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Episode – 177 – A Wild Ewok Appears

That’s right, we’re back with another awesome episode! Russell and Road hold down the fort while Tom and Jeff take a hiatus. Never fear, as they’re joined by TOROCast’s #1 Comments spammer, Albie (Apos’trophe)! This episode, we have an update for TOR for Tots, plenty of future patch information, and an (Forest Moon of) Endor Invasion. Ewoks, EVERYWHERE!

In the News:
Correction on LA Event Flash Drive info
Bruce McClean on the Summer of SWTOR
2.2.1 Official Patch Notes!
Off Topic Forum!
Companion 101: CORSO RIGGS
Game Update 2.3 PTS – Titans of Industry!
Bounty Broker Assoc Rep Rewards

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  1. Correction: When Russell was talking about the exhaustion zone fix in “Terror From Beyond” it actually is for “Scum and Villainy”… Didn’t catch that until I listened to the show.

    Bad Russell…. Bad.

  2. I am on Jedi Covenant, what guild are you in Apos’trophe ? I need a good guild to join, the one I am in sucks

    If I remember Samm and Musco liked Ewoks … I blame Musko on the Ewok thing 😛

    • Hey Rex… I am currently in:

      Impside: Morendium Est
      Characters: Aster’isk & Back’slash
      (They are a more laid-back group of adult players, who raid nights/weekends, mostly weekends, BUT, they are all very good, competent players.)

      Pubside: Ghost Company – http://www.gc-tor.com
      Characters: Apos’trophe, Ellip’sis & Quotation
      (This guild is a bit larger, and runs the full spectrum of casual players who mostly level and just dabble in Ops, to players who focus almost entirely on endgame, and running both SM and HM Ops….)

      Feel free to look me up anytime in game, and we can chat. If either of the guilds I am in, seem like a place that you think would be a good fit for you, than I am sure you’d be welcome to join us.

      Russell has been a member of Grievance for a while, and I know that he is happy with them, and they are also on Jedi Covenant. (If you recall, they did a guild spotlight a few episodes ago.)

  3. Cool I will look you up tonight, I should be on about 830 PM (EST)

    Oh its that guild, Russ was late for that interview I remember now 😛 I just never got around to looking them up … see you all on line (not sure if I will be using my bounty hunter or leveling up my trooper)

    • I should be online tonight sometime between 8:30/9:00pm ET pubside.

      Look me up on Ellip’sis (or if I had to switch for raid roles, check Apos’trophe or Quotation)

      • cool i will b leveling than, i will be using Carsard (and if you cant tell what species he is than there is no hope for you 😛 … and yes charizard was taken already (I bet by Samm) LOL)

        • i was on trying to look you up but i could not find you, also i miss spelled my name LOL its Charsard (sorry) 🙁

          • We’ll try to hook up in game this week. I wasn’t on this weekend except for some time on Saturday, but I had rolled a new toon…..

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