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TOROCast Episode – 178 – That’s So TOROCast

Thanks for joining us again! This episode, Russell and Road are joined again by Albie “the Intern” as they discuss upcoming Events, Class Representatives, the passing of TORParse, a Reddit Contest, and of course, the latest patch. Hold your seat, or at least your audio device, because rough opinions may be heard within!

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  1. Oh yeah… my healer has l33t dps… /rollseyes

  2. Enjoyed the cast. Have a third guy every time. Really improves the podcast.

  3. Since I tend to pug so much… And the stories that come from PuG’ing sometimes are just GOLD, (coupled with my affinity to write walls of text)…. I started a blog:

    Apostrophe’s Adventures in PuG’ing

    Not sure how frequently I will update it, since it will depend on my playtime and tolerance/patience for pugs, but… stay tuned.

  4. I enjoyed the show as always, guys. I think Albie has really brought a lot to the table, and hopefully he’s interested in sticking around. Not that I don’t miss Tom, because I do, but hopefully if/when he returns, you guys can make it a foursome.

    Can you share any details about the version of the Imperial March song you use at the end of your shows? I’m thinkiing I might like to add it as a ringtone, but my google skills have failed me in locating that particular arrangement.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Vandal. I think the 3 of us bring different experiences/viewpoints/playstyles to the cast, and I’ll gladly stick around as long as Road & Russell keep telling me to get my butt online when they record :p

    • Glad you enjoyed the show! I couldn’t agree more, having more points of view certainly keeps things interesting, and allows us to cover a wider range of topics.

      As for the Outro Music, I’m not entirely sure, but I believe that may be a more original mix. I’d have to get with Samm on that much. For myself, I cut the Intro music down so that I could use that as my own ringtone.

  5. Hi guys just want to say i’ve recently come back to swtor and have been a fan of twonkhammer and torocast since swtor was released the shows are still great. I’ve been getting the podcast since i came back to tor (2 weeks ago) And i’m now enjoying the game alot more than i was. I think they have seem to have some good ideas and seem to be churning out decent regular content now which is great. keep up the good work

    • Welcome back Tordarian! Glad you’re enjoying the game and the show.

      I agree that the new content they are proposing for 2.3 and 2.4 and especially the idea of the Class Representatives have me pretty stoked also.

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