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TOROCast Episode – 170 – Do We SoundBoard?

With Makeb’s Early Access quite literally on our doorstep, and with Jeff’s inevitable return, we catch up on the latest news, discuss our feelings about SWTOR’s launch (Bioware did it, so we can too!), and Road abuses his new, now functioning toy. Do we soundboard? Yes, yes we do.


In the News:

1.7.3 with Readycheck – LIVE

Developer Update – Legions of Scum and Villainy

Amber Green re-hits Com Conversions


Disney shuts down LucasArts

Developer Update – Legacy Achievements

Gamestop/Best Buy selling Cartel Coin Cards!

SIS FIeld Report

RotHC is DL only

PvP in Game Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy

Dallas CC – May 17th

Bioware details bumpy first year

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Host of TOROcast and The Ban Hammer. Lead podcaster for Twonk Hammer Entertainment.


  1. You can buy downloaded content at the store just like sub cards, you buy the DLC card and enter the code on the SWTOR site, Blizzard has been doing it sense diablo 3 came out.

    Good show glad to see most of you are on again XD

  2. Couple things… (whilst listening)

    1- Russell: You can hope for Cartel Coins from me in one, and crap in the other…… see which gets filled first.

    2- Also Russell: Skinny jeans and PBR??? You forgot, you also use a Mac… You are almost as hipster-ish as “carnold1836”, although I believe he has you beat on Crocs and the car. Your car is about as non-hipster as one can get.

    ALSO… while listening… with regards to EXPERTISE: PvP sub-55 is currently WAY broken on the live servers since 2.0 went live yesterday.

    Example: Queue’ing for 30-54 PvP in PvE gear, will give you BETTER stats, than someone in full Elite War Hero…… Actually, you have better stats queue’ing COMPLETELY NAKED than you do in full Elite War Hero. (If I queue in my full Campaign/Dread Guard raiding toons, without putting my War Hero set on, I hit the 60% PvP dmg boost….)

    I see a patch in the near future….

  3. Also… as far as people chewing through content too quickly…. Bioware needs to learn, that while their focus in their games is immersion and story, this is an MMO. And the MMO crowd are what a friend of mine (thanks Rivenstar) refers to as “Content Locusts”…. They are the people that do whatever they can do, to BLOW through the content as fast as possible, only to get the “end” (which we all know that MMOs have no defined end)… and then get upset that there is not enough to do. Because they simply missed out on the sole purpose of the game, and that is: the journey, not the destination.

    Now, I have been guilty of the same thing at times…. By the time you get to your 3rd, 4th or more character, do you REALLY care about all the planet quests? You’ve already seen them… or all of the side missions? Not really…. at a certain point, with leveling alts, it does turn into a bit of a race to this imaginary “end”…. but that is totally pointless with NEW content.

    Case in point: 2.0 went live for early access last night… and APPARENTLY a portion of the game population, had realized there was a method by which they could stack their “Pending” mission rewards from turning in quests… leaving them sitting there, un-accepted. And last night, when the servers came back online, those people sat and clicked the “Accept Reward” button on 100 to 150, to claimed as many as 200 mission rewards, and went from level 50 to level 55 in a matter of minutes, without doing a SINGLE quest on Makeb, or operation, or flashpoint, or daily…. And I promise you, in a week, or 2 weeks, or a month, THOSE will be the people who are complaining about lack of content.

  4. @06:37

    Russell only dies, when he chooses to raid without a certain punctuation-obssessed healer…. just sayin’

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