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RP Event – Battle for the Hypermatter

Hey folks, Road here (as if that weren’t obvious)! On behalf of one of our listeners, I’d like to give everyone a heads up about an upcoming RP Event that will soon take place on the Jung Ma Server (US East RP-PVP), hosted by Guild Penumbral. Having taken part in a few RP-PVP events in the past, I know how fun these can be. Never tried one before? Curious? Perhaps you’re a Veteran Role Player looking for some fun? Here’s the information you’ll need to check it out!

The Name – Battle for the Hypermatter

The Story Imperial Intelligence and SIS have learned that a shell company controlled by Torvix, Sentinel Hyperlane Industrial Technologies, is trying to move a large cache of hypermatter. Both factions are instructing their members to control the Black Hole Crossroads so engineering teams may be sent to retrieve the Hypermatter caches while they are in transit.

The Objective – Hold the Crossroads. Side that holds the crossroads the longest wins the In-Character supply of Hypermatter. If no winner can be determined the supplies are destroyed.

The Location – Corellia; Black Hole Crossroads

The Time – 7pm-9pm EDT Saturday August 10, 2013

You can find the Promotional Video here and the Forum Thread here.


Have a Server Event you’d like to spread the word on? You can always get ahold of us here at TOROCast by sending an Email to me at Road@TOROCast.com with all your Event details.

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