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TOROcast – Episode 20 – Its Threes Company Too

Its week 20 and this weeks episode of the TOROcast we have a special guest, DeaconX, from the SWTOR forums, and creator of “The Heroes of the Old Republic, TOR Radio Drama.” Deacon joins us while we discuss this weeks news, and our Discussion of the Week about companions. We cover everything from benefits of in PVP and PVE to Romances. The reason we had Deacon come on this week is because not only was featured in this weeks Fan Friday for his Heroes of the Old Republic, TOR Radio Drama but because we play his Heroes of the Old Republic, TOR Radio Drama. You will find a little 30 second teaser in the beginning of the show after the discussion and at the end of the episode we play Deacon’s full 30 minute show.

Seeing as this is show twenty we decided to try out some bumpers and get our listeners feedback. Visit our forums and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

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  • Introduction

This Week in SWOR

  • Threat of Peace 13
  • Fan Friday
  1. ASCIII art thread by ilsabay
  2. Smugglers Alliance Sig icons by VannikDesh
  3. Poll about choice for the captain
  4. New Beast Avatars
  5. Heroes of the old republic by Deacon X

Discussion of the Week

  • Companions

Guild Spotlight

  • Galactic Trade Commission – Typho and Veil

Hot Topics

  • Last weeks topics: Smuggler Blog
  • Bind on Pickup Credits, to combat gold farmers.
  • Say no to Bind on Pickup Items


  • Realism of combat (aka 25 of you vs 1 boss?) (Gerb)
  • What technology should/will be left out seeing how this is before the time period in the movies? (pough)
  • So if we have flying mounts, what’s to stop us having full control of flying abilities? (Pyrofox) (such as jetpacks and force leap)


  • Live show questions
  • Guild Spotlight month of August
  • PAX, press
  • PAX, reminder to submit questions
  • TOROshop
  • Gift from Corey/Ian, Shogun!

Closing statements

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