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TOROcast – Episode 28 – Discussion of the What?

On this weeks show, Show 28, Samm and Musco shake things up a bit! This week we skip on our discussion of the week to cover more topics from around the community. Hopefully you enjoy the format, we certainly do cover alot of topics this way! Also don’t forget about the Z1 giveaway, link is in the notes!

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This Week in SWTOR

  • The Battle for Balmora

Discussion of the Week

  • Lack of news format

Hot Topics

  • Last Weeks Topic: Coruscant and planet sizes
  • Should TOR have player controlled Jedi/Sith High Council? (78% no)
  • Will the “fourth pillar” of story really carry a game?
  • James Olen, Studio Creative Director: Yeah, our game is about loot. There are things in our game that as you progress you definitely can tell a new player from a high-level player. I pray that just came out wrong and he was talking about how cool items look later on this the game. I do not want to play a game where my weapon is cooler than I am. (posted by fodigg)


  • 4 classes + 4 planets + 5 factions + 15 timelines + 3×9 question marks = 55 That is 55 weeks ’til the game is released assuming the announce one a week, don’t skip a week. Plus they have a developer blog and making of video every now and then. Long story short: I think we are looking at a release around Christmas next year. (kmarst)
  • Do you guys think there will be any TOR related Merchandise in the near future? If so would you guys be willing to buy them? (BlackLotus)
  • With the recent release of Coruscant do you believe there is still weight to the quote that lends to Taris being a planet in TOR? (DarkenedLight)
  • Basically, for every ‘zone’ in the world there are different channels … kind of like instances. If the first channel fills up, you are automatically and seamlessly moved to the second – so you can’t see anyone in the first channel. Like Aion/Champions (PurpleCliff


  • Live show questions
  • Live Show saturday 24th 7:30est
  • TOROshop
  • The NO News
  • Contest – 2 Z1 Gaming Headsets

Closing statements

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