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TOROCast – Episode 189 – Farewell to 2013!

It’s the Final Episode of 2013 with Mae and Road. While there’s not much happening in the News, they take this oppertunity to discuss just what happened over the last year for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and give their general thoughts about the flow of content, and obviously the content itself.

In the News:

A Message from your Host:
It’s been an amazing year, both for The Old Republic and for TOROCast, and hopefully for each and everyone one of you as well. This year, we had many people join us on the show, as well as step away due to real-life obligations. While they’ll be missed, I personally want to thank all of them for their time, assistance, and hard work. In 2013, we tried to bring you a stronger, more consistant show, we brought back Hard Mode, and we’re looking to keep on improving with every episode.

But TOROCast is one of many members of a community that ebbs and flows, so why go it alone? That said, we’ll be working with several other sites as we step into the new year to bring you, the SWTOR player and listener, a better experience in 2014. This is a project that I wanted to get started up much sooner, but now I’ve almost crashed into a group of like-minded folks that are interested in the same kind of venture, and it only made sense to join forces for the greater good… or evil, we don’t descriminate between Light and Dark Siders here.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for listening. Without you, we’d just be talking to ourselves, and while I’ve got that down to an art, I love hearing from anyone that listens in, and it’s my hope to bring more and more of the show to you guys by bringing more and more of you to the show. I’ve got a lot of hope for 2014, but you know what they say about hope… (Or, maybe you don’t. Just as well, either way)

I hope all of you have a great New Years, drink responsibly, and we’ll see you next episode!





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  1. Just on an off topic (sense you mentioned MTG) I have 2 black lotuses that 1 I won and hr second I got from opening a pack in Texas (I started playing Magic when it was a month old). For me my next year wish for TOR is more character story line, nothing on the main game story please .. and don’t bring 8 man PvP .. I want 16 man or 25 man PvP k 🙁 but they did do star fighter correctly so props on that

    • Two! That’s a small fortune you’re sitting on sir 😀

      Furthering the character stories, or deepening them, would be interesting. It would be really neat to customize the character personality and story, along with how unique we can make our characters look. I fear though that any story we’re going to get is going to be tied heavily into whatever direction they go now, after Dread Masters.

      I personally wanted to be initiated as a Dread Master (as i was doing the Oricon quests) but alas.

      16 and 25 PvP would be awesome, but that would require the entire PvPing population of a server at a time to populate a match. At least thats how it feels sometimes. :p

      • Omg lol, when you mentioned the older MTG cards being desirable, I thought white bordered cards right as you said it. The full art lands are really popular too. I remember going through my brother’s old bulk and actually finding a dual land, a force of will and a ton of the early promo foils. It’s all the small money cards that make going through old bulk worth it.

        There would be a higher chance of 16m+ PVP if they brought back 8m first to get some of the older players back into the game. baby steps! Also, they really need to have an option to queue for rated and reg wzs at the same time. There are times where I just wanna wz, rated or regs, whatever will pop first.

        Thanks again for the invite to that NM EC, I was laughing so hard the entire time, my sides were hurting so bad by the time we got to Kephess I have no clue how I even survived. Sniper shields and bobcow tanking with broken armor. That was a really fun night. Again, thanks.

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