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TOROCast Episode – 172 – A Change is Coming

In this episode, Jeff and Road tackle the recent news: Cathar, Name Changes, Armor Dyes, and for some the long anticipated Designer Kiosk! As well, we’re bringing back our Guild Spotlight, and first up is Jen’jidai from the Jung Ma Server.



In the News:



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  1. GEEZE ROAD, I’m not there and you can’t even read the contact info!?!?!?

  2. My guildies hate me me for saying this but I actually loved the blue cathar look in the Empire Makeb storyline (if he’s even a Cathar) and want to make a character look just like him hehe.

    I think 600 cartel coins is too much if you’re introducing a new race for the first time. It’ll discourage people to get them and like Road or Jeff (the disembodied voice) mentioned, would in turn discourage devs to make even better races. Maybe make this one free and charge fir the next race??

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