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TOROcast – Episode 26 – Don't Nickel and Dime Me

On this weeks TOROcast Samm and Musco delve into all of the news of week, intentional and otherwise. “Beta” sign-ups, Sith Warrio Blog, and Micro-Transaction discussions fill the show. We also finally reveal oug big announcement, and you will be excited.

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Mini-Player –


  • Introduction
  • What we did this week

This Week in SWTOR

  • Beta Signups?
  • Dev Blog – The Story of the Sith Warrior

Discussion of the Week

  • Micro Transactions

Hot Topics

  • Last weeks topics : Anniversary
  • MT’s and Beta Testing


  • What is the thing you are looking most forward too in the game! (Soulibon)
  • How would you handle NDA in your show? (miklosan)
  • Since we all know that TOR is going to “Continue” the KOTOR storyline, do you think that LA is going to totally scrap the KOTOR franchise as in they will not release another single player game with KOTOR in it tittle? That KOTOR as a single player game is truly dead and done for? (BlackLotus)


Closing statements

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  1. Hi guys, I love your show, but in my opinion you could not be more wrong on the topic of micro transactions.

    I cannot immagine that items are for sale, thus this would defeat the point of the game

    The main point would probably be things like vanity items like global server shououts, xp boosters, faster travel etc
    (dont understimate this, most f2p mmos run mainly on these reusable vanity items)

    Secondly there is also the possibility, that you can access all the content you bought at release, although the new content will be sold (macrotransaction) in “adventure” packs for small prices, e.g. for 10 buck you get 20 quests with 1 raid instance all arround one main story theme/line.

    Keep up the good work!

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