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TOR for Tots!

Hey everyone, Road here! Thanks to our friend over at @SuckafishGuild, Maylstrom, we here at TOROCast have been informed about an awesome Charity going on in the SWTOR Community. At the time that I find myself typing up this article, some amazing Community Members from The Bastion server are just over two hours into a 24 Hour PVP/SWTOR gaming session. That’s right, for 24 Hours straight, these guys plan to play their hearts out in hopes of raising money for the Toys for Tots Foundation. Absolutely 100% of your donations goes to charity. If this isn’t proof The Old Republic has an amazing community full of amazing people, I honestly can’t tell you what is. But remember, they can play all day, every day, but they need your help, your support. Watch them, comment, contribute, and help them stay awake by any means necessary!


If you’re feeling charitable, if you want to see some great PVP, or if you’re just interested in checking out what the fuss is about, you can find the Streams below. All donation information can be found on the streams themselves. What are you waiting for? Go!


The Streams:


You can find the main Toys for Tots website here.


[Update:] The Streams have finally closed down, having successfully ran for the full 24 Hours. Some of the streamers finally succumbed to sleep, while others chose to continue the party to celebrate. Either way, they all earned it, as they brought in an amazing $1111.00 in donations. We’ll update here once more information, pictures, and videos become available.


[Update 2:] Watch the Completion of the TOR for Tots Charity yourself with this video.

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  1. We have just under 4 hours to go and are at $901! We’d love to break a thousand. :}

    Come hang out, say hi, and spread the word.

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