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UPDATE: TOROCast Presents: Raid with the Hosts!

Dropping a quick reminder: 16-man Story Mode Scum & Villainy (Imperial Faction)

We have received interest from quite a few people, but since we starting planning this a while ago, just wanted to remind folks that it was impending… err… upcoming!

This event will commence TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday August, 30th @ 9pm ET on the JEDI COVENANT server.)

All of the hosts are in the same Imperial Guild: Moriendum Est – www.moriendumest.swtorhost.com and they have been kind enough to allow us use of the guild’s Ventrilo server to use during the event. (For this event, I have removed the server password to connect to the guild’s Ventrilo server, and I have created a special channel in the server. Feel free to join the server if you want to participate in the raid, or simply hang out with us while we raid if so desire and are not able to join in the actual raid.)

Ventrilo Server: voiceA1304.guildlaunch.net  ~  Port: 8419

I am not sure yet if I will be on my Mercenary DPS or my Assassin Tank for the evening, but right up until we decide roles, I will be forming the raid as Back’slash so send me a whisper in-game, or hop on the Ventrilo server and we will get coordinated.

A few things to note:

  • Road has made it clear that he will not be space-bar’ing the cutscenes as this is his first time in this operation. (What a noob)
  • Russell has also made it clear that he intends to “Leroy Jenkins” at some point (possibly more than once) so, I’d recommend either staying on your toes, or bring a large bat to beat him with to make him pay your repair bill when he wipes us.
  • Albie (me) has promised to be at least mildly intoxicated during the event… Maybe the fact that we’ll have downtime from Russ wiping the raid from Leroy’ing it and the downtime while Road is watching cutscenes will provide ample opportunity for this to occur.
  • As an added special bonus: Albie’s wife has agreed to join us for this event. (You have likely heard her mentioned in the shows…) She plays a Marauder (named Rumplemintz), and LOVES her Force Charge ability, and since she is a stay-at-home mom for four children, by the time she hits SWTOR in the evening, she has “relaxed” quite a bit.

    OMG she is fun……

[WARNING] – Some (and by “some” I actually mean “most if not all”) of the conversation/topics that exist in the voice channel are NOWHERE near as “PG” as the TOROCast shows are…..

You have been warned.

Anyway – Looking forward to seeing everyone/anyone who shows up for this, and hopefully a fun time will be had by all.

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  1. Looking forward to it should be alot of fun.

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