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TOROCast Episode – 171 – Seek and See

Jeff is busy, Tom is sick, so that leaves Russel and Road to again run the show. This time around, Road takes control as the pair discusses Makeb and their experience with it since its launch. Worry not, this episode is spoiler free, but a few tips and hints may be within. As always, you can also hear what’s…


In the News:

If you haven’t read it yet, don’t forget to check out our post regarding the return of Guild Spotlights, and of course, you can send your Emails regarding a Spotlight to Road@TOROCast.com

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  1. Couldn’t be bothered to answer the phone?


    Next time you call Russell, I’ll tie my kids up and leave them with a bowl of water and rush to the computer to record. :p

    Maybe next time you record, if you want, I can set aside the time to discuss a bit on what I’ve experienced at 55, Makeb, and specifically Scum & Villainy. Because as we all know, my opinion is the most important of all.

  2. The program cut off right when you got to the meat and potatoes.

  3. Quick comment on your last boss of rep side.

    Spoiler alert

    I had the same problem. Not interrupting the gravity vortex is the solution.
    They render his beam useless.

  4. You forgot to mention that you get same sex options (fade to black scene) with some NPCs on Makeb. 😛

    As for the live podcast, I like the idea but I listen when I am at work or on the train, so I could never make a live recording, but I think you all should try it 1 or 2 times to see if it fits and maybe you all can get a few more people listening if you involve the audience (like what do they think, what they do in the game and so on) getting people to be part of the podcast always brings more views

    Man Road you sure got a full plate of podcasts LOL

    Also, my original handle (way back in DnD 20 something years ago) was Mater, and my alt was Rex, man I miss the good old days, and having no bills to pay 🙁

  5. First, i want to say that i understand the feeling of getting my head “stuck in my ship” where i had to type /stuck and end up dying…in my own ship.

    I play both factions and i try not to have a biased opinion on each but I found myself enjoying the empire makeb content a lot more in terms of gameplay and storyline. Especially the boss fights. I was quite disappointed with the republic content.

    a live podcast is nice but i end up downloading the podcast and listening to them to keep myself entertained in my dull bus rides

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