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Guide: Hard Mode Dread Palace Operation

Strategy Guide for Hardmode 8-man Dread Fortress

(Provided by: Suckafish.enijn.com)

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1st Boss: Dreadmaster Bestia


Phase 1

Tanks- The tanks split the two sides of the room.  They will focus on tanking the Dread Monsters, but if possible can pick up the smaller Dread Larvae. One tank will only ever be tanking one dread monster (this will be the one the dps are killing)and the second tank with hold onto the other monsters currently in play. When the solo monster dies, the first tank taunts a new monster over to be killed next.

Dps – Dread Tentacle -This add will randomly target someone and cast an attack called “Spit”. This attack is an 6s cast and needs to be interrupted. These are a priority target. Standing within melee range will prevent future “Spit’s” from being cast.

Dread Larva – These cast an AOE attack that hits for around 6k dmg to the raid, they are very weak and die rather quickly.

Dread Monster – These guys have a lot of HP and buff each other if they are close.   They need to be tanked away from each other.

Heals- Split tanks and stand on platform or with melee DPS.  The melee dps and ranged should both fall in range of AoE’s if placed correctly.

Phase 2 and 3

Avoid standing in water for the next phases so no red puddles are dropped there.  Adds will start spawning sub 50%  from the corners and should be killed ASAP.  Phase 3 is essentially the same as phase 2 except adds (same ones as in phase 1 except not as many) will spawn once again.

Tank- When Bestia becomes attackable (around 50s into the fight) whichever tank is free from monsters will pick her up and tank her near the door. She places a stacking debuff on the tanks which should be swapped of regularly (about 5/6 stacks). At 50% adds start spawning, ensure the monsters are tanked but you still need to tank swap. The tank on Bestia should ensure she isn’t near any adds as she buffs them.  Bestia has a 3s channel called Dread Strike that on a fully stacked tank does massive damage.  Switch accordingly.  11 stacks will kill you.

DPS- After a few of these add waves Bestia will come out  and will drop red puddles on random raid members similar to the Kel’sara circles. These are an instant cast and there is no warning. If you do not move these circles will tick for around 12k dmg.  Bestia also has a move called Combusting Seed which is a reticle that will explode for around 18k dmg when it ticks down after 10s. Try to not stand in the water if at all possible to avoid placing these circles in the water. Anyone with this debuff needs to be topped off. Once Bestia is at 50% phase 3 begins.

Heals- Stay with tank assignments and try to stay near platform to keep red puddle manageable.  Top off players with Combusting Seed.



2nd Boss: Dreadmaster Tyrans

*Simplification– Debuff which becomes smaller before it drops off and clears a floor tile. (3 per) Try and place at outside of room.

*Inferno–  Debuff that drops a circle of fire.

*Affliction– is a green DoT that is placed on 2 random raid members it cannot be cleansed and ticks for about 5.5k every 3 seconds.

We start on the left and move right.  Ranged and healers attempt to remove (via Simplification) the outermost tiles, leaving the inner ones to melee and tanks.

Tanks-Tank swap on the casted ability “Simplification”, an ignore debuff.  The tank who doesn’t have agro should taunt at this point to prevent Tyrans from teleporting to the square that the tank who had agro is on when Simplification ends.  Keep movement to a minimum (Tyrans teleports to tank with aggro) to help melee dps.

Dps-Melee need to be careful of Thundering blast, the entire raid needs to be aware of Simplification. One Simplification seems to always go onto the tank who has aggro while the other two will go to whoever.

Heals-Stand near ranged DPS, or near outsides of platform, so that your simplifications can consume the outermost tiles.



3rd Boss: Dreadmaster Calphayus

*Distorted Perceptions– massive red circle and dot that ticks for 3k.  This will slow your movement but you need to move away from the raid.

Split raid into two teams of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 dps.  When this phase triggers, Group A will go to the past (left) and Group B will go to the future (right).  The next time this phase triggers, Group A will go to the future (right) and Group B will go to the past (left).  During the last phase, Only Group A tank goes to the past (left) initially, everyone else to future (right) .

