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TORParse’s Future – Update

Just thought I would share an update that James from Torparse posted on his blog regarding the future of the site. It’s good news that everything has been worked out, and the site will in fact continue to operate.


[quote]Hey everyone, I’m happy to let you know that a new home for the TORParse project has been found! So, please continue to use the website and client as you’ve always done and, in time, I’m sure you will see the client and website grow in new ways as the new developers bring a fresh view to the project.

Thank you to everyone that contacted me. Honestly, at first, I attempted to contact everyone back, but the response was quite overwhelming, so I became a bit selective in my responses. My apologies to you if you didn’t receive a response from me, but I meant nothing personal by it and I definitely appreciated all the interest.

So, moving forward, over the next couple weeks, I will be working with the new developers to transition the website and server for the ingame client over to their server. We will attempt to minimize downtime as much as possible, but please be forewarned that there may be some minor downtime as a result of switching the DNS to the new server.

We have decided to take this opportunity to clean up and optimize the database for the site that stores all of the combat logs. We have not finalized the details of this yet, but will likely remove most of the older combat logs from the site. This will help rid the database of PTS and faked logs and also help reduce server costs to keep the service free for everyone.

And, lastly, I will hold off on introducing the new developers and let them introduce themselves when they deem most appropriate, likely sometime after the transfer has occurred. Just know that the project is going into competent hands and this transition will be good for everyone. The new developers were also kind enough to let me remain on the team; however, I will take a backseat to them and mostly function in the role of creative consultant and part-time coder.

Thanks again everyone, it’s been a lot of fun.



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