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TOROcast – Episode 24 – Mailbag 2

This week Samm and Musco go through there never ending mailbag to tackle some of there listener questions. It wouldn’t be TOROcast if it didn’t get a little crazy along the way.

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This Week in SWTOR

  • Threat of Peace – 15

Discussion of the Week

  • Mailbag pt2
  1. Like the Cavern of Time instance of WoW. Do you think Bioware will add a time instance to (soulibon)
  2. How many character slots do you think there will be? And, as a complement to that question, will we be able to create characters on both the Republic and Sith sides on the same account? Will there be enough to roll and keep a character of each class? (jaykobe)
  3. What do you think about getting lightside/darkside points from combat? (purpleCliff)
  4. do you think with choices in flashpoints that it will stop players from grouping with each other or even do raids (robert)
  5. I believe it was stated somewhere that BioWare had never received less than a 90% rating on any of their games, at least where it counted. That said, BioWare virtually having a spotless track record, even if SWTOR doesn’t live up to its potential, do you think that the popular media will still shower them with favor? Almost to ensure that they remain at the top? Or, if BioWare doesn’t do well and they receive honest reviews about where they may fall short, will that hurt them and their status? What do you think? (MJimiD)
  6. Your guys favorite team!!! you can say anything but RAider!!!! (soulibon)
  7. Do you think that along with / instead of tier based raiding, they will include story incentives for players to perform endgame raids in order? If so, what kind of story incentives do you think would be a big enough draw? (Patchwork Creator)

Hot Topics

  • Last weeks topics: PAX
  • Would reduced item rewards make raiding more enjoyable? *Please read the post first*
  • Yes, it would make raiding more fun. 29 32.22%
  • No, it would take away the reason for raiding. 45 50.00%
  • It would have no effect on raiding. 16 17.78%
  • Character naming policy? (names and special characters etc)


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  • Live Show ??
  • TOROshop
  • The NO News

Closing statements

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