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Class Representatives are Here!!!

Well, the polls are now closed, and all 16 of the advanced class representatives have been chosen. These are all people who have, over the course of the life thus far of SWTOR, have been providing quality advice to users in the class forums, and do deserve this bit of recognition.


  • Scoundrel: Marshmallow
  • Operative: Morde_
  • Gunslinger: GalnarDegana (Geldarion)
  • Sniper: Paowee
  • Guardian: Andrew_Past
  • Juggernaut: lMarlfoxl
  • Sentinel: KeyboardNinja
  • Marauder: Gudarzz
  • Vanguard: mfourcustom
  • Powertech: FeralPug
  • Commando: Cashogy_Reborn
  • Mercenary: odawgg
  • Shadow: Kitru
  • Assassin: Xinika
  • Sage: Nibbon
  • Sorcerer: Psirebral

Congratulations to all of the players chosen as the Representatives, I know I speak for a lot of the community when I say “thank you” for your time, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the questions and interactions with the Devs/Combat Team.

The questions will be posted on 2-week intervals, with 2 advanced classes (one imperial and one republic) each cycle, starting this coming Friday:

Friday 8/2 – Sniper
Friday 8/2 – Sentinel

Friday 8/16 – Sorcerer
Friday 8/16 – Vanguard

Friday 8/30 – Scoundrel
Friday 8/30 – Juggernaut

Friday 9/13 – Shadow
Friday 9/13 – Mercenary

Friday 9/27 – Gunslinger
Friday 9/27 – Marauder

Friday 10/11 – Sage
Friday 10/11 – Powertech

Friday 10/25 – Operative
Friday 10/25 – Guardian

Friday 11/8 – Assassin
Friday 11/8 – Commando

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