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Apostrophe’s Adventures in PuG’ing: Ep. #6

Operation: Hard Mode Explosive Conflict (8-man)

Character: Mercenary DPS (Level 55)

This is probably going to be my shortest entry ever. I just didn’t have the patience to stick around in this team…… I never even made it to Toth & Zorn with this group.

So, I logged into SWTOR last night around 9:15pm. My guild was already raiding in Scum & Villainy, and I was locked on pretty much everything, when I saw that someone was broadcasting on Fleet that they needed 2 DPS for an 8-man Hard Mode Explosive Conflict. I thought to myself: “Sure, why not. My mercenary still needs to drop Kephess for the speeder quest.”

So I whispered the player who was broadcasting to ask if the team was geared and knew the fights. He assured me they did, so I switched over to my Mercenary and joined the team. I quick-travelled to the Ziost Shadow and entered the instance. I was the 4th person to enter, as I saw 3 people standing up near the “guards” that are placed in the zone about 30 meters north of the dropship that you zone in from. I thought “weird, they must be AFK” and hopped on my speeder, and headed northeast around the mobs in the beginning of the zone, and waited at the “normal” spot where people group up to skip the first couple trash pulls.

Indicator #1 that this wasn’t going to be fun: One of the members of the group, was asking where the NPC was to pick up the the initial mission for a first run of Explosive Conflict. I brushed it off, and thought maybe he was on an alt, and just couldn’t remember where the mission contact was.

Indicator #2 that this wasn’t going to be fun: I inspected the Ops leader’s achievements. He had 2/4 bosses cleared in Story Mode, and 1/4 in Hard Mode. That is NOT my definition of “knows the fights” by the way…

Finally, the whole team was in the instance, and I saw myself enter combat but I was still alone up in the northern area by the tents in the beginning of the operation. I was quite confused, and I typed into chat:

Me: “What are you guys doing? Please tell me you aren’t clearing the trash down there….”

Ops Leader: “We were just clearing some trash waiting for our other tank.”

Me: “If you’re gonna clear trash, might as well come up here. Don’t need both tanks to clear this.”

Ops Leader: “Calm down.”

Me: “Okay, but you had me worried there.”

At that point, the rest of the team came up to where I was at. Waited for the patrol-spider-droid to pass (no idea why they didn’t pull it and kill it) and then they all speedered into the middle of the first “stealthed” trash mob without warning. Obviously the mobs spawned, so I figured “well, this is how we are starting” so I CC’d a target on the far side, and started attacking the rest. No tank pulled aggro, I saw very few heals going out… It took all my cooldowns and a medpack to keep from getting slaughtered after my Death From Above.

Then chaos ensued.

Someone also pulled the group behind us, and the spider-droid patrol, and the group ahead of us to the north. I watched as my mini-map turned RED and subsequently watched members of the group drop like flies. I was the next-to-last to die, and just laid there on the ground for a minute in awe of what I just saw happen.

Me: “Is there some reason that I am not aware of, why you want to spawn every trash mob in the area? If so, please let me know.”

Random Ops member: “You pulled the first group.”

Me: “Did I? I was still standing by the rocks when you guys pulled.”

Random Ops member: “Well they had aggro on you.”

Me: “Of course they did, I think I was the only one attacking them. I get the feeling no one actually knew they were there.”

2nd Random Ops member: “Mouthy pug.”

At that point, I quit the group…. I must have quit RIGHT before they were gonna kick me anyway, because the last thing I saw in the Ops chat when I quit:

2nd Random Ops Member: “your done” (typed as he typed it. I do know the difference between “your” and “you’re”)

Not willing to just let it die, I decided to feed a troll, and whispered the “2nd Random Ops member” with:

Me: “I’m done? You know, your ops leader has not even cleared EC on Story Mode, so quite honestly, Good Luck.”

2nd Random Ops Member: “That was just rude. This is a guild run and you came in trying to tell us what to do.”

Me: “Actually, what’s rude is to tell someone that they are geared and know the fights, when in fact that is proven to be a lie. Once again, good luck to you.”

That was the last I heard from him, a fact which didn’t break my heart. Had it continued much further, I likely would have said some things that I might regret, that would have possibly ended with me getting some sort of warning or suspension from Bioware.

At that point, I switched to pubside to try to get a Terror From Beyond going on my healer, who still needs Arkanian gear, since I have been neglecting him. I got a pug group together and was short 1 healer and 2 dps. A healer responded to my LFG on Fleet, and said he would come ONLY if I made it a 16-man. I told him that I was struggling to fill 8 (finding the 5 that I did have, had taken me almost 15 minutes) and that putting a 16 together, at almost 10pm on a Sunday night would be nearly impossible. He said that was fine, and joined. As soon as he joined, he asked for Ops Lieutenant rights, because he said he had a DPS that wanted to join.

At that point, he invited a dps, and started broadcasting on Fleet for 16-man Terror From Beyond. I told him in Ops chat, that it wasn’t gonna work, but he insisted, so I figured what the heck, I’ll give him a chance.


We had 9 people. I logged off and went to bed early.

Sometimes, PuG can suck so bad that they kill the fun. Most of the time they just wound it, last night however? They killed it.




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  1. I’ve been thinking about this since last night, and I’d love to know, and someone please enlighten me:

    Are you able to skip ALL of the trash leading up the hill before Toth & Zorn? Most of the groups I have run, we kill the first and second, then skip the third by jumping off the ledge down into the area where Toth and Zorn are.

    Can you outrun and skip them all? (If you can, which as I said, I am not sure if you can, outrun them ALL and drop aggro, maybe I was noob in that group?)

    • You can’t skip everything, but you can skip a lot. We used to have a sin tank run through and pull everything and then stealth, it would avoid 2 pulls.

      But, If they’re 2/4 on EC, and can’t get past minefield, I would be scared too.

    • Actually, at least on NM you can skip everything up to T&Z. I’m talking starting where everyone usually does (up the wall or carefully around the tank/trees, whichever way you go), then running on speeders. Occasionally you’ll lose someone who gets knocked off their speeder (even then, they usually make it, it’s just more painful), but everyone should be there within two or three tries. (Disclaimer: I run NM with geared 55s. YMMV. But know it’s doable. Also, you do have a ‘pub guild already, right? ^_~)

  2. When my guild runs it, we sometimes skip the first few mobs by climbing the rocks behind the drop ship, but there is that one choke point with mobs on both sides which is impossible to skip. BUT, i have not tried outrunning them.

    Also I must have jinxed you because this is what i was talking about last week. lol

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