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TOROCast Episode – 182 – But Wait There’s More!

Russell, Albie and Road are back, but that’s not all! Joining the Crew is Michael, straight from the UK, and with him comes a yet another set of opinions about the Direction of The Old Republic! But that’s not all! Bioware has finally giving a short glimpse at the long awaited Super Secret Space Project! A lot to take in?
The fun doesn’t stop there, because for those watching our Twitter Feed, they’d have known this Episode was recorded live! Missed this Episode? Don’t worry, because we’ll be making a habit of it. Stay tuned for more details and future recordings!

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  1. Sadly… Road stopped both the live-stream and the recording about 10 minutes too early. Because, pretty much as soon as we finished recording, my wife walked into the room, heard the sound of Cosmic Mike’s british voice through my headset, ripped it off my head, put it on, and started talking to him as tho he were The Doctor (Doctor Who, specifically David Tennant)….

    It was…. freaking awesome… HA!

    Road needs to keep the tape rolling.

    • Hi guys, thanks for another engaging podcast! Regarding the SSSP, I have some evidence that we may well see it come to live servers sooner than what you guys were speculating. I have solid information that invites will given to selected individuals to test a currently undisclosed new feature in swtor. These will go out in the next few weeks, meaning (I hope), that development of the SSSP is quite far along! I have insider knowledge about this, though for obvious reasons I can neither say much more, nor can I 100% confirm that this closed beta cycle will actually be involving the SSSP. However, I can say that the timing of when I received the information tcoincides perfectly with when the information came out of the cantina tour

  2. hey Apostrophe,

    Im also going to try to attend the cantina tour, im going to NYC comic con earlier in the day, and since i just need to take a short train ride home to long island, figured id go. So even if you cant make it, i can try to fill you guy in on what happened.

    • Well Rock… In the event that you make it to the NY Cantina and I do not, I’ll have to chat with Road about pulling you in as a guest host for a show to talk about it. (if you’d want to)

      • woot! lol

        But on a serious note, ive been pissed about the lack of guild features for a long time. and i plan on letting them know about it.

        That and taking all the free alcohol they wanna give me.

        • Guild Features I would love to see:

          1- In-game events calendar. I know this is a bit of a tall order, but it would be an awesome feature.

          2- A better method (or one to begin with) to have a better sorting option in the guild roster to see alts of the same account. Relying on member notes is a pain.

          3- A “Guild Mode” similar to what was present in City of Heroes, where players could toggle on/off being in Guild Mode which would “tax” their credit gain to automatically put funds in the guild bank, AND have a visual distinction be it a guild logo or set guild colors that would automatically color match your gear, which would ROCK for PvP.

          4- Send mail to entire guild option.

          I could go on….

  3. As always love the show. I watched the SSSP trailer on Cosmic Mike’s youtube channel i think that trailer can be taken both ways as it being a rail shooter trailer and a dare i say it a free space flight battle. I’m all up for running another ops with you guys on either side but the republic would be nice.

  4. hey did any of you guys hear about RotHC going free. because apparently today it did. Which kinda pisses me off because i purchased it only 6 months ago. And users who purchased it with in the past month are at least getting CC worth back.

    To me, Makeb was said to be free last year at this time. Then in December they changed their mind and made us pay for it. and only 6 months later they are making it free to all subs. I know it wasn’t a lot of money( though i probs could of gotten two meals out of it lol. which is a lot for a college student) But i feel like what they did was just wrong.

    • I personally have no problem with it becoming free. It’s been out for roughly 8 months…. Anyone that bought it, paid $10 for 8 months (or 6 in your case) of added content, 5 more levels, flashpoints, ops, new planet, etc. I think that anyone who paid for ROTHC and experienced the bulk of the content it brought, has gotten their money’s worth.

      Now, since it’s going free, in essence what our $10 bought us… was “early access” to the content. Which like I said, I am pretty much OK with. It’s 8 months old at this point.

      Here is what I DO have a problem with…. The 1050 CC bonus for “recent purchases”…. Why should someone who bought it last week, get $10 worth of cartel coins vs. people who supported Bioware when things were looking bad, and either pre-ordered it before we even knew what we were getting, or bought it within the past 8 months? They either should have given EVERY subscriber who bought ROTHC prior to it going free the CC bonus, or NONE of them should have gotten it. Period.

      If you really think about the whole thing……. It’s a genius marketing idea. Really think about it:

      ** It’s probably safe to assume, that easily 90-95% of active/current subscribers ALREADY own ROTHC, which means they paid for it.

      ** This incentives program, is ONLY available to SUBSCRIBERS who made a “recent purchase.”

      ** If it’s only subscribers who haven’t bought ROTHC yet that are eligible, then the pool of people who can actually take advantage of this promotion is very very small.

      All of that said…. This promotion is most likely aimed at the FREE player, who never bought ROTHC at the $20 F2P price. They are the ones with the biggest incentive…… They open their wallet and give Bioware $15 for a one month sub, then another $10 for ROTHC spending a total of $25. Which is only $5 more than what they would have to spend to buy ROTHC as a F2P player. In return, they get a month of full access, access to the expansion, level 55 and all the goodness it brings, AND $10 “back” in Cartel Coins, plus their 500 CC subscriber bonus……. It’s $25 of actual money in BIoware’s pocket that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten from a F2P player, and the player feels like they got a good deal because they got “$15 back” (which didn’t cost Bioware anything.)

      Bioware would do this, in hopes that after being a subscriber for a month, the previous F2P player would become accustomed to being able to play the game unrestricted, and wouldn’t want to revert to Free/Premium status, and remain a subscriber paying $15 EVERY month.

      There’s my 2credits.. (more like 2,000 credits, but oh well.)

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