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TOROCast Episode – 174 – The Offweek Episode

That’s right, folks! We’re back for an unscheduled episode, so listen in as Road, Tom and Russell the recent news, before jumping into an awesome Guild Spotlight with Maelstrom and Eurdorus of Suckafish from The Bastion Server. Don’t forget, you still have time to submit your entry to our iTunes Giveaway!


In the News:

You can find Suckafish here and @SuckafishGuild

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Host of TOROcast and The Ban Hammer. Lead podcaster for Twonk Hammer Entertainment.


  1. With regard to the $1M mod…. The mod Russell bought, was an “Advanced Elusive Mod 30″….. for a tank looking to itemize with high mitigation, and not overstack endurance, that is the best-in-slot “defense” mod that exists in the game prior to Underworld gear. (which until 2.2 drop, isn’t craftable so only obtained in Hard Mode TfB & S&V)

    The reason that the 30 armoring/mod/enhancements are so pricy, is that they require Mass Manipulation Generators to craft. WHICH, are extremely rare. In a 16-man S&V, 2 of them drop. I think I have seen them drop in TfB, but I am not 100% sure…. They sell by themselves, on my server for around 800-850k…. they USED to be as high at 1.6M….

    The reason that certain mods/enh are so pricy, is their availability. The Elusive Mod 30…. ONLY exists (for Guardians anyway) in Arkanian Mainhand/Offhand, Chest, Legs and Headgear. It doesn’t exist in ANY of the Black Market MK-1 or MK-2 gear. It doesn’t come in ANY piece of gear that can be purchased with commendations. (The same thing rings true for the Elusive 31 version… it is not in any of the Verpine gear, ONLY Underworld.)

    Essentially… if you are trying to build a Best-In-Slot character, there will be mods and enhancements that you simply cannot obtain except by doing the hardest top level content and HOPING that you win the loot rolls, or opening you wallet and paying the price for the pieces on the GTN. Considering the tiny percentage of the population that is currently capable of clearing Hard Mode TfB and S&V, combined with how few pieces of Arkanian drop in each raid for even story mode, it can take a LONG time to min/max, so there is a surprisingly high demand for these mods/enh on the GTN.

  2. @ Tom – without going into a wall-of-text post…….

    If I was going to buy a new power supply, this is what I would buy:

    It’s “only” 650 watts, but it’s 80%+ efficient, runs fanless most of the time unless the temps rise, uses high quality internal components, and the big kicker: It has a single 12V rail with 54 amps on it, and at the moment it can be had for around $80 USD.

    Without breaking the bank, that will provide adequate, clean power, with PLENTY of room to spare, to any current PC system, unless you’re planning on putting 2x $600 video cards in SLi or CrossFire.

    Ok… it was a little wall-of-text… but what do you really expect at this point?

  3. @ around 9min…. my PvP funtime in the Gree Contested area…. it went about like this:

    I was on my sentinel, getting the last few bars of exp I needed to finally get him to 55. I was in a 3-man-pug team, and we were doing the Primary Studies Heroic, and CHOSE to do it in the Contested Area because it’s faster. (for those who don’t know, the Champions/Elites that spawn at the pylons in the contested area, have 50% HP compared to the ones in the PvE areas… anyway) While we were fighting one of the champion droids, a 3-man Republic team strolled by us, and wiped us out. We never saw them coming. One of the members in my group got upset, and quit. Myself and the remaining member, rez’d, traveled back to the Contested Area, found the 3-man team that killed us while in combat, and SLAUGHTERED them…. Little payback, and it felt good 🙂

    Later, I was solo’ing the Orbs/Pylon quest. I had gathered an orb and made my way to the center to drop it in the Pylon. However… there was a 4-man imperial team of 50-52s that were camping the middle, controlling it to keep people from dropping in their orbs. They engaged me in combat when I got there, and while I was able to hold my own for a short time, it didn’t take too terribly long to realize that my doom was impending…. So… when I dropped to 5% HP… I hit Guarded by the Force (the “I don’t take any damage” button) followed by Awe (short duration AoE stun) and clicked off my Orb….. Granted, it killed me, but it ALSO 1-shotted the remaining HP on the rest of them. I was quick to medcenter and travel back as fast as I could, grabbing another orb along the way, and got it dropped into the pylon before they made it back to the middle. (Remember folks, you can transport to the contested area, you do not have to speeder there…)

    While I am primarily a PvE player… I do a LOT of warzones, especially while leveling, and I absolutely LOVE PvP tanking and healing, so I do ENJOY PvP, even though it’s not my main focus in the game. That said, I wholeheartedly agree with Road on his thoughts on the Gree event. It’s NOT PvP. It’s a PvE objective, that happens to take place in an open-world area. There is no reward at all for actually PvPing. As a matter of fact, the “rewards” are most easily obtained by NOT PvP’ing.

  4. @ 19m40s….. the Crystal Exploit…..

    As I understand it……. What was going on, was that people realized, that if they had any of the Cartel +41 Stat Crystals in their “Collections”….. they could obtain an endless number of them, simply by clicking the button from the Collections window that would put a copy of that item in their inventory, and then immediately vendoring the crystals, because their vendor value was very high, and they were not blocked from selling to a vendor. Instant credit farm.

    You will note, that Patch 2.1.0b contained the following line: The vendor value of Color Crystals that are tracked via the Collections UI has been reduced.

    On a side note: There was some confusion as to whether or not it was considered an “exploit” for a player to use their Collections items, to get a Cartel Crystal, put it in a Legacy weapon, and mail it to their alt characters, which essentially bypasses the need to use the Cartel Coin unlock for color crystals. Eric Musco confirmed that this is OK, and is NOT AN EXPLOIT.

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