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TOROcast – Episode 25 – Badabing

Hello everyone and welcome to a very special TOROcast show, we have been officially at this for half a year now, and it is show number 25. TOROcast is still going strong and growing constantly, we brought in some special guests, Shaun (Musco’s brother not Dahlberg) and Brandeni from The Darkside Podcast. This show is a small recap of most of our other shows starting at number 1, were we wrong were we right? Is there enough information to make this decision. Have a listen and enjoy, special thanks to Shaun and Brandon for stopping by the show today and celebrating with us. Enjoy.

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  • Introduction

This Week in SWTOR

  • Threat of Peace – 16

Discussion of the Week

  • Anniversary
  • Shows
  • 1. Bounty Hunter
  • 3. Community/Dev Relationship
  • 5. Hero Engine
  • 6. Player Housing
  • 7. The Trinity
  • 8. Tor Marketing
  • 10. Trooper
  • 12. The Conspiracy Theory!!
  • 14. TOR Competition
  • 15. Mandalorians
  • 19. The Smuggler
  • 20. Companions
  • 22. Sith Warrior

Hot Topics

  • Last weeks topics : Mailbag
  • Why do people hate PVP


  • Imagine its release night and the game goes live tomorrow so you are skipping work, you wake up to see that the servers are clogged, you can’t hardly get in an when you do its full of people hogging the quests and a bit laggy.. Do you wait it out to get a more natural untainted experience or do you tough it out so you can “be there when it happened!” (Brandeni)
  • I have a question: if mounts are to be beasts in SW:TORO, and the Tauntaun to be one of these beasts, how fast will it go? bear in mind that with starwars cannon, a Tauntaun can run at 90 km/h.. how fast will people be able to run in the game, and what % increase will Tauntauns be with a person on it, and all his gear? will that speed change for a smuggler vs a trooper’s mass? (FrostyVamp)


  • Live show questions
  • Live Show ??
  • TOROshop http://www.cafepress.com/toroshop
  • The NO News http://www.thenonews.com

Closing Statements

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