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TOROCast Episode – 181 – Dreadful Arenas

We’re back for another conversation packed episode, despite the apparent lack of our chatterbox, Albie! Regardless, Russell and Road are here to devour the latest News, and possibly have a few strong opinions on the direction of PVP! That’s not all! The new Bounty Hunter Event has come and gone, but did they enjoy it? Did you? Or maybe should it head another direction? All this and more for your listening pleasure!

In the News:

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  1. Road…

    We talked about this in another episode. If you want, you can use a macro to:

    1- Respec
    2- Rearrange all your skills
    3- Fix your bindings.

    And it doesn’t break the ToS/EULA unless you do it IN COMBAT. (which they will be removing the ability to do in 2.4 anyway.)

  2. Concerning the Bounty event, I kinda agree with ya Road. I too and I’m sure many others would love to see something new each time it came around. Or at the very least see something new the first couple times it came around. I mean I have done everything there is to do with the event. 100% achievements – CHECK. Capped out in Rep – CHECK…….well, I capped out for the week on Tuesday and will do so again tomorrow and sill have some rep left over for next week. One of my guildies is the same way and I know there are many people that completed everything as well.

    Now it took me 4 days to complete everything running it on 8 toons. Could have done it even quicker (I know some folks did it in 2 days), but I got…….bored with it. I just had to do something else for a day before I went back and got my last 2 henchmen carbonized. So now the only thing left for me to do is grind for rep. Which I will do at some point.

    Now as far as BW adding or doing something a little new each time the event comes around. That would be cool. But look at the Gree event. Anything new? Ok yeah it’s now 55 and they added a VERY elusive Red Sphere speeder. But it’s basically the same. So I’m not holding my breath for something new for the next Bounty event. I would be shocked if they did!

    Overall I was quite happy with the event. I really didn’t have any problems with finding Shady Character’s that some people seemed to have aside from Ord Mantel. Very much looking forward to hitting legend standing and getting the HK customization.

    • This was almost exactly my take on the event. I did enjoy it quite a bit, but with 100% achievement completion and only needing a few more kills to get enough rep for legendary, it is sadly going to be a thing o the past for me. I almost wish I would have held back a little in order to enjoy it longer, but even though it was pretty repetitive, I still had a lot of fun travelling all over the galaxy and using a lot of my alts that I hadn’t dusted off in quite a while.

      One thing I thought I would note – I found the kingpin missions were MUCH easier using lower level characters. At 55 it was quite a challenge for me to kill them solo, even using my pretty well geared (many 72s) and fully augmented sentinel and a well geared (69s) Treek. In comparison, my level 18 marauder in quest greens and treek using the basic lvl 10 gear she comes with, I was able to smoke the kingpins solo without breaking a sweat. Similar for a level 55 commando and a level 20 merc. Even though the bosses spawn at the same level as you are, whatever that is, it seems they come out extra strong if you are 55.

  3. How’s going boys, nice cast once again. And we always appreciate the mention. Road’s I would LOVE to have that PvP conversation with you. Being with the MMO Community for a long time I have a pretty good idea what’s going on. Especially with the new info about f2p. In fact I have much to say to them even though I know better then to them directly. Scary Part is the EP Jeff Hickman worked community service for Dark Age of Camelot the game that broke the mold, set the standard and should be a the basis for any world PvP, and this game has next to none of that.

    • wow, i really need to write these things when am not drunk. “I know better then to them directly” should be know better then to ASK them directly. Their opinion of pvp is that no matter what PVPer’s complain, and complain about everything. Now that doesn’t excuse their next to inaction on the community but I can understand some what of where they are coming from

      • All I got from reading this was “I am so jealous that I am not also drunk right now.”

        • lol, ok can go with jealous. And I’ll do some clarification since collecting my thoughts seems to be difficult lately.

          Gamers in general are gonna complain, no matter what the devs do. It’s actually to the point that a happy gamer is a complaining gamer. PvPers tend to complain slightly more, and are also the ones who jump ship the fastest when new games come out. Gear curves, class balance, interesting map mechanics, group make up, group make up balancing. So much has to go into consideration and no class wants the nerf, but for period of time certain class are just not going to get the “love” they feel they should get. Not to mention straight Pvpers are the first ones to jump ship when the next game comes out, some come back but you always lose a portion of that community. Of course constantly ignoring them, like via the forums, or their live streams, doesn’t sit very well either.

          This doesn’t excuse Bioware for pretty much neglecting Pvp for almost 2 years. I never really saw the difference between ranked 8v8’s and normal. You got commendations faster yes, of course the oh so great bragging rights for the night but that’s about it. They never tracked peoples ratings, team ratings, had tournaments anything to keep it competitive. How do they expect to keep people that way. Having people to kill is one thing. Having a competitive environment that’s what’s going to keep people around.

          Now as far as unlocking all the restrictions from Pvp for F2P to me is just one more foot out the door. I agree that the game is far to restrictive. But now your basically saying the only people that are paying are the PVEer’s. I don’t have to pay for the story which sounds like they really are gonna slow down on. You don’t have to pay to see the flash points (yes it will take you a while to get through all of them as F2P), you have to pay to raid. This leaves FAR too many questions unanswered (imagine that them not answering questions) Are they giving up on PvP all together? Pretty terrible idea.

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