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TOROCast Episode – 180 – 180 or Full Circle?

This week on TOROCast, the crew discusses the pros and cons of the recent update, the companion it unleashes, and the mount that players have been waiting for for so very long. Thinmints from Severity Gaming joins us mid show to discuss the discovery Secret Bosses, their conquering of 16-man Operations, and the difficulty both proved to be. Keep on listening beyond the credits, because we have a bit of nostalgia waiting for you there!

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Treek, the expensive companion


Severity Gaming can be found here and @SeverityGaming



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    i would buy the ewok .. if i culd feed it to my Toun toun …

  2. Could we get that kind of ending EVERY week? LOL.

  3. Enjoyed the show as always, guys.

    My comments on Treek – I honestly wish she wasn’t an ewok, because everything else about her is so damn cool. I’m legacy level 50, so I went the 1mil credits route – not pocket change by any means, but if I think of it in terms of about 8-10 hours of dailies, it wasn’t too hard to pull the trigger. I then did the legacy collection unlock for 700 cc, and now every character on my account has access to another +1 crit crafting companion which is nice. She is actually a very good healer (haven’t tried her as a tank yet), and the cool thing is that since I have the exact same companion on all my characters, it’s easy to justify a set of legacy bound gear for her (like the Gree set) and filling it with 69+ mods so I can ship it back and forth between my alts whenever I need a little boost in companion performance, like taking on difficult content as solo, etc (at least among multiple 55 characters of course). I agree wtih you that the lore part of the whole thing was hard to swallow, but once you get past that, the rest of the package is pretty outstanding.

    • I agree with you, I wish Treek were anything but an Ewok, and I’d love to have this companion to replace some others like Doc or Quinn, but I can’t bring myself to accept it for what it is. As for Dailies, that 8-10 hours I feel better spent toward leveling another character, running Flashpoints/Ops, or staring blankly at the GTN. That said, Credits aren’t something I come by nearly as easily as a result, and I’m okay with that. However, everyone has their playstyle, and as such things they can overlook!

      All that out there, thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy your Furball! Just imagine she’s something… not an Ewok. Like an Ortolan, or an old shoe.

  4. I like that Treek is super expensive. Hopefully you will see less of them that way. make it more like a legacy perk.

    Or is that wishful thinking? (BTW i do not have the fur ball…yet….)

  5. Personally, I really like Treek. The animations are phenomenal and just having Treek be an Ewok, kind of takes me back to my childhood as the Ewoks are one of the few things I remember from seeing RotJ in theaters when I was 4yrs old. The lore thing?……..ehh….I don’t really care. It’s conceivable the way they explained how Treek left Endor……kinda. As far as the cost of her, it’s a win win in my eyes. If people pay using the CC’s, then that only means more money for BW which hopefully equates to more content. I think we all can agree more content is good. Now if people pay using the legacy system, (which is the way I went) then it’s a bit of a reward for having legacy level 40+ and NOT having to open your wallet. I would of been very disappointed if she would of been Cartel exclusive. So all that hard work to legacy level 40 did pay off….in a small way. And who knows…….maybe, just maybe this is the start of BW starting to use the legacy system. You know, make it pay off a bit for achieving legacy level 50. I know, what a novel idea that is but, up to this point, who cares what legacy level you were. So anyways, overall I’m happy with my fur ball and do plan to get her on all 8 of my toons (through the legacy system).

  6. I don’t have Treek…. I am unlikely to get Treek.

    It’s not because of the lore, which doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it bothers Road. (actually it doesn’t really bother me at all. We have pink dye for crying out loud, and we had a snowblower mount for Life Day? how lore-breaking is that?)

    There are 2 main reasons that I don’t see myself getting Treek:

    1- I rarely use companions. I use them while leveling, and I don’t mind making it work with whatever companion I have at whatever level I am at. At 55, I don’t use companions pretty much ever, because I don’t do dailies, or ever really solo.

    2- I don’t want to throw $20 at the monitor to get something I’ll rarely use (see #1). Now, I am Legacy Level 50, so I could buy her with credits…. But then I am weighing: should I spend 1.3 million credits for a legacywide companion I will never use? Or spend that same amount to buy half a set of purple/advanced augments for one of my toons that are using blue/prototype augments? It’s an easy answer, and I go for gear over vanity items every time.

    I think the concept of the heal/tank companion is awesome, I don’t mind the 2 methods used for obtaining her. I also don’t mind that she is an ewok… she just isn’t for ME.

  7. I have Treek…..I am likely to use the bejesus out of her.

    I already have fully augmented 72/75 powertech and getting cunning gear is hard to come by to fully outfit Mako. The fact that Treek uses aim gear is huge for a bounty hunter as I can give any duplicates I get from ops….in fact, not 5 minutes after getting her sexy ass she was in full 72s. I ponied up the 1m for her from the cartel bazaar and when I next login I plan to buy the Treek legacy unlock. Having an early healing companion will save me time leveling up all/any future t00ns. I have 4 55s now and will even consider making her their go to companion. She is cute AND op……I hear she even heals while in tank stance! I bought the Treek customization package too and she’s currently rocking the gas-mask outfit.

    Not only is Treek for ME, I plan on making it official by marrying her ingame. Her animations are the best of any companions too! Throw that kolto melon on me baby! Yeah! What’s that? You have kolto goo loaded in your bola and you want to fling it at me? Yeehaw!

    • But what would your kids look like? *shudder*

      I think, that the idea we had several episodes ago, for her tank “gap closer” ability, being YOU as the character, picks her up and punts her towards the mobs is a great idea. If Bioware had done that? I would 100% have Treek and the legacy unlock :p

  8. i caved and got trek(for credits). was kinda upset when i found out she came with lvl 10 gear. but shes cool

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