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TOROCast – Ep 183 – Something Dreadful This Way Comes

Welcome to another Episode of TOROCast with Albie, Michael, Russell and Road. In this show, we cover a long overdue Live Action trailer, Class Representatives, upcoming updates, and Rise of the Hutt Cartel goes free to subscribers! Plenty of opinions lie within, as well as a few announcements.

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  1. excited about the new show. will give me something to listen to during the off week.

  2. Great show this week, and I’m also looking forward to the new show and weekly content.

    As for RotHC going free, my thoughts are – this kind of thing happens all the time with video games. If you want to play on day one, you often have to shell out a little more money than someone willing to wait 6 months. Video games that initially sell for $60 are often reduced to $40 or less as time passes, it’s the nature of the business. I do not feel entitled to free cartel coins, titles, or anything, because I got what I paid for.

    Companies do sometimes compensate most recent purchasers with something when a price is reduced, so I pretty much get what they are doing for those that bought it within the last 30 days – think back to Nintendo when they had to reduce the price of the 3DS so soon after release.

    Frankly someone who starts RotHC today for free is not getting the same experience I did when it launched – there is no longer the same buzz and newness and 15-20 full instances of people levelling through and exploring Makeb for the first time. No way possible I’d hold off buying a future expansion in hopes of it going free, unless I was really looking for an excuse to stop play all together.

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