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Patch Notes: 8/16/13 Patch 2.3.0c

Bioware will be pulling the servers down on August 16th, 2013 for 2 hours starting at 3am PDT to apply Patch 2.3.0c which is just a small patch to deal with a few issues with the Bounty Contract Week event. I think it will be a VERY welcome change to have the respawn rate of the Shady Characters increased, as that has been the number one complaint I have heard regarding the new event.

Patch Notes via Bioware: 8/16/2013

Bounty Contract Week

  • An issue affecting the spawn rate of Shady Characters has been corrected. The respawn rate of Shady Characters has been increased significantly.
  • The “information” count required to advance Bounty Contract missions has been reduced to 4 from 5.


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  1. hmhm i might actually do the event now. went to hutta a few days ago saw the amount of people crowding around one shady character and immediately went to go do something else.

  2. I did a couple of bounty contracts this weekend, at peak hours mostly, and didn’t have to search too much for Shadys… I actually found the whole thing a little boring actually.

  3. i ended up doing it a bit. was fun for what it was, decent XP, good for between wz matches.

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