Phase 1

DPS Calphayus to 80% which will trigger the past/future phase.  Two portals will open up the  blue one is for the past the orange one is for the future.

Tanks-Tank facing away from the group and tank swap on the casted ability “Inevitability” debuff. This move is a 180% cleave and if you take any damage i.e. red circle or boss damage you will die to a kill mechanic.

Phase 1 Past – Tank near the crystal.

Phase 1 Future – Tank where you start and help DPS.


Future DPS (Group B)– this team has Calphayus and Dread Defiler adds that spawn to cast Mass Affliction. These HAVE to be killed before they finish the 15s cast. You also need to be on the lookout for a growth (looks like a tree) that spawns in one of the four corners of the room and tell the group in the past where it spawned (Back left, front left, front right, back right).

Past DPS( Group A)-This team needs to protect the “Seed of Knowledge” from the boss and adds. There are 3 types of adds; 1 is melee (Ravager), 1 casts dots on the seed and disappears (can be stunned to avoid DoT), and the last is ranged and casts (interruptible) lightning.The seed needs to be kept alive for 75 seconds till the channel finishes. After 75 seconds the Seed of Knowledge needs to be picked up and planted wherever the growth was that appeared in the future. Once the seed has been planted everyone will be ported back to the same area and phase 2 will begin.

Heals- This initial pull hits very hard, and you will notice it especially with Sin/Shadow tanks. Past healer will be able to, and should, heal and cleanse the Seed.  Future healer needs to help DPS add(s).

Phase 2

80%-50% This phase is Identical to phase 1.  At 50% the Past and Future bubbles will spawn again and everyone will have to switch sides; the people who went to the future will now have to go to the past and vice versa.

Tank-  Phase 2  Group B, Past – Tank wherever the other group calls out and help DPS.

Phase 2 Group A, Future – Follow Calphayus around the room and call out which crystal he destroys.

DPS-  Future– Keep damaging Calphayus until he leaps to one of the fountains and smashes one of the crystals, when this happens you must tell the team in the past which location it was, if the past team destroys the correct one Calphayus will be knocked down and be vulnerable to damage again. There is a 30s time limit for the past team to do it correctly. To relay the correct position we like to use a “back left, front left, front right, back right” to determine the correct fountain and then use a “clock” system to determine the correct crystal.  In this example, we would call out “front right 10 o’clock”.  Past – Your only job is to locate the crystal the future team tells you and destroy it.  Call out sub 30% begin precasting of abilities like Orbital Strike and applying dots.

Heals- Light healing, help DPS

Phase 3

50%-20% is the same as phase 1 and 2.  For this switch, all DPS and healers will go to the future.

Don’t hesitate to use CD’s here the boss will be hitting you hard.

Tanks- Phase 3 Tank A, Past – Grab the holocron from the back of the room, run to the present and place it on the left table (you will then get a debuff preventing you from getting another holocron). Then join the group in the future and take boss. Drag the boss the the right side of the statue and keep him in the ring.

Phase 3 Tank B, Future – Drag the boss to the left of the statue.  A yellow circle will appear underneath the boss and Calphayus must be inside this circle, after a few seconds he will fall to the ground  When the Past Tank taunts off, exit Future and follow Past directions.

DPS-  Future, All – After a few seconds Calphayus will fall to the ground and he should be DPS’d down as quickly as possible (pop those CDs).

Heals- Both healers go to future.  If tanks are topped off and raid is taking no damage, help DPS.



4th Boss: Dreadmaster Raptus

The start of the fight is very straight forward. You will pull the boss (face him away), DPS him down to 92%, and then you will be ported to a stadium (see below).

Upon arriving, everyone needs to run to the dias and pick up their crystal.  DPS needs to run to the red crystal , healers need to do the same on the green crystal, and tanks need to do the same on the purple crystal.

