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TOROCast Episode – 173 – Update 2.1 and Cantina Fun

In this week’s episode, Russell, Tom and Road tackle the news as they always do. For the Meat and Pota-TORs, Road rants about his distaste for some of the decisions made in regards to Update 2.1, then Russell talks about the great fun he had at the Dallas Community Cantina, and presents the information he learned there. In this week’s Guild Spotlight, Tom and Road interview Selique and Koldarc of the Esoteric Order, a Jung Ma (US RP-PVP) Imperial Guild.

Stay tuned until after the Guild Spotlight to learn how YOU can get your hands on a Tawn Fawn Code!


In the News:

Don’t forget to check out Esoteric Order’s website here.


If you are also interested in having your Guild the subject of our Spotlight, you can contact us at Road@TOROCast.com

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  1. Great show guys. Hope your choice of graphic card doesn’t disappoint. Never have been able to get the AMD cards to work right. Now solidly Nvidia.

  2. Oh you knew this was coming apparently…..

    As far as the video card is concerned….

    The Radeon vs. Nvidia argument at this point, is really personal preference, combined with “bang-for-your-buck.”

    If you compare the HD7850 with the equivalent pricepoint Nvidia, it would be the GTX660. In a side-by-side comparison:

    Power Draw: Almost a tie, but the Radeon has a slight advantage being a little less power hungry.
    *Radeon – 130W
    Nvidia – 140W

    Memory: They are both GDDR5, but the Radeon is 256-bit vs the Nvidia’s 192-bit. So the Radeon also gets the edge here.

    They are both DirectX 11.0 compliant cards, but the Radeon supports up to v4.2 OpenGL vs. the Nvidia’s v3.2 support. Another point in the Radeon’s corner.

    Shader Processors: Radeon wins here also.
    *Radeon – 1024
    Nvidia – 960

    Texture Units: In the base model, the Nvidia wins this round, but there are some superclocked versions that level the playing field for the Radeon.
    Radeon – 64 (80)
    *Nvidia – 80

    Texture Operators: The Radeon wins here by a slim margain.
    *Radeon – 32
    Nvidia – 24

    SO… that is the hardware…. But what does it all mean for actual performance?

    Well, the 3 main things you look at are: *FLOPS* (basically the number of operations per cycle the gpu can process), and *Pixel Fill Rate* (the number of pixels the card can render per second) and *Texture Fill Rate* (essentially the speed of 3D texture over polymesh)…..

    FLOPS: The Nvidia wins by 6%.
    Radeon – 1761.28 GFLOPS
    *Nvidia – 1881.6 GFLOPS

    Pixel Fill Rate:The Radeon wins by 14%.
    *Radeon – 27520 MPixels/sec
    Nvidia – 23520 MPixels/sec

    Texture Fill Rate: The Nvidia wins by 30%.
    Radeon – 55040 MTexels/sec
    *Nvidia – 78400 MTexels/sec

    G3D Mark Scores: The Nvidia wins by 10%.
    Radeon – 3677
    *Nvidia – 4096

    SO… all that said: What does it actually mean?

    It means that the 2 cards are relatively comparable within the same price-range, but you should expect to spend around $20-ish less for the Radeon. They will both yield similar performance, however the Nvidia WILL yield better frame-rates by benchmark. That could mean the difference between having a graphics eye-candy option at “High” vs. “Very High”…. but they will both perform VERY well (assuming the rest of your PC’s hardware is up to snuff) in just about any game on the market today. Keep in mind, MMOs tend to be HDD/CPU/Ram intensive moreso than GPU intensive if all other things are equal. A lot of your static single-player games, will rely more on the GPU.

    The #1 thing to keep in mind when you are looking to upgrade your video card though:


    Higher-end video cards are very power-hungry. They require not only a good quality power supply with adequate wattage, but they need to draw heavily from the 12-volt “rail” on the power supply. And not all power supplies are created equal. A “budget” 750w PSU that’s 65% efficient with 20A on the 12V rail, will not produce as much clean quality “juice” as a 500w PSU that’s 85%+ efficient with 40A on the 12V rail. (Also, a single large 12V rail is typically better than several smaller ones, but if it’s a good quality supply, that’s not something to worry about TOO much.) – Unless you get a good sale or rebate, don’t expect to spend less than around $75-$100 if not more (depending on your needs) on a good power supply. If it’s a 1000w supply, and it’s going for $35…. there’s a reason it’s so cheap. And that cheap component, with cheap capacitors and poorly soldered boards, is going to be connected to EVERYTHING in your computer. So, don’t destroy $1,000 worth of hardware, because you connected it to a $30 power supply…… Just my 2credits.

  3. At around 4m45s regarding Vehicle (Speeder) quests:

    There are four different speeder quests, that you can pick up from a mission terminal by the speeder vendor on Fleet.

