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Episode – 179 – And That’s How We Operate

Welcome back to another episode of TOROCast! This week, Albie, Russell and Road discuss Class Representatives, 2.3, the Bounty Hunter Event, and Road’s shenanigans involving the Level 55 Gree event, as well as his re-entry to Operations! Later in the show, the crew is joined by Maylstrom of @SuckaFishGuild to discuss the tuning down of Operations, as well as future content coming from 2.4!

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  1. How’s it goin boys HMiC of SuckaFish here, wanted to say thanks again for the shout out to us. We appreciate it. Even if you steal Maylstrom away from us. Good show all around and its nice to see opinions that we hold are held by others. Thanks again and keep up the great job.

  2. So I found out after that there will be solo queuing for 4v4s. That seems awfully dangerous to me and will require bigger balls on my part or copious amounts off vodka.

  3. Great show guy. Been listening for a few months now, helps me get through work and is much more enjoyable to listen to people who like the game talk about it. Instead of some other podcasts that constantly speaking negatively about it.

    quick question: what are the more popular DPS meters for this game, and can they also track heals? (If you couldn’t tell i do not know much about these kind of things lol)

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

    • Glad to hear you are enjoying the ‘cast…

      With regard to DPS Meters/Parsers: Yes they can track heals, along with many other things.

      The big in-game client you see people using is: MOXParser
      You can download it here: http://memoriesofxendor.com/parser/desktop/

      MOX is strictly a realtime meter. It will show YOUR personal DPS, Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, Heals Given & Heals Received depending on which pop-out windows you choose to use. It will also let you “host” a “Raid Parse” where you can give a keycode to the members of your raid team, and everyone can link their logs to get a realtime full picture of what is going on. (I use this with my guild on a regular basis.)

      The other log parse function that people use is: http://www.torparse.com/

      That is a website/database, that you sign up to use. (It’s free) and you upload your raw combat log text files after the fact, and it will break them down into something that is readable. It shows damage done, dps, heals given, heals taken, overheal, effective heal, total threat generation, threat per second, in addition to other things. It will also let you see where you “rank” amongst other players who have also uploaded their logs. Torparse also has an ingame client that is a little different than Mox, but they both get the job done.

      You can download the Torparse client here: http://www.torparse.com/client

      Lastly, I know that some people use the ACT parser. I have no experience with this one, so I can’t really give any input.

      The #1 thing to remember if you want to use any sort of parsing utility: Go into the game Preferences, go the Combat Logging section, and make sure you turn the logging option ON. None of the parsing utilities will work unless you do that.

  4. Good show. That third guy makes a real difference.

  5. Good show. I’ve been listening for a while now and enjoy podcasts about the SWTOR. This particular show one of the topic’s you talked about was pvp and pve in the Gree Event area. I’ve been playing since the game went live. I am one of those folks that you refered to, that play solo pve most all the time. Mostly because of real life etc. I don’t think its fun to be tagged pvp and then ganked. I have to go to a non combat area for 5 minutes before getting back into the pve game. I wonder if a pvp player would like to be toggled off pvp and have to go to a rest area for 5 minutes before being able to flag for pvp again. This is not my first mmo game. I have experience in the original Star Wars Galaxies, City of Hero’s, Vanguard, WoW and others.

    • I concur that the flagging system on PvE servers is bad. I have posted in the suggestion section of the official forums in the past, that I feel the flagging system should work as such: (maybe I need to back to the forums again and bring it up… and if you have a better suggestion, I would love to hear it, or maybe you can take it to the forums also. Who knows, the devs might read it.)

      On a PvP server: There is no such thing as a flag. You are attackable by anyone (and can attack anyone) at any time in any area.

      On a PvE server: There are two types of areas – PvE areas and Open World Areas.

      If you enter an Open World Area (Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine, or The Contested Area in the Western Shelf on Ilum, for example) then you are automatically flagged and are attackable by anyone (and can attack anyone) at any time provided you remain IN the area. If you leave the area, and are not in combat, your flag should revert. If you leave the area whilst IN combat, your flag should not revert until you either die, or exit combat.

      If you are in a PvE area, which is anywhere except an Open World Area, your flag should be toggled OFF. In no case can it be toggled ON without you MANUALLY toggling it. If another player, with a toggled ON flag were to step into one of your AoE’s, since YOU are not flagged, it should not be able to target or hit them. If you try to heal or buff a flagged faction-ally player, it would not let you, unless you turned your own flag on manually.This would solve the problem of people getting flagged BY other players without their own intent.


      I don’t believe, that the devs have any plans to re-assess the flagging system anytime soon, if at all. So with that in mind, the point of my little monologue about being a little more open-minded with the Gree event still stands. While we don’t have a perfect system, there is still fun to be had in the event, provided you are willing to step outside of your playstyle-comfort-zone a little bit. Group up with others, hit the area with a team instead of solo. If someone comes up and starts causing trouble while you are trying to perform a mission objective? Kill them and keep going. You’ll win some, you’ll lose some. If you’re solo, you’ll lose a lot, if not all the time. In a team? You have a fighting chance. And who knows, you might actually be surprised by the fun you’ll have. Like I mentioned in the show, my wife HATES PvP with a deep-seeded passionate loathing. And the experiences she had in this most recent Gree Event, because she was in a team with friends? She LOVED it.

      TL;DR – The flagging system is flawed. It’s probably not going to be fixed anytime soon if at all. Your best bet, is to make the best of the situation we’ve got and try to find the fun that is there.

      Thanks for listening, and I am glad you’re enjoying the cast!

      • I had already reported it and get the reply via email that they are aware of the bug and working on a fix.
        I don’t have a problem with pvp at all. Well except for bolster. Its just that pvp is not my game right now.

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