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TOROCast Episode – 176 – That’s a Lot of Complaints

In this Episode, Russell and Road cover the news, tackle a specific TOR related Charity, discuss some complaints about Server Transfers and Operation Difficulty, and then wrap up the show with a Guild Spotlight featuring The Incredibles! Warning: Unpopular opinions may reside within.

In the News:


You can find information on The Incredibles here

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  1. FYI – 2500dps…. is pretty darned good. It’s not the top of the dps ladder for Ops Dummy parses, but for the most part, if you are pulling 2500 in an actual raid setting, you would be doing more than pulling your own weight.


  2. A big trooper /salute to Torocast for featuring our guild ; ‘preciate it, and even more /strongsad that I missed out on the interview fun! (Figures I’d have to work late unexpectedly.) Thanks again for the opportunity to get the word out about our community!

    • No worries Snarl. Lao and Idrin represented well.

      One more comment on our guild, it’s a good group if you like to be a member of a community that spans multiple games. We have a solid crew in SWTOR, WoW and SC2 as well, with scheduled nights/events across all three games. Folks also meet up online to play a variety of other games, albeit not on as regular a schedule.

      Also to the TOROcast folks – excellent commentary. My first time listening to this or any SWTOR-related podcast. It was nice to be able to listen and get some news on the game while getting other things done. Thanks for the show.

      • We’re glad you liked the show, and it was great being able to speak with your guys’ Guild. Being we’re your first show, I’d have to say you chose the right one! We appreciate all of our listeners, and I’m personally always glad to hear when new people have come to listen to us babble about the game we love, even if it gets on our nerves sometimes.

  3. Funny little thing happened last night… I was standing on fleet (remember, I play on Jedi Covenant) and there was a random person on fleet, asking if the TOROCast guild was on that server :p

  4. Hello Boys, HMiC of SuckaFish here. Shout out to Road’s for being our good luck charm, his mention helped motivate us into getting the clear. The night you recorded is the night we got our clear. We didn’t want to get a mention and then look stupid and not get it. So thank you, guys and keep up the good work

  5. Here’s the charity video Gudarzz made :}

    And a special surprise for all the Gudarzz fan-boys as well :p


    • Awesome job with that… Toys For Tots is a great charity, and I am impressed to see the gaming community take the initiative to support something like that.

      Not every family/child is in a financial/stable situation, and charities like that? That put toys in the hands of kids who would otherwise go without.


  6. FYI – Regarding server population, etc… this is a decent source: http://www.torstatus.net/

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