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It’s the Holiday season, which for many means it’s the season of giving. However, there are still many families that go without, and more importantly, kids that don’t get to experience the joys of this wonderful season. It’s in situations like these that many charity organizations and the individuals that back them come out in Force to do their part, no matter how big or small it is.


As you may remember, back in June we reported on a group of such individuals in our own community that took up the saber, did their part, and had some pretty amazing results. Four awesome players came together, along with the other players that supported them, to stream Star Wars: The Old Republic purely for the sake of charity. All donations went to Toys for Tots, as you can see in this video below:



Now then, you’re probably wondering (or maybe you figured it out by now) why we’re bringing these amazing people up again. It goes without saying that they’re back to show Wookiee Life Day what celebrating the Holidays is really all about! What do they have in store for us this year? One-on-One Tournaments, duel a streamer, a parade across The Bastion’s (US-WEST PVP) Fleet, and much more! They’ve got 24 hours to kill, with SWTOR as their game of choice, and that means you can expect a variety of other activities, but PVP will likely be their priority. The Festivities will kick off around 6PM PST on 12-21-2013, and conclude roughly 24 hours later. While not all of the streamers will be able to start at this time, they will jump in as they become available. Of course, if it’s anything like their last charity stream, it could be extended at a whim.


Aside from promoting this event, TOROCast will be doing their part by donating five “Event Exclusive Taun Fawn” codes, which they’ll give out however they so choose during their streams! Don’t have one yet? Here’s just another chance for you to land one!


Did you miss their last stream? Are you feeling charitable? The streams are listed below, and all donation information can be found their.


The Streamers:


Remember, all donations will go to the Toys for Tots Foundation. Check them out, watch, and spread the word… FOR THE KIDS!

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  1. Need a linky to sponsor/donate Road!!! You’re falling down on the job my good man.

  2. Don’t blame him! lol.

    All of the streamers will have a donate button on their stream which is tied to the same account we have set up.

    Maybe i should get one for here though…

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