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TOROCast Hard Mode – Ep 4 – Back From The Dead

Albie, Mae, and Michael are bringing Hard Mode back! TOROCast Hard Mode makes its return with a familiar crew, but what does that entail? Listen in to find out! Treek doesn’t love you, 2.4 is incoming, and more!




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  1. I loved the new show guys – the opening music cracked me up, made it obvious that this show was starting with something familiar but taking it in a new direction! I love that you’ve added Mae to the team – I really enjoyed hearing her perspective as a top tier progressive raider in a past guild spotlight, and looking forward to hearing more from her and all of you! And finally, I loved that you were able to push Road’s buttons by mentioning ewoks so he was forced to step out of the shadows for a couple minutes 🙂

    I have a question that might be a decent topic for this show. With the new tier of gear out now, I’m curious what you guys use to evaluate potential gear upgrades. As a watchman sentinel currently in mostly underworld/verpine (72) I’m torn at what point I would want to forego my 4 piece set bonus (which I think is quite good) in order to upgrade a 69 or 72 set piece armoring for a 78 non-set armoring bought with elite comms? As a WoW player, I have used tools like Mr. Robot and Rawr to help calculate some kind of score for the set bonus itself when upgrading, and often it is worth it to keep set pieces of a previous tier until you can get multiple pieces from the new tier. Unfortunately Mr. Robot for SWTOR is missing this functionality, and I haven’t really found anything else that quite fits the bill for me. I’ve also struggled in the past whether to go with an optimally itemized mod (deft power mods for sentinel) at a slightly lower level, or go up a level for a less optimal piece (such as potent crit mod).

    • Glad you hear you liked the show. We are going to run it on off-weeks, and it will be lot more focused on the nitty gritty details in-game.

      As far as your question… in lieu of explaining it here in great detail, I agree that a show on some more in-depth gearing and stat’ing methods might in order in the very near future.

      I myself also play a watchman sentinel… (as well as an Assassin tank, Operative healer, Sage healer, Vanguard tank and a Mercenary DPS) so I have some sort of decent insight here, since I’m also a numbers guy. Likewise, Mae has in her guild, some of the leaders of the DPS Leaderboards, so I am sure that might be a good place to get some information also.

      Remember… we are streaming our episodes live on Twitch.tv/twonkhammer so if you get into the chatroom while we are recording, you could even ask questions while we are discussing it.

      (And I can always push Road’s buttons if I feel the need.)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the music, I thought the changeover would be pretty entertaining myself.

      As for pushing my buttons, I was tuning in and out while doing other things and that just happened to catch my attention. Damn Ewoks and their Lore disrupting.

  2. Glad to see the show back!

    As to the comment of “Yellow name from say, the combat team, talk about things on a regular basis”, Well I know a game that did that!

    It was….

    *wait for it*

    get the drink ready….

    City of Heroes.

    I USED to work near Bioware, I now work downtown. That being said, I drive very near there on the WAY to work and it’s fairly close to the house.

    Also, the Food Truck “Chilantro” that is often there…..is AWESOME!

    — Russell

    *insert quip*

  3. like vandal i was also going to ask questions like that.

    but hey, enjoyed the show.

    Apostrophe, have u confirmed if you are heading to the NYC cantina. If u cant make it we should formulate a list of questions.

    • If you guys ever have questions during the Live show, feel free to ask them. I’m considering opening up a segment at the end of every show (either during or in post) where we’ll answer any questions we can. I’ve got no problem doing it, I doubt the other hosts will either.

    • FYI – It’s looking like I won’t have sitters for my kids for the Cantina Tour, and until Child Services stops frowning upon leaving your kids in a cage with a bowl of water and pretzels, I am kinda stuck.

      Email me (albie@torocast.com) if you’re planning to go, and we can work something out, I’d love to have you on the show to discuss what happens there, and possibly get our hands on whatever goodies are on the thumbdrives they’ve been handing out.

  4. Just wondering what your thoughts were about a lot if the 69 rated gear is still better for assassin/shadow tanks the the 72 rated gear is. It seems that once you min max with 69’s for tanking the only good upgrades are the 78’s that are bought with the ultimate comms.

  5. Oh I hate auto correct on the iPhone so please excuse my grammatical errors there

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