    Aratech Coral – White/Light Purple “aratech-style” speeder.
    Rewarded for defeating the following World Bosses:
    Primal Destroyer
    Nightmare Pilgrim
    (I could be wrong, but I think you have to defeat each of them 3x unless they’ve changed the mission.)

    Aratech Ice – Blue/Light Blue “aratech-style” speeder.
    Rewarded for completing the following Flashpoints (all level 50) in Hard Mode
    Black Talon
    Boarding Party
    The Foundry
    Directive 7
    The Battle of Ilum
    The False Emperor
    Kaon Under Siege
    Lost Island

    Taral V
    Maelstrom Prison
    Directive 7
    The Battle of Ilum
    The False Emperor
    Kaon Under Siege
    Lost Island

    Aratech Fire – Red w/ hot rod flames “aratech-style” speeder.
    Granted for defeating the following operations bosses in STORY MODE:
    Annihilation Droid XRR-3 (1st Boss in Eternity Vault)
    Gharj (2nd Boss in Eternity Vault)
    Soa (5th Boss in Eternity Vault)
    Bonethrasher (1st Boss in Karagga’s Palace)
    G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator (4th Boss in Karagga’s Palace)
    Karagga (5th Boss in Karagga’s Palace)
    Defeat Zorn and Toth (1st Boss in Explosive Conflict)
    Defeat Colonel Vorgath (3rd Boss in Explosive Conflict)
    Defeat Kephess (4th Boss in Explosive Conflict)

    Aratech Nightscythe – Black “aratech-style” speeder.
    Granted for defeating the following operations bosses in HARD MODE:
    Annihilation Droid XRR-3 (1st Boss in Eternity Vault)
    Gharj (2nd Boss in Eternity Vault)
    Soa (5th Boss in Eternity Vault)
    Bonethrasher (1st Boss in Karagga’s Palace)
    G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator (4th Boss in Karagga’s Palace)
    Karagga (5th Boss in Karagga’s Palace)
    Defeat Zorn and Toth (1st Boss in Explosive Conflict)
    Defeat Colonel Vorgath (3rd Boss in Explosive Conflict)
    Defeat Kephess (4th Boss in Explosive Conflict)

  4. Collections: in a nutshell.

    Let’s say you have 8 characters in your legacy.

    A month ago, when they released the [Name of Cartel Armor Set HERE], you thought “OMG! That would look awesome on my *Character X*….” So, you spent the 900cc and you bought it and you love it. Now, you’ve realized, that you have 2 other characters that you either want to use all or part of that that cartel armor set for, but you:

    A- Don’t want to spend another 1800cc to buy it on those characters;
    B- It’s still very expensive credit-wise on the GTN

    SO, you can go into your “Collections” area, and as long as you own the item/items on at least one character in your legacy, you can pay a certain amount of cartel coins to unlock it across your legacy. (I think… the Eradicator set unlock for example, is around 600cc)… so once you make that purchase, you can now have access to that set/item on ALL of your characters without having to re-buy it everytime.

    It covers a lot of cartel items, including pets and mounts, emotes, etc… Things that were bought directly, or that came from opening packs. (I am about 95% sure that simply OWNING the item is enough to unlock it in your collection, even if you purchased it on the GTN with credits, instead of from the Cartel Market… I am almost positive on that one, because I have seen things in my collection, that I KNOW I bought with credits, not cartel coins.)

    I know that not EVERYTHING is included in collections… and I also know that to have a “Set” of armor in your collection, you have to own the entire set. You cannot do it piece by piece. (I.E. if you bought the Eradicator’s chest off the GTN, you can’t unlock it in your collections. You have to own ALL the pieces of the set.)

    Where this gets quite interesting???

    Level 10 requirement, +41 stat color crystals.

    Last time I checked… the drop rate from boxes for the Hawkeye +41 Cartel Crystals was quite low, and they are fairly expensive on the GTN. BUT, if you have one, you can pay the cartel unlock in your collections, and it then unlocks it for ALL of your characters and any new ones you make. What does that mean? Well…… It means that you can roll a new toon, and as soon as you hit level 10, you can have the benefit of +82 stat from mainhand/offhand without opening packs, or legacy-transferring from another character, or spending an arm and a leg on the GTN.

    Quite frankly… as much as I love using the +41 lvl 10 req’d crystals…. It’s one of the real Pay to Win features that the cartel market brought to the game. You can go the cartel market, and for actual real world currency, you can buy crystals with endgame level stats, that are not available in the game any other way then using actual $, and you get a level 50 equivalent piece of gear, at level 10. There are other things that blur the line a little bit, with some of the artifact level gear you can buy sub-50, but they only make you over-powered for a few levels maximum… The +41 lvl 10 crystals however, give you an advantage from level 10 to level 50, that people who don’t open their wallets (or pay a ton of credits on the GTN rebuying things that other people bought with real money) will never have.

  5. TBH, I was hoping a response about Antinous by now….

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