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TOROCast Episode – 175 – The [Edited] Show

This time around, the crew discuss Server Transfers, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and their thoughts on PVP changes, while Tom and Russell cause Road no small amount of editing! This week’s Guild Spotlight focuses on Grievance from the Jedi Covenant server.


In the News:

You can find information on Grievance from our Guild Spotlight here or on Twitter @GrievanceGaming


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  1. How’s it going boys, HMiC of SuckaFish back. And thank you all for the mention. In regards to TFB NiM. We do believe it’s too easy, and seems to be a general consensus. I understand that not every raid group, has our experience or our dps numbers. Let’s just keep in mind this is Nightmare mode and is suppose to be a significant challenge, we were hoping for a lot more out of it then what they gave us.

    But once again thank you for the shout out and will be sure to give you guys some free advertisement.

    • This is a very good point, and something that I think doesn’t get mentioned enough.

      When you look at endgame content, and take note of its “Difficulty”…. It’s really on a sliding scale, depending on the players. To a certain group/type of player, Story Mode S&V is a huge challenge, and clearing that raid, in that difficulty setting, is something that can take a large chunk of time, and involve a great many wipes, and repair bills. To another group/type of player, SM S&V is something that is 1-shotted, and cleared in around 2 hours-ish. This is true for most of the endgame content, whether it’s 55 Flashpoints (there is a VERY long thread on the official forums, discussing the healing needs for the 55 FPs, and many claims that they are over-tuned…) or previous/current Operations content. (You would be surprised how many people, now at level 55, in Black Market/coms gear, STILL cannot even clear Hard Mode Explosive Conflict… forget about NiM….. the last time I ran HM EC on my mercenary, just because I wanted the black speeder since he hit 50 after 2.0, I attempted it 4x in a week, 3 of those times while locked to Kephess, and each time, I had a team that either couldn’t stand out of saturation fire, or tanks that couldn’t handle the swap on Kephess… so even tho we were actually having to slow down our dps because we accidentally killed the walker once in 2 cycles, there was basic failure on mechanics/awareness/coordination flaws that kept a number of pug teams from clearing…. these players, are not going to clear HM S&V or TfB anytime soon…. Operator in HM is still quite hard, and most people simply cannot do it, let alone Kephess or The Terror….)

      This is something I run into quite regularly each week, when I am trying to bang out my “Story Mode” and “Classic Weekly” Operations for coms runs….. Sometimes I get lucky with a PuG, or bring mostly a guild-team, and clear the content half-drunk and half-asleep…. And sometimes, I end up in a team, that really struggles to clear content, that in my personal opinion, is very very easy, and there is no reason to wipe. (i.e. I was on a SM Toborro’s Courtyard team the other day on my healer, that failed the encounter, not once, or twice, but three times before the group disbanded, because too many people could not follow directions, nor be even the slightest bit situationaly aware…. and in SM, that is quite frankly, the easiest bit of level 55 endgame content currently available.)

      So, for the Progression Raiders of the world…… They are waiting for a real challenge. An operation with a difficulty mode, that the world rankings go up over the course of 2 or 3 weeks, not a matter of 2 days from release. When you look at the last content cycle, the major progression guilds, had HM S&V downed within an incredibly short amount of time from launch…. I’d LOVE to see Bioware release a difficulty mode, or operation, that challenges the best of the best raiders, to put their nose to the grindstone, for a week… 2 weeks, a month… to figure out mechanics, and tactics and challenge the dps to beat enrage, and healers to meet the raid-wide-heal-checks, and test the mitigation of the tanks, and coordination of the entire raid team…. When someone is the first to clear content, that took 18+ days to clear, the feeling they have is FAR different than being the 4th one to complete it, only 40 minutes behind the guild that cleared it first, second, and/or third.

      But all that said… Keep in mind, that when the average player looks at a content patch, that says “NEW NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY!!!!!” the first thing they are thinking is “What good is that to me? My guild can’t even clear Hard Mode.”

      Just my 2 credits… from someone who raids with progression raiders, and casual players alike.

      • LOL you”2 credits” more like 2K credits LOL well written though, if I knew I had to wright a review there would have been attest 3, I messed that message 🙁

    • Going awesome, HMiC!

      Yeah, I was not trying to minimize your concerns with the ease of the Op, just that I was wondering how difficult it was going to be in practice for the majority of players.

      All that being said, I would LOVE to see the percentage of “Clears/Attempts” for NiM ops published. I think we can agree that number should probably run around 10% or so – out of range of most players.

      I never feel a burning need to be able to personally complete NiM ops. I find HM adequately challenging and take my hat off to the hard core peeps that can blast through the near impossible content. I have great respect for those with the ability to do that. I am not anywhere near close to that level at this time.

