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Apostrophe’s Adventures in PuG’ing: Ep. #5

Operation: 16-man Nightmare Mode Eternity Vault

Character: Level 55 Mercenary (DPS)

This is going to be a short entry, because I was smart enough to not stick around in this group for very long.

I logged on last night, and as with a lot of Mondays in-game, there isn’t a whole lot to do, as I am typically locked out of most all of the operations that I have any desire to do. I originally logged onto my assassin tank, and figured maybe I would run a few Flashpoints, since I hadn’t done my [WEEKLY] yet this week, and I happened to notice that someone was looking for 2 dps for a 16-man Nightmare Eternity Vault. I figured “what the heck, why not. I’m not doing anything else.” So I whispered the player, and switched over to my mercenary.

Zoned into the EV instance, noted that the team was massively over-leveled/geared for level 50 operations content, regardless of difficulty, which made me happy, because it meant that it would likely be a fast, easy run. Of the 16 people in the team, there were 3 people that were between 50-54, the rest were all 55 with at least 28k HP. Considering this is content we were running at level 50, in unaugmented Rakata gear, there was no reason why this shouldn’t be a complete faceroll. (We only had 3 healers, but for a level 50 Op with level 55 chars, no one really thought it was an issue.)

I’d like to take a brief moment to point out the first thing I noted, that gave me pause to consider that maybe, just maybe this wouldn’t be as easy as it should be, was the fact that the tank on the team was a level 55 Powertech with 43,432 HP and only 11% defense, and didn’t have his 4 or even 2 set bonus. (For those who may not know, that is a terrible terrible terrible way to build a tank. To forgo mitigation in favor of Endurance, will make you squishy and healers will hate you.)

Anyway…. The operative healer in our group engaged Annihilator. He lived about 5 seconds. The tank picked up the boss, and we all started attacking. One by one, every 10 seconds or so, people were dying off like I have never seen. Five people died in the first missile salvo phase, and several more during the Storm Protocols that followed shortly after. I realized, as I was looking at the Ops frame noting that our tank was dead, all of our healers were dead, and only myself and 3 dps remained, with the boss still at roughly 50% health, that it was probably a good idea to /stuck.

Laying there dead on the ground, I realized the next good idea, was to quit this group.

You just read all that correctly…. A 16-man team of 55s, got wiped in under 2 minutes, by a level 50 operations boss. This one might take the cake.

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  1. and this is why people in my guild stay away from the GF. lol

    • Oh I love the GF and PuGs in general.

      Think about it… what is the #1 thing that PvPer’s say is the downfall of PvE content? They say “It’s the same thing, happening in the same order, everytime. There is no wildcard factor, but with PvP, no two warzones are the same.”

      When I raid with my guild, I know what to expect. I know what my teammates are going to do, and how they will handle mechanics. We, as a unit are fighting against strictly the mechanics.

      When I raid with PuGs? The players in my team, provide an unexpected challenge. It’s like adding new mechanics to every raid boss.

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