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Apostrophe’s Adventures in PuG’ing: Ep#7

Operation: Story Mode Terror From Beyond (8-man)

Character: Assassin Tank (Level 55)

Quite honestly, it’s been a pretty good pug-week. I have had a couple of pug groups this week in both Terror From Beyond and Scum & Villainy they went quite smoothly, and I was starting to think that I wouldn’t have anything interesting to write about…. And then, just when I least expected it, disaster struck.

I was standing on fleet, and saw that someone was broadcasting in General chat for “1 Tank and 1 DPS” for Story Mode TfB, starting at the third boss. I though to myself “That is perfect! I don’t need anything from the first two bosses, and this will even get me the weekly.” So, I whispered the player…. We will call him “Ralph.”

Me: Starting at Operator?

Ralph: Yes. Do you know the fights?

Me: Yep.

Ralph: You know Kephess and Terror too?

Me: (the fact that he’s asking me this, makes me feel good about the pug) “Yes I do.”

So he sends me an invite, I join the team and he inspects me….

Ralph: You know the fights, AND you are geared? I like you already.

At this time, I got a nice little surprise in the Ops chat window that looked about like this:

Skillar: TOROCast is in the house!

(I met Skillar about a week and a half ago in a Xenoanalyst pug team on Ilum during the Gree event. He had recognized either my character’s name or my legacy and put together that I am one of the TOROCast hosts, and sent me a whisper before we started the fight.)


My first celebrity recognition… Bask in the glow of my awesome.

Anyway… back to my story.

So we mange to get a full team of 8 people. Since we were starting at Operator, we still had the [WEEKLY] which meant commendations, and we were planning to use the Group Finder, which would mean more commendations. So, the group leader queue’d us in the group finder, and Terror From Beyond popped up.

This is when things got VERY frustrating.

The team leader (Ralph) went inside the instance. The problem was, he wasn’t the one who was locked to the furthest progress… it was a different member. So the member that was locked on the furthest progress, couldn’t enter, and everyone had to exit area. The group leader quit the group because he said it wouldn’t let him reset the phase, so we had to wait for his queue lockout to expire to re-queue again. So, after his lockout ended he queue’d us again, and this time Scum & Villainy popped. We decided that we would just do S&V since we’d already spent close to 20 minutes standing around on fleet twiddling our thumbs, only to realize that the same player who was locked on TfB was ALSO locked on further progress in S&V, and couldn’t enter. So once again, everyone exited the area and made that player the leader and had him zone into the S&V instance. Then the rest of the team went in, and realized….. the speeder had taken us to the arena where Thrasher is supposed to be, except Thrasher isn’t there, because that one player was already locked to the weekly in S&V. (I did a quick look into the team lockout, and noted that he was ALSO locked on Operator in TfB, which meant that no matter what, we weren’t getting the weekly regardless of which operation we did.)

At that point, our other tank quit because she said didn’t want to miss her weekly, and really had wanted to do TfB anyway, and we had to have the player who was locked to the weekly in both ops quit, so now we were down a tank and a dps, and then one of the healers disconnected, which was most likely a “ragequit” which put us down three members.

We exited the area…. again. I told Ralph to make me the leader, and for everyone to do EXACTLY what I said.

I coordinated putting another team together, that had a tank, dps and healer in it… then had them queue for in-progress Operations in the group finder and I put us in the queue to find replacements. All 3 of them were matched with us, I made the person who was locked on the first 2 bosses in TfB the new leader, had him enter the instance FIRST, and once he was in, we all entered and VIOLA!!!!! We had an active group-finder instance, with a speeder right to the trash leading up to Operator. It only took 45-minutes to get it done, and I had lost all hope I had of this being a good pug.

The trash clearing to Operator was a little slow. Some of the dps on the team wasn’t really pulling their weight it seemed. We had 2 dps that were slightly undergeared but nothing terrible, one that had never done the operation past Operator, and a healer that had also never done it past Operator, so it was known upfront at that point that there would be some explanations required.

Operator took 4 pulls to clear. FOUR. In story mode. The dps was missing the timers on the color cores. (I really don’t understand that, since I can kill one by myself on my mercenary and have time to go help kill another one.) I think, from what I saw, was that at least one if not two of the dps were actually dps’ing the adds in the middle instead of the cores, regardless of how many times they were told to ONLY focus on the cores. We really appeared to have one competent dps’er in the group, and as fate would have it, it was Skiilar. (hooray for listeners knowing how to play!)

So, after well over an hour’s worth of frustration at Operator we finally downed him and moved on to Kephess. I am going to admit, I was simply TERRIFIED that Kephess was going to be a bloodbath. With poor dps, and players that didn’t know the fight, I expected to be stuck at that boss for a while. However, the team really surprised me, and we one-shotted it. Once again, kudos to Skiilar, he was the only person who managed to get the timing correct to drop the pillars on Kephess when he had nanites, and luckily he got nanites THREE times during the fight. We would have hit enrage otherwise, because everyone else broke the pillars when Kephess was in the air.

The Terror From Beyond: we are almost done…. Last boss. I explained the fight as best as I could through typing in the ops chat, since we weren’t on voice…. and we pulled the fight. The dps was all over the place. The left side tentacle was getting killed when the right side was still between 20-30% which is usually a bad indicator of what is going to happen in phase 2 when the Irregularities spawn….. We kill all the tentacles in phase 1 and started phase 2….. Everything was going smoothly, the other tank was doing perfectly with taunt-swapping for the “Scream” debuff, and as far as I could tell, the dps were doing a decent job of avoiding the tentacle “Slam”….. Then the Irregularities spawned. Both healers combined to kill 1 mob, Skiilar killed 3, I killed 2 and was working on my third when the channel ran out, and so many of them were apparently still up, that we lived approximately 5 seconds and then were killed by the DoT from the remaining irregularities. It was so poor, that I was nearly convinced we were not clearing it no matter what we did… There were at least 3 or 4 Irregularities still up when the phase ended, and that is a LOT of missed dps.

So we re-grouped and I tried to impress on the group how epically important it was to get those Irregularities down. We pulled a second time, and what do you know? Actually downed the boss.

By the end of it, we had spent a total of nearly 4 hours to clear 3 bosses in Terror From Beyond… That is just about enough time to clear BOTH Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villainy with a good group, which is 12 bosses. /smh

But it won’t stop me from pug’ing. I do still love the extra challenge it adds.


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  1. Ahhhh…..good times! And for the record, I have NEVER, EVER, seen it take that long to get INTO an Operation once we had a full group. Forget about the trials we faced inside the Operation. I come to expect things to go wrong in Operations. But just getting INTO them? (/shrug, I don’t know)

    Imagine my surprise when I go to read this latest adventure and see my whispers from the Gree event from over a week and a half ago! LOL. Looking forward to the August 30th.

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