      • Quote kahn265: I would LOVE to see the percentage of “Clears/Attempts” for NiM ops published.

        This isn’t a completely accurate picture…. but it’s a reasonable snapshot of SM and HM. (just click the links at the top of the page for 8 or 16 Man SM or HM/NM – it doesn’t break up HM and NiM)



        You DO have to take the TorParse statistics with a grain of salt though, because not everyone uploads their logs…… A perfect example of that?


        You will notice… that for 8-man Story Toth/Zorn, I am the #1 DPS Sage in the world. Why is that funky? Well… it’s only 1900+/- dps, as a level 55 sage, when I respec’d my healer to Balance for one raid to make roles work for a VERY casual group….. I never sage dps, since I have a Sentinel for when I want to dps, but apparently, not enough other ACTUAL dps sages have uploaded their logs…. So that said, while the statistics in TorParse will give you an overview type of snippet, don’t take it as 100% accurate.

  2. Great show. I like this weekly schedule. Make a habit of it.

    • Its something we may do. However, we record on a Sunday and already record 2 other podcasts on that day. Doing 3 podcasts in pretty much under 6 hours takes it out of you.

      However, thanks for your kind words and we will definitely try and find a way to make TOROcast back weekly.

    • What Tom said (Redundant). While I don’t personally mind doing a show every week, the ebb and flow of news doesn’t always accommodate a weekly show, or at least not enough to keep it interesting. That was our primary reason for deciding on a biweekly schedule. Doing two other shows every Sunday aside, it also comes down to our ability to reschedule everyone for a weekly show, as Russell and Jeff are hosts exclusively to TOROCast (for now).

      All that said, I’m not against bringing TOROCast back to a weekly schedule in any way, shape, or form. It -is- something we are discussing behind the scenes, but until we can settle on all these factors, as well as a few others we have in mind, we can’t make that commitment for the time being. We have some ideas that aren’t quite to the planning stage. Yet. Stay tuned. 😉

      However, I DO appreciate your feedback, and I’m absolutely glad you enjoy it!

  3. Thanks for the shout out guys! If after transfers you find yourselves on the Bastion, we’ll run you through some stuff :}

    I think though that the ease of the content is more about mechanics than gear. When we went into the PTS for NiM TFB, most of us had to use old character transfers from the last PTS cycle. I cleared NiM TFB (PTS) in 69 gear, so did many of my guildmates. And while that gear is still good, it is less than what i will go into NiM TFB (Live) with. Now, we started quite the argument on SWTOR forums because we made a point of pointing out our lack of BiS, but we all felt it was pertinant. We think you should NEED the best gear to clear, and that Ops should have a natural stop point that you cant get past until you’ve cleared for a few weeks and geared up a bit. So, i don’t feel it’s an issue of gear being scaled too high, especially since any stock gear you get has to be completely torn apart (I do not need 40% crit….)

    As far as mechanics go, we expect hard, unforgiving mechanics. SM and HM are the places which should allow deaths and mistakes, NiM should be a nightmare. A place where only the very best deign to go (to get a little bit dramatic). That awesome Kephess mechanic where 2 deaths result in an auto-wipe, we like that. A death feed mechanic, where deaths give the boss more HP, totally needed on TFB last boss. My intent isn’t to sound elitist, but I honestly think that 90% of the SWTOR population SHOULDN’T see NiM mode, and i think that 85% of those people don’t really care. I sometimes wish i got more enjoyment out of leveling characters, doing dailies, and figuring out which dye module to use, lol. But, that’s my sacrifice as a hardcore PvE’er, I get to do math, make spreadsheets, and wipe on the same boss for hours on end sometimes.

    On the other hand, i do get to ride around fleet in my super sweet tank….

  4. How’s it goin Boys, damn you work quick. Wasn’t expecting to see responds’ so quickly minus the small novel you got going there. Well in case you ever want to see somethings look us up. We may even show you which buttons to hit first ;). All joking aside, if you wind up on the Bastion, look us up. We do random runs all the time and have no issues bringing people along. Thanks a lot for the shouts! Will spread the word of the best SWTOR Podcast out there

  5. btw…. @Guild Spotlight: Grievance

    I don’t believe I can trust a man, who says he doesn’t like maple syrup.

    • Now does he not like real maple syrup? or that crap that aunt jemmima makes?

      • I believe we are talking about two different things…

        There is MAPLE syrup, and there is PANCAKE syrup, and at no time do they refer to the same thing. (Based on your comment, I think we likely agree on this.)

        I feel I must amend my previous statement to:
        “I don’t believe I can trust a man, who says he doesn’t like maple syrup, and/or DOES like pancake syrup.”

