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TOROCast – Ep 184 – The Albie Family Hour!

On this week’s episode, the crew discusses the launch, and accidental launch of Update 2.4! In the Meat and Pota-TORs, Albie discusses playing SWTOR with his kids, and Road rants about scantily clad player characters. Don’t be fooled by the name of the show folks, this episode exceeds an hour.



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  1. Just wonder but the new podcast isn’t downloading from iTunes but it is downloading from the website. So just wondering if it was uploaded or having problems with the iTunes feed downloading it

  2. Sounds like a plan apostrophe

  3. vader “thats it” = awesome

    • Hell YES!! “That’s it” is finally being said by the one who says it like no other. Finally a reason to listen to the entire show! lol…….only joking. Nice to have it back though.

      • It’s refreshing when people that aren’t me, talk.

        I talk too much.

        (Speaking of which, tune in this Sunday for Hard Mode Ep 5… when I will rant about tank implants Oriconian vs. Dread Forged, and how you get them.)

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