**Periodically throughout the fight someone will be targeted with a giant swirling circle (sub 75%). Move away from the rest of the group. This will teleport you to the bridge in the back and take anyone who is right next to you when the debuff ends.

Phase 1

Tanks- Tank him at base of ramp.  Positioning is key. Tank swap on knockup and on the deadly slash cast.

DPS Heals- Stack at base.

At 75% and 50% Raptus will “challenge” the raid.  During this time 3 of the 6 portals will open, 1 for each archetype (1 for heals, 1 for tank, 1 for DPS). Everyone from each archetype should enter their portal (at the same time!). One person will be challenged directly by Raptus (a DPS) and will need to kite him in the stadium until all challenges are done.  He becomes reflective at this point, so do not hit him. The challenge  lasts 60 seconds (ALL challenges need to be completed in this time.) Each individual challenge last 30 seconds (based on the first person to enter the specific challenge).  After every challenge phase you will have a small window of time to DPS Raptus before he returns to his throne. When he does this everyone will need to pick up their crystal again.

DPS Challenge: All available DPS should enter the portal and simply kill the add. Be aware that the add casts a heal so someone should be assigned to interrupt it.

Heal Challenge: Just heal the add.

Tank Challenge: Don’t hit mob, just survive.

Tanks- Upon exiting the challenge, tank with highest HP should taunt as we noticed massive damage spikes then.

DPS-The dps member who is asked to stand and face raptus will be pulled into him and you must kite him around the Stadium. Do not hit him, he reflects.  Do not go through a portal (or raid is wiped).

Heals- Challenge begins when the first person enters, so make sure to go in together. Save CDs for this phase.  As a sorc, I pre-load a 3 stack Revivication so that I can simply Dark Infusion spam for the duration.  You will be able to regen after the challenge.

Phase 2

At <50% Raptus will start using a move called “force execution”. When he does this he will place a purple circular area around himself, as well as 2 other areas that extend straight out in front of and behind him.No one should be standing in them except for the tank.  We found the best way to handle this was to have everyone make a 180 turn and walk away; however, the off tank will have to move to a side in order to avoid the backwards cleave.  You can grab crystals again as they are supposed to buff you, but we noticed no Force or Tech power was gained.

5th Boss: The Dread Masters

Phase 1


Split up the bosses so that each one is “tanked”. Bestia and Calphayus both need an actual tank on them and a DPS.  There is a tank swap mechanic.  Ideally, melee dps will be on Calphayus.  A DPS with a speed boost (AP Powertech) or roll (snipers), or mobile DPS like madness sorc will “tank” Raptus. Tyrans also needs a DPS “tank”.

Once a boss is down to 60% have that DPS go and help the other bosses. Once all the bosses are at around 60% you can push them, starting with Bestia. After Bestia it really doesn’t matter too much who you burn down. You will have 40 seconds after the first Master that was pushed to push the remaining Masters to 50%.

Dread Master BestiaTank DPS Has a stacking debuff this debuff lasts for 20 seconds and once this debuff hits 6 stacks a kill mechanic takes effect. Bestia also has a nasty knockback that has a range of about 30m, so keep this in mind as to not get throw off the edge. Bestia needs to be tanked generally in the 6-8 o’clock position on this map. This DPS can pretty much tunnel the entire time, make sure not to pull threat off the tank. Once at 60% go help another DPS/boss.

Dread Master CalphayusTank DPS Has a circle that he drops which does two things. First, it applies a debuff reducing all incoming healing by 50%. Secondly, any Master standing in the circle is granted 50% damage reduction due to a buff called Damage Font.   It is important to kite Calphayus well outside of the circle to eliminate that buff so it can still be easily killed. The circles are dropped roughly every 6 seconds.  Calphayus also has a shield so  this DPS has to stay inside the shield to hit Calphayus. Once at 60% go help another DPS/boss.

