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TOROCast Hard Mode – Episode 7 – MEDIC!

For this Episode of Hard Mode, Mae and Road are joined by Synyc to discuss Healing, with a focus on Mercenary(/Commando). As well, we take a brief look into the latest news to catch up on what we missed after our week off. Let’s not forget to give Albie a fond farewell, and wish him luck with wherever the future takes him.

Due to a series of technical difficulties, and an MIA guest, the show is a bit shorter than intended, but was still a lot of fun. As a result of said difficulties, you may notice that the audio doesn’t sound as clear as usual. We apologize, but nothing could be done about it this go around.

In the News:

Cantina Event in Austin, TX – November 22nd
Season One PVP Dev Blog
Cartel Coins purchasable via in-game store
Albie’s Farewell

If you’d like to find Synyc, you can do so by going here and here.

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  1. Im a 55 sorc heal in all 72/78 mods. i used to stack crit and surge, and my healing was decent. I added more power to it and got my bonus healing up, crit rating down to about 32% and surge down to 70%, and i was a seeing better results. But the more i stack power and alacrity (about 8.5%) the worse i find my heals to be. i never hit the big crit anymore, and i have to rely on my innervate, bc the channeling of the other heals just isn’t worth the end product. i can hardly ever get my big heal(cant remember the name, the 2.3 long channel) to hit more then 5600, when it used to hit for 8,000 on a normal crit and 10,000 on a good one(fairly often).

    So when my innervate is on cool-down i only have terrible heals available to me. and while my higher alacrity helps regain force slightly, id rather have the crit and surge build with a good dash of power. or even power with at least a lower 30% crit chance and lower 70% crit multiplier. BC then i can rely on my innervate for the quick heal and my other abilities for the big heal when needed. so going forward i am going to try to get back to there the crit % and multiplier that i like. Also the consumption benefits critting has for sorc healers.

    and regarding the static barrier. I’ve got mine upgraded with lighting barrier, efficacious currents, and corrupted barrier, and any1 who doesn’t use it is a knuckle head. you can hit your self with it, healing yourself and mitigating damage. Or you can shield a raid member who you know is about to take a big hit or cant wait for incoming health.

    • On my sorc i run 3611 WP with 1210 bonus healing. My crit rating is 284 (30%), surge rating 634 (75.6%) and 282 alacrity rating (5.89%). I’m experimenting a little, but that’s what i feel comfortable healing with. I get a fair amount of 10k crits, and probably 3-4 12k+ crits when i pop something.

      I think this gearing is best for a well rounded healer who is using cast heals fairly often. I like to Dark Infusion, its a great premeditated heal. Anytime i know someone is about to take damage from a particular boss mechanic, i start that thing rolling.

  2. AS a side note, nothing to do with this. Just tired to turn on my ability to purchase CC in game for the 50% off. GUESS WHAT!! you need to purchase CC in order to turn that feature on. What kind of money grubbing BS is that!

  3. Ok, so I’m WAY behind the game. But commando/merc actually does even more mitigation than sage/sorc, thanks to supercharged + kolto and amp. Operative does no mitigation, but if they know the rotation, they get the highest numbers and their hots are similar in that they keep the raid alive. I too wish that mitigation counted in torparse; it’s why I switched from ‘mando to scoundrel, guild wanted to see numbers. 🙂 Theory crafting-wise sage/sorc does best with no crit (but up to about 250 isn’t awful), commando/merc wants 350-450 because of the HUGE surge buff in the tree, and scoundrel/op needs about the same for resource management (to make diag scan replenish enough energy). All of them I do half and half alac/surge, but op is the only one where it’s huge… you need 450 alac or higher to do the rotation right, so even before 78s alac gets priority. Love how with 2.6 commandos get the multiple trauma probes, there absolutely best bang for your buck. And self hammer shot is nice for avoiding derp moments. Scoundrel/op is getting nerfed in 2.7 with the upper hand only refreshing from EM every 6 seconds. Don’t like it since I play one, but I admit that it will make things more balanced.

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