        Furthermore… (and as usual, I digress): I don’t think any reasonable human being, when faced with a choice would say: “No thanks, I don’t want the waffles, I’d rather have pancakes.” – Which causes me to waver a bit with my faith in Tom, because I only ever hear him mention the gloriousness of pancakes…..

        Waffles > Pancakes

        My personal favorite way to make waffles (I am a breakfast fiend, I could eat breakfast for all 3 meals a day) is to make up a batch of batter (from scratch of course, duh…. pro-tip: whisk the batter as little as possible. The more you stir/whisk it, the more dense your waffles turn out, and they lose their light/fluffy-ness)… pour it in my, not one, but two belgian waffles irons, pull them out, coat them with sour cream (you read that right, i said SOUR cream, not whipped cream), and then top that with a mixture of crushed strawberries blended with a little bit of maple syrup. That, in my honest opinion, is the world’s greatest breakfast dish.

        Hold on… I’ll be right back. I have to go into the kitchen and heat up my waffle irons now, before I get too much drool in my keyboard.

  6. FYI Road – Per a dev-tracker post from today:

    When you do a server transfer, your legacy level is set to whatever your highest level is. So if you are Legacy 20 on The Bastion, and Legacy 48 on Jedi Covenant…. and you transfer to The Bastion from Jedi Covenant, you will then be Legacy 48 on The Bastion. It will not adjust. (FWIW – getting from about Legacy 45ish to 50 takes FOREVER. I was Legacy 49 for almost 2 weeks.)

    ALSO… and sadly, I think this is a MAJOR blunder on EA/Bioware’s part: Server transfers are by Cartel Coin ONLY, and will cost 1800CC per Character. (That’s right, I said 1800 PER CHARACTER.)

    When you do the math, it’s pretty obvious why they set it that way:

    $15/month Subscribers: 500 Cartel Coins per month
    Security Key users: 100 coins per month

    Breakdown of Cartel Packages:
    450 Coins for $5
    1050 Coins for $10
    2400 Coins for $20
    5500 Coins for $40

    SO…. if you are a subscriber, and you want to transfer ONE character, and you just received your monthly stipend of 600 coins, you have a 1200 coin deficit to make up. So just buying the $10 (1050) tier will leave you 150 short, so you would ALSO have to buy the $5 (450) tier to make up the difference. So, to transfer one character in a given month, you’ve just handed Bioware/EA $30 of your hard earned money. ($15 sub + $15 in coins)

    If you want to transfer 2 characters…. you think “I will spend $20 on cartel coins, that should do it.”…….. Until you realize, your $20 got you 2400 coins, which is a total of 3000, which will still leave you 600 coins short for your second transfer. So you either have to wait another month for your next stipend, OR you have to buy another $10 (1050) level of coins to transfer your second toon.

    Luckily… if you want to transfer 3 characters, you are in luck, since you will get the bulk-discount. 3×1800 = 5400 coins. So you could just buy the $40 (5500) coin package….

    Now, as I am typing this, I am being told by vast network of internet friends, that this pricing is “par for the course” and pretty much in-line with what WoW’s pricing was/is. Seeing how I never played WoW, I have no point of reference. My only experience with this, was in City of Heroes, where subscribers received 1 free server transfer each month (they did not stack), and you could purchase additional transfers for 800 Paragon Points. (Paragon Points cost $5 for 400, so 800 points would cost $10, except the lowest base subscriber without veteran reward bonuses, received 400 points per month, which meant a subscriber could transfer 2 toons per month, by shelling out $5 in addition to their subscription fee…. in this SWTOR model, a subscriber will have to shell out an extra $30 to transfer two characters in a given month.)

    I think that’s a little bit steep.

    • Wow is $25 per toon, and they are all subscribers. EA wants money, and it prevents more servers from going dead. I see the price as being mere then reasonable

      • Like I said, I don’t have much of a point of reference… My MMO history is EQ1, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, SWTOR. Of those games, the only one that I played that did server transfers, was City of Heroes, and it was retardedly cheap to transfer.

        Since I didn’t see the official forums blow up yesterday with people complaining it was too expensive, I guess it’s not too expensive.

  7. @ Russell – You can now quit your complaining about how I am too lazy to run you through Scum and Villainy :p

    Maybe next time, the RNG gods will smile on you and you’ll be able to roll higher than a 30 on Arkanian drops… hehe

  8. True. I try to keep her as hopped up on caffeine and sugar as I can, so she won’t sleep, JUST to annoy you.

    As it was…. she woke up screaming “DADDDYYYY!!!” while I was kiting Sunder around the room last night…. le sigh

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