Dread Master Raptus: is kited by a DPS. You  kite this boss around the outer ring of the map. Always be on the move. Periodically he will cast an ability called “Deadly Slash” and a giant frontal purple cone will appear on the ground. Avoid being in the purple when his channel finishes otherwise you will get knocked back and most likely die. When he starts to cast this he stops moving, simply move through him to avoid.  Raptus also has a spinning attack (a red circle will appear underneath him). Kite this normally.You won’t be able to DPS him down very much and will have to rely on all the other DPS to do this. Once Bestia is pushed one of the tanks may take threat on Raptus.

Dread Master Tyrans: DPS. This DPS can pretty much tunnel the boss the entire time. He does not have a threat table and will randomly target someone in the raid and cast “Thundering Blast”. He also casts something called “Death Mark” which will put a dot that kills people once the debuff runs out on 3 or 4 members of the raid.  Call this cast out, it helps! Once at 60% go help another DPS/boss.

Tanks- Have the main tank pull Dread Master Bestia. After about 15 seconds Dread Master Calphayus will drop down.   Have the off tank pick up Calphayus. Tank Bastia with back against pillars at entrance  to avoid being thrown off.

The tank switch mechanic is as follows:  At 3 or 4 stacks wait for Bestia to knockback.  After, have the other tank taunt Bestia off you.  Repeat as necessary being mindful to wait for knockbacks to switch.  The tank who is not on Bestia should resume kiting Calphayus.

Heals- Stand near the middle and split both room and tanks.  Often both will not be in range at the same time.  Special attention needs to be paid attention to the DPS kiting Raptus.  Split dispells for Death Mark by icon.  One healer will always take Skull and the other Corpse.  The Frankenstein and Mummy also need to be cleansed and should be called out.  Skull and Corpse are the priority as they are the two shortest debuffs.  Many classes can self cleanse this debuff and should be encouraged to for the primary dispels.  You should maintain communication with dispels and healing.  If someone low is out of range, let the other healer know as individuals are moving a lot in this phase.

Phase 2

This phase is one giant burn phase. At the end of it, Brontes will port to the holocron and start a giant beam of death that will face the entrance and rotate clockwise. You will have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to accomplish all of this before the dread masters jump down.

Tanks- The Main tank will have aggro on Styrak and the off tank should go to the throne of Styrak (to the left of the entrance).  The OT should jump on the throne and channel the crystal of Styrak.   You will get debuff claiming that you have stolen some of Styrak’s power and making them immune to taunts and forcing him to attack whoever got that crystal until Styraks death. While this is happening, the main tank will pick up Brontes who has a nasty cleave and keeps teleporting  around the room. Play keep up with him.

DPS- Styrak needs to be burned down ASAP as he has a stacking buff that increases damage dealt. Once Styrak is dead you will have to burn down Brontes. Be aware not to get cleaved.

Heals- One healer will go to Brontes throne and click to clear a buff from Brontes.  This can be done at any time, but do as soon as healing permits.






Phase 3


For this phase there will be portals that appear near the thrones of the dread masters but only after Brontes has been killed in Phase 2. The DPS that were assigned to Raptus and Tyrans need to take the portal that corresponds to the boss they were assigned to in phase 1 and click the crystal above the throne.  Face Tyrans away from raid.   Tanks will get the crystal for Bestia and Calphayus. This attaches the corresponding boss to you.  From here on out it is essentially the same  as phase 1 with the only difference being the percentages that you can push at. If Calphayus gets pushed beyond 30% he will one shot everyone. That is bad. Do not do that. Try to get Bestia, Raptus and Tyrans down to 17% and Calphayus to 32%. The first Dread Master you burn to 15% will start phase 4.



Phase 4

Phase four is just a simple burn phase. All four of the Masters will jump and surround the holocron in the middle while dealing constant AOE damage. The Masters should be burned down in order of who is lowest.  Everyone should be stacked in the center for this phase.

Tanks- Use CD’s to make sure that the healers don’t have to worry about your heals at all otherwise save offensive CD’s for this point (Assassins – Overcharge/Recklessness, Powertechs – Explosive Fuel/Thermal sensor override, Juggernauts – Enrage)

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