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TOROcast – Episode 21 – Eh…

This weeks show we discuss the covenant demo video, and while we weren’t 100% impressed we did pull some very interesting pieces of information out of it. This is also week 3 of our month of guilds and we sit down and talk with Exodus Syndicate. Thanks again to them for coming on. If you are a guild interested in being featured on the TOROcast podcast, be sure to listen in to the end of the show where we talk about our little “contest.” All in all I think we put together another great show for you folks, and lets all congradulate Musco on his first “show editing” experience. We’re getting him ready to take care of things while Samm is at PAX. With out further chit chat here is the show.

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Mini-Player –


  • Introduction

This Week in SWOR

  • With Warrior Release
  • Dev Walkthrough

Discussion of the Week

  • Dev Walkthrough
  1. Bounty Hunter
  2. Smuggler
  3. Korriban/Sith Warrior
  4. Flash Point

Guild Spotlight

  • Exodus Syndicate – Lexion and Sneaky Jes

Hot Topics

  • Last weeks topics: Companions
  • Cataclysm having an effect on TOR
  • Your Hype before/after the demo (1-10)


  • Do you think it will be viable/possible for a Jedi/Sith to use other weapons besides a lightsaber? (my thoughts would be like a pure force combat specced Jedi/Sith who uses a “caster weapon” that is useless in combat, except for buffs to force powers) Or for traditionally ranged classes (BH, Smuggler) to be melee focused? (TheDrake)
  • Will the fact that each character class has extremely similar starting story (such as all troopers in Havoc Squad) ruin the character and story immersion? (Gorosaur)
  • What do you guys think about the EU versus the Movies in regards to the Dev’s taking ideas to support the classes and the development of the game? Should they focus strictly on the movies? or should they focus EXPRESSLY on some parts of the EU for ideas and gameplay decisions (and if so which parts heh)? (ZionicestSayImNicest)


  • Live show questions – Thread
  • Live Show will be the weekend after PAX
  • Guild Spotlight month of August, need one for next week!- TOROcast@theoldrepublic-online.com
  • PAX, reminder to submit questions- PAX Question Thread
  • TOROshop – http://www.cafepress.com/toroshop
  • Editorial on the site – submit to Musco@theoldrepublic-online.com

Closing statements

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