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Guild Spotlights are back!

If you haven’t caught our numerous Tweets about it in the last week, then you’ll be reading it first here! Looking to expand on your Guild, big or small? Have something great going on with your community and you want other people to hear about it? Want to get your Guild some airtime? Guild Spotlights are on the return, and now’s your chance to be apart of it.

The process is simple. All you need to do is send an Email to Road@TOROCast.com with your guild information, and why you want to put your Guild out there, or what message your trying to convey. Once we have a Guild in mind, we’ll contact you, hammer out some final details, set up a time that works for everyone, and record a brief interview.

What are we looking for in a Guild Spotlight? A passionate group of players with a love for the game. We’re not going to weed out the small Guilds in favor of the large ones, because we understand that large Guilds aren’t for everyone, and small Guilds have just as much potential for fun as any other. We’re offering you a platform, the rest is up to you.

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