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TOROCast Hard Mode – Episode 8 – Standing By

Brian, Mae and Road are back for another episode of Hard Mode! With the recent release of Galactic Starfighter, we’re bringing you an episode entirely focused on that exact subject! Well, mostly. Listen in, and if no one snagged it during the Live show, you may have a chance to grab an Event Exclusive Taun Fawn code. Couldn’t land this one? Follow @TOROCast on Twitter for another chance to win one.

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  1. As BW expands on GSF they’re going to have to be a little more creative on introducing cosmetic items. As you guys mentioned, the fighters are really way to small for paint jobs to make much of a difference, and while blaster color changes are nice, they can only add so much flavor.

    Two suggestions I had in these areas would be to introduce new “lock-on” animations. True, while other players cannot see these, anyone playing GSF will spend a lot of time looking at them – and frankly, the current one is a bit boring and hard to see when a lock is achieved.

    I also think that evasion maneuvers can benefit from some kind of “flare” or “chaff” animation that is played upon activation. Sometimes, I’m not sure if a lockon sequence has been aborted because the target has slipped away or used up their evasion maneuver. A clear tell like a plume of flares will give a neat visual confirmation that the target has one less trick up their sleeves. Moreover, it opens up a another field of possible customizations that can add player individuality without being over the top (bright green tie fighters)

    all in all I’m having a lot of fun in GSF and really enjoyed the cast! Thanks, guys.

  2. You are all hereby officially banned from abusing the word “like”

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