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Cantina Tour LA Exclusive! Screenshots.

Good morning all you SWTOR fans.  Tom here to bring you some juicy screenshots from the LA Cantina Tour where Bioware promises us some ‘exclusive’ information.  And they did not disappoint.

They revealed that a new Bounty Hunter event will be coming in patch 2.3 which includes items that you can use to decorate ‘your’ hanger.  Well I guess this is the next best thing when it comes to player housing.  I’m sure we can see more inventive items being available in the future.

In addition to that blaster filled exclusive you will also be able to ‘requisition’ new armour and weapons by completing the Bounty Hunter missions and reputation.

Now I’ve babbled on long enough and like I always say.  Screenshots speak louder than words…. wait… what?


**EDIT – Sorry folks the gallery wasn’t working correctly so I had to improvise.**


BountyContractTerminal BountyHunter BountyHunter_01 BountyHunter_B BountyHunter_B_01 BountyHunter_C BountyHunter_C_01 BountyHunter_D BountyHunter_D_01 BountyHunterEvent_Armor_A_01 BountyHunterEvent_Armor_A_02 BountyHunterEvent_Armor_A_03 BountyHunterEvent_Armor_B_01 BountyHunterEvent_Armor_B_02 BountyHunterEventWeapon_01 BountyHunterEventWeapon_02 BountyHuntingSet CorporationLobby CorporationOffice ImperialBountyHangar_01 ImperialBountyHangar_02 InterrogationProbe_01 InterrogationProbe_02 InterrogationProbe_03 InterrogationProbe_04 NarShaddaBountyHunterBoss_01 PVPBountyHunter PVPBountyHunter_01 SWTOR_TheBountyHunter TatooineBountyHunterEventBoss_01 TatooineBountyHunterEventBoss_02 TatooineBountyHunterEventBoss_03 TatooineBountyHunterEventBoss_04 TatooineBountyHunterEventBoss_05

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