armorings/mods/enh) and is purchased ONLY with RANKED Warzone Commendations + the shell from your War Hero gear for the same piece. Everything i said for War Hero above for PvE stands true for Elite War Hero… but don’t expect to do a lot of HM Denova or Terror From Beyond in PvP gear… you just wont have the mainstat to be effective.

    There you go…. the shortest gear primer I can come up with on the fly. EVERYTHING that I have said, should be caveated by the following statement however: The gear that BioWare gives you for a complete set, is NOT best-in-slot itemized. If you want to get the best performance out of your gear, you HAVE to look at each armoring/mod/enhancement/augment individually and as part of your whole set and mix/match pieces from different gear. (I.E. to build my healing sage, i used the mod/enhancement from FIVE pairs of Black Hole Shadow DPS boots… there are lots of things like that out there.)

    Wow, I hadn’t intended for this comment to be so long…..

  5. Great job guys. Mos def want you guys to go back to weekly mode. Now that the chubby hater Samm has left, this is a much better podcast!…. 😛 …what server(s) do you all play on btw? I mostly play on the bastion (where I have a small pvp guild) as well as a toon on both the shadowlands and the harbinger. Would like to kill intergalactically with you guys sometime..!!

    • Thanks Ben!

      Road plays on Jung Ma. I also think he has alts on Shadowlands and/or harbinger.

      I play on Canderous Ordo…err…I mean….Jedi Covenant.

      I think Jeff plays on Bastion, but I’m not certain.

      I don’t remember the server Tom is on, I think he’s on a Euro server tho’.

      • Aside from my main list of characters on Jung Ma, I have alts I haven’t played since March on Prophecy of the Five, formerly of Anchorhead.

        And yes, Tom is on an RP and another server in the EU list of servers. Which ones, I couldn’t tell you.

  6. Kidding (kinda) about Samm……I listened throughout the jeffrey era……just felt Samm and JJ turned on the game too hard following ToR’s rough start. This game has held me pretty hard at this point, the lowbie pvp is great fun and server pops have been, well, popping since ftp seemingly increasing since it hit also@!

  7. Enjoyed the show guys. Seems to be getting better every show now! Even though I nostalgically remember the old crew and the dynamic with Samm, Tom and JJ, I’m now starting to feel you have made Torocast even better. Stuff is flowing so well now, and the hosts are actual post-launch fans of the game! The show is already 10 times better than it was just before new year, when it sounded like you were just getting to know each other and were just joking around ;). Now, the hosts’ characters, opinions and knowledge are really starting to come through – out of on-topic (whatever the topic!) in-depth discussions well-balanced with just enough jokes, a combo which has always been a strength of Torocast.

    My tips for you now would be: Don’t add more people to the show – it’s well balanced now. Go weekly if you can keep it bi-weekly and strong for a few more shows, and then really feel that you’ll be able to come up with content for double the amount of shows.

    • Thank you for the feedback. The question of going weekly or staying bi-weekly is something I’ve been thinking about for some time. We’ll all be discussing it and see how that goes.

      And to reflect on your comments Onath I personally believe Road, Jeff and Russell have all come into their own and are doing a fantastic job as host. I’m so glad there are people out there noticing that too 🙂

      Again thanks for your comments.

  8. Just found this podcast after Darth Hater and Old Republic Radio decided to call it quits. I gotta say that I wish I would have found this podcast sooner! People who actually still like to play makes a lot better podcast.

    On the issue of going from bi-weekly to weekly, I would love to see a weekly podcast but I am not sure there would be enough news to support this. As there are a lot of people joining with F2P and some returning subscribers it might be nice to have some features for the noobs like tutorials, guides, etc.

    Thanks for making my commute a little bit better.

    • I’d live to see them go weekly, but as you said there’s typically not enough news to support that. It’d be interesting to have a biweekly news podcast and the inbetween weeks could be focused on lore, or operations strategies, or more focused class specifics/mechanics? Between the hosts (and pretty much just Road) they cover all the advanced classes.

    • Hrm, I kinda like that thought.

      – Russell

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