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TOROCast Hard Mode – Ep 5 – The Strat Pack

Albie, Mae and Michael are joined by Brian this time around on TOROCast Hard Mode! Have you heard about the SSSP reveal? Care to know more about Marauder/Sentinel? Interested on the strategies around Dread Fortress? We hope you’re in for a long one! Listen in, and learn!

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If you’d like to learn more about The Older Gamers from our Guild Spotlight, you can do so by going to their website here.

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  1. Just FYI – I am working on formatting the guides for Dread Fortress and Palace, and should have them posted sometime today/this evening. Covers in detail most of what we discussed on this episode.

  2. Just wondering about a possible bug in the 2nd boss fight for dread fortress. There is a dot that gets applied that can only be healed by a tech healer not all healers aka sages can heal it only commandos and other tech healers. Has Anyone heard if this is intended or a bug?

    • Well…

      In the Draxus fight, there are THREE debuffs that go out. One of them is bugged, but it’s not the one you are referring to.

      1- There is a DoT that comes from Draxus called “Corrosive Grenade.” It is ONLY able to be cleansed by an Operative/Scoundrel or Mercenary/Commando. (However, Force Shroud (assassin)/ Resilience (I think, for Shadows) and Evasion (agent – I don’t know the smuggler equivalent, as I don’t play one) will work as a self-cleanse. Sorcs/Sages CANNOT cleanse this DoT and I believe that is by design for some reason. It should be noted however, this buff will hit MORE players in the raid, if everyone is stacked in close proximity. If you aren’t all on top of each other, it will drastically minimize who gets hit.

      2- Affliction – This is a DoT that comes the Guardian adds in the 7th and 9th add waves. It is NOT able to be cleansed, and I believe this is by design. It pretty much has to be healed through, and 2 members of the team will get it.

      3- Mass Affliction – This is the raid-wide DoT that goes out, if any of the Corruptor adds manage to get their 8s (6s in hard mode) channel off without being interrupted. Everyone in the raid WILL get this DoT if the channel isn’t interrupted, however it IS able to be cleansed by everyone. The bug here, is that in Story Mode, the DoT is ticking for the same amount it does in Hard Mode (which if I remember correctly, is around 6k/tick) so it’s largely a team-wipe if it gets out. (You CAN heal through it, but your healers will be very busy and if you don’t have a few dps that can cleanse to help out, you are probably sunk.)

    • Corrosive is a splash DoT also, so if you spread out you can minimize who gets it. That’s really important for my raid group since we run two sorcs and have to heal through the DoT.

  3. Actually, both Affliction and Mass affliction are bugged – should be fixed tomorrow


    • Thanks Asros… I didn’t know they were both broken. Quite honestly, I only ran it once in Story Mode with my guild and it was a one-shot. All the rest of our time spent was in Hard Mode, so I didn’t really know that SM was broken.

      Maybe pugging it will get a little easier after tomorrow’s patch.

  4. Hahaha I sound a lot less like a prat than I thought I would! Thank you for spotlighting our guild. Having fun with the Oricon operations right now!

  5. Commenting on this a little late since I’ve fallen behind on my podcasts last couple weeks, but I wanted to thank you for addressing the gear upgrade question I asked a few weeks ago. It really got me thinking more about the possibility of keeping my 4 piece set bonus on my watchman sentinel, and decided to spend 5 minutes on a target dummy first with a 4-piece bonus (3 69s and 1 72) then with a 2-piece (69,72) and 2 non-set 78s. I found that I was about 50dps higher (about 1.9% for me) using my 4-piece bonus, even though I’m giving up 48 strength. Pretty good set bonus indeed. I’m hoping to have a couple more 78 pieces soon so I can compare 4 non-set 78s with the set bonus – that might come in closer.

    Next up is trying to figure out when or if to upgrade my enhancements, since the enhancements on comms gear are allocated so poorly with stats. I’m looking at losing 8 power and gaining 22 surge on a typical upgrade from a 69 adept to a 78 efficient, which sounds like I should go for the 78, but I don’t know if or how much diminishing returns comes into play since I’m over 70% surge right now. I’m also not really clear on how much better power is compared to surge on a point by point basis.

    Also, good to hear from Brian on the show. I enjoyed listening to him in his last gig, and was pleased to hear him again on your show – looking forward to more of the same!

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