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TOROCast Episode – 168 – Just the Two of Us

With only Russell and Road at the helm, we tackle the newsfeed since our last episode. The Community Managers have departed, login changes, the Return of the Return of the Gree, revised forum rules, Dev blogs and more!



In the News:

Joveth leaves Bioware

Along with French and German managers

2.0 vs RotHC

More Community Cantinae (including a return to Austin!)

April 2nd! You log in with your Display name!

Ready checks coming!

Gree Event returns in 1.7.2

Forum rules and Developer communication

Bioware at SXSW!

Makeb Video

Dev Blog: Charles Boyd

Dev Blog: Art of Makeb


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Host of TOROcast and The Ban Hammer. Lead podcaster for Twonk Hammer Entertainment.


  1. @29:32….. Soda or Beer?

    • Bah. I swear I edited that out, it absolutely drove me nuts when I was at work and heard that (and my coughing fit). But to answer the question: Neither. Vfusion Energy. Mango Peach, to be specific. I don’t drink soda or beer.

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