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TOROCast Presents: Raid with the Hosts!

Hey gang… it’s your friendly neighborhood Apostrophe here.

As many of you may know from listening to the podcast the last few weeks, Road has been in the process of transferring his characters to the Jedi Covenant server where both Russell and myself play. As of right now, I know all three of us have at least one/each level 55 story mode Terror From Beyond/Scum & Villainy gear-capable characters Imperial-side. Russell and myself both have level 55 geared toons Republic side, and Road is working from 50 to 55.

I honestly do not have any idea how many Jedi Covenant listeners we have, so this is a little bit of a roll-call. Based on how many people respond, and from which faction (Imperial or Republic) we are going to set up the following event:

“TOROCast Presents: Raid with the Hosts”

(or – Come Help Us Drag Road Through His First Terror From Beyond/Scum & Villainy)

This event will take place on FRIDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 30th at 9pm ET on JEDI COVENANT. (I am putting the date a few weeks out, to make sure we have time to spread the word and hear from our Jedi Covenant listeners.)

Please comment on this thread with the following information: (IF you are on Jedi Covenant)

Faction: (Imperial or Republic) – Character Name: & Advanced Class/Role

If there are enough people from both factions that are able to participate, we will absolutely run two separate raids.

Hope to see you soon in a Galaxy Far Far Away!

About Apostrophe

We already have enough youth, what we really need now is a Fountain of Smart.


  1. Faction: Imperial
    Back’slash – Assassin Tank
    Aster’isk – Mercenary DPS

    Faction: Republic
    Apos’trophe – Sage Healer
    Ellip’sis – Vanguard Tank
    Quotation – Sentinel DPS

  2. If only you were all on the ebon hawk…..

  3. This is a fantastic idea and I wouldn’t miss it for all the coffee in Mexico! I currently have multiple 55’s on both sides. Here’s what I got.

    – Ailyya – Mercenary – DPS
    – Skillar – Sniper – DPS
    – Jagaro – Sorcerer – Heals

    – Pak’Tii – Sentinel – DPS
    – Vimdin – Gunslinger – DPS

    Looking forward to the craziness that could ensue. Should be good times.

  4. Alright folks. I got two confirmed guildies and a possible third that will come to the Toro-raid. Unfortunately they don’t listen to the show (yet), but I’m working on that. Anyways, here is what they got.

    – Zaire-Zebov – Juggernaut – Tank
    – Reston-Rebov – Sniper – DPS

    – Pekstyr – Commando – DPS/Heals

    – Vhreyis – Assassin – Tank
    – Mo-abb – Mercernary – Heals

    – Vhro-dur – Shadow – DPS

    • Get them to listen! We are awesome.

      It’s looking to me, that we will likely start off with an Imperial raid – Scum and Villainy.

      I’ll host the Ventrilo server for it, and we are working out whether or not we will be able to stream it.

  5. hello apostrophe and road first off love the podcast, i have been thinking about doing a server transfer and looking for a good guild for my friends and i and i keep hearing you guys talk about jedi covenant server. How is it like and your guild like also because we would like to call a server home and play the game with some cool peeps.

    • I’m a fairly recent arrival to Jedi Covenant, myself, so I’m probably not the best to ask, but thus far the people on this server seem like pretty decent folks so far. As for the Guilds I’m associated with, they’ve been mature, humorous people, and fun to chat with. That’s what’s important to me. I transferred here to play with my fellow Hosts, the rest is just a Bonus.

      Make sure when you find a server to call home that it’s the right choice for you, first and foremost! That’s an expensive choice to make!

  6. Imperial Side
    Blue-Man Sith assassin dps

    Republic side
    Opie-Wann Jedi sage dps or heals (I’m gear for both)

    Love the show and think this is a great idea. Something the developers show take notice to.

  7. Hey gang. Back again signing up another guildie for the 30th. I could potentially have a 4th guildie for that night, but not sure at this point. Anywho……here is the third guy.

    – Maldus – Juggernaut – DPS
    – Velorek – Mercenary – DPS

    – Aldynn – Commando